What You Need and Dont Need After Having a Baby

I’ve been asked about what I would usually need and comparing them to “what to get” lists online and of course, like most new mothers, I got everything on those lists and even combining the lists making them one long a$$ list.. LOL.. After having children, I then reaslised that all that stuff I got was such a waste of money.. So here’s my 8 things i couldn’t live without and 4 things i did get but couldn’t be bothered using.. Hope this helps you!!

Couldn’t live without

1716_hoppop_jpg_322Baby bath tub – my 5 year still loves using the tub most of the time. Both my girls enjoy taking baths together. It’s a bit tight but hey, they enjoy it!

Grobag Sleep bag – I LIVE by this! I try to give a sleep bag to every mummy-to-be for her baby shower or when I go visiting. Once baby is no longer in a swaddle, sleeping bags are the way to go. Since babies always move about when they sleep, blankets do no justice to keeping them covered. Sleeping bags also prevent children from climbing out of the cot!

1617Ergobaby 360 carrier – I’m a baby wearer.. I love carrying my children even if it kills my back (then daddy takes over). It always comes in handy when you’re at non stroller-friendly malls and you wouldn’t have to battle your way into elevators with the non-stroller pushing people.

babys_bowl_plate_blue_1MAM baby bowl and plate – When you have a slick thrower, swiper and thrower like Ameera, you NEED this!! They may still manage to move the bowl about if picked up, but when your little one scoops her food, it wouldn’t move at all!

lucaspawpawointmentPawpaw Lucas’ Pawpaw ointment – a must have in my bag! From mosquito bites to cuts, this baby is da bomb! (plasters too!) Mummy even uses this at times.. It’s good as a lip balm as well!

A41yejKjJeCL toy baby – children both girls and boys (yes! boys can play with dolls too you know! They do grow up to be father, right?) just LOVE babies. Dolls keep them occupied when you’re either traveling or even at a restaurant while waiting for dinner to be served.


Mamalove 2-in-1 festival chair – A must have when teaching your children table manner aka sitting proper at the table.. After there is no need for baby to be in a babyseat, you can easily take off the chair from is base and the base turns into a table. Perfect for when your toddler wants to draw, play some playdoh or even have a tea party with her toys.

B7275_b_5Fisherprice Healthy care booster seat – When we go out and about, especially to the mamak. This seat is in the boot of my car.. We take the booster seat with us everywhere. Since many places have baby chairs with no seatbelts.. seatbelts are a must in my books not because I’m skema (well actually I am) but because younger children tend to want to stand up a lot at the dinner table. I feel so secure when my little one is secure in her seat.

JollyKidz Magicpanel playpen – a god sent when you need to have a shower or cook. Stuff your kids in the playpen, toss some toys and there you have it, a baby sitter! :p If you are interested, a friend of mine is selling for dirt cheap. Retail price is going for RM600++ whilst she is selling for RMM350..

Lamaze Space symphony motion gym – perfect for newborns till after they start rolling on their bellies and for tummy time too. I used this for both my girls and it kept them occupied while I had to do things around the house. I also use to take this with me when going for lunches with friends so baby can chill out while mummy is busy chatting with her friends.. 🙂LC27114-Space-Symphony-Motion-Gym


Couldn’t be bothered

fantastic-change-changing-table-QDKJsChanging table – When I had Ariana, I would use the changing table only before she was going to bed and that because the changing table was closest to her cot. Otherwise, I change nappies everywhere and anywhere from the bed down to the floor and even on my lap! :p Usually, it just ended up being a storage rack.

walking-wings-3Walking wings – even though I didn’t buy them, initially I thought it was great but we usually end up just holding the girls hands while assisting them to walk.

Medela-Swing-Breast-Pump-largeBreast Pump (if you’re a SAHM) – There’s a story behind this and it wasn’t fun. Long story short, imagine 30 bags of frozen milk and electricity cut. Yes….. not fun… totally took me off pumping all together. Baby didn’t take a bottle anyway. BUT STILL!!

mist-and-gray-chevron-crib-bedding_large(5)Baby bumper and comforter – it is said that baby bumpers prevent air circulation in the cot and can cause SIDS as well as suffocation. I toss the comforter because we use sleeping bags. She may still roll about but I wouldn’t really wanna risk it.. If you insist in having bumpers just so your little one doesn’t get her legs stuck, try go for a netted type.. still breathable! 🙂

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