Thank You Mummy and Daddy

It’s super easy to say thank you. When you’re given what you need. When you’re given what you want. When someone lends a hand. We can just simply say, thank you. Thank you is a very easy thing to say but what’s difficult is when things are done just so often that we tend to take advantage of the situation and we just say thank you out of habit and not because we really mean it. Or we do mean it, we just don’t express it well enough.

Our parents have done so much for us since before the day we were born. Mothers care for themselves in order to care for us in the womb. Fathers get hit with a parent truck the day we are born and their lives change forever. There are more responsibilities, extra effort put into everything to provide the best for their children. Us.


Have we said thank you enough? For many of us, expressing ones feelings can be difficult., especially when it comes to doing it face to face. We tend to get shy or even our ego’s take over and we don’t want to seem small or overpowered. Too much? Why not try thanking them in words. I know I’m much more expressive in writing than I am verbally. Birthday cards I give out usually have essays in them. LOL

Malaysia’s Resume is a platform where Malaysian’s can contribute by writing a story, create a video and/or even pictorials about the people they care for the most. If you’re lucky, you’d be able to see my story to my beloved parents in there too!

If you feel like you want to write a thank you story to your parents or any one for that matter, register at and submit your story.

Wanna see what i wrote?? Check it out here!!!

Have fun and don’t be shy!!

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