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“Window Painting”

Kids love to play with paint, make a mess and they also love to draw on the walls… How about mashing all that together and keep the mess aside! HOW? By keeping all in a bag! Can’t remember where i saw this idea but its pretty simple and would have your littles entertained for a bit and you only need 3 things!!

1. Paints
2. Medium size Ziploc Bags
3. Masking Tape

It’s pretty fool-proof to do this project. Your littles could help you out too!


First you get your paints.

I find these paints pretty good they are also pretty cheap. Got these ones for RM3.70 a bottle. We use them for painting with both brushes and finger painting. Washes off pretty easy too. Dunno about on walls, carpets and couches though… eeeeekkk..

Next, you get your Ziploc bag ready. 20150604_143548

Any sort of ziplock is fine and long as it locks up coz if you use any sort of bag, you’re done with and the littles might as well paint on the windows.. LOL


20150604_143559Fill in about 2 table spoons of paint into each bag. Let out almost all the air out of the bag and zip it up.




Finally, get your masking tape and tape each paint filled bag onto a window or sliding window.




And viola! It’s done! This may seem a bit messy but it was a spur of the moment kinda thing but I hope, if you give it a try, your littles will enjoy it. Mine certainly do.