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A Splash Of Fun With Carrie Junior

Carrie Junior and I go way back. Well, not really waayyy back but about more than a year now. The first time Carrie Junior and I worked together was when Ariana was almost 2years old and we were asked to give their new Carrie Junior detangling shampoo. At the event, Ariana was to get her hair done. Dah la lambat, when we got on stage, Ariana’s hair was so tangled up pulak, HAHAHA!! but that’s only because we had just had sushi and she got the rice in her hair.. (it happens to everyone, right? not just me, RIGHT?!)

Since our first box of products we had received from Carrie Junior, we never used any other product really. Not only because we didn’t need to buy any more product because we had enough to last us a year but it was because the smell is so good, Carrie Junior’s detangling shampoo was really effective, and Ariana loves the pink elephant mascot! 🙂

carrie junior shampoo and bath soap

My favourite Carrie Junior item just has to be the milk bath wash (which I use for myself too), detangling shampoo, Groovy Grapeberry and Cherry Baby. I never use to use baby oils and the likes but because Ameera started to get a flaky scalp, I thought I would give it a try and alhamdulillah within a week after mixing the baby oil into her bath water, her scalp cleared out. Maybe the same thing could work with dandruff too? NOT THAT I HAVE ANY, alhamdulillah! haha!

carrie junior goodie bags

Door-gift bags given by Carrie Junior to guests at Ariana’s birthday party recently. We had SO much left over, we decided to give a couple of boxes to charity 🙂

Ariana of course loves the different colours of the liquids.. She puts them in bowls at bath time telling me that she’s making sushi, cakes and ice-cream, that it’s food colouring.. too funny la this little girl!

I can’t be more thankful for how blessed my girls are to be getting such wonderful gifts from such wonderful people. Carrie Junior was our first step after using SebaMed which was the only product we used once Ariana and Ameera were born. Can’t be more happier! 😀


Live Green Go Organic Save the Earth with BUDS

With all the toxins and chemicals in both our environment and skin care products, most mummies are very cautious with what products they use for their children. Buds is one option to take to go the right way.

Buds Organics have a comprehensive range of baby care products. Buds Organics produce Everyday Care with products for infants, babies and even kitchen. Outdoor Organics feature the likes of sun care, winter care and insect repellents.

Buds Organics uses the finest organic plant ingredients so that your baby is not exposed to pesticides, herbicides and other potentially harmful chemicals unnecessarily. Also, Buds Organics are made with hope to minimize the damage being done to the environment making it perfect for earth conscious families.