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Bugs R Us – skit for kids

Since I’m a drama teacher, I thought it would be fun to do a little skit with the kids for there “end of term” project..

The “production” process as lots of fun and the littles enjoyed it thoroughly..

Unfortunately, I have no documentation (or I can’t find any) of the whole rehearsal process but it was a great experience for the kids.. from choosing a story, to selecting their own bugs, memorising lines, daily practice, costume design, marketing (poster design) Continue reading


Hui Lau Shan – delicious desserts

I have filled myself with mangoes so much in my life but I gotta say, I enjoyed every bit of it at Hui Lau Shan in IOI city mall, Putrajaya recently.

To introduce Hui Lau Shan to the Malay @ Muslim community, Hui Lau Shan invite myself, Ben Ashaari, Yuyu Zulaika and to try out their signature desserts under their premium Hong Kong Brand. I’ve been to Hong Kong before but to be honest, I didn’t really try much of their foods.


Hui Lau Shan has been around our local food scene for 3 years the owner, Mr Pan, the General Manager, South East Asia of Hui Lau Shan, was so thrilled to tell us about how proud he was that Hui Lau Shan has been certified HALAL by JAKIM. When it comes to halal, we always think that it’s just about the meat that we eat but there’s actually so much more to it than that. It’s all in the process and preparation of the foods which is to consider halal and not just slaughtering with a bismillah.

Anyway…… back to the good stuff… Hui Lau Shan promotes a healthy fruit base dessert for all and when they say for all, even the little ones will love it.. I mean, what child doesn’t like desserts anyway? But it puts things in a much better perspective when those desserts are HEALTHY!!!

20150903_194211The first dessert the gang and I were introduced too was the Mango Feast. Ok…. This….. Was…… TO DIE FOR!!! This dish consist of 3 different mango dishes which all taste totally different. Plate one was this creamy cheesecake sorta tasting dish with frozen mango inside. Plate two was a slushy frozen mango topped with mango chunks and some tiny chewy glutinous balls. While plate 3 was a mango slushy with mango chunks, a sort of kuey teow looking coconut strips and some homemade mango ice cream. Yum, yum and yum!!

20150903_200042The second dessert we were served was the Ice Snowy Brew. It was actually really yummy considering how simple it was. Basically it was a jelly coconut with loads of strips of coconut inside which came along with a mini jug of coconut milk topped with no other than birds nest. Yes, birds nest.. I had never tried bird nest before, I know its benefits but I just hadn’t come to try it out. I kept reminding everyone, “here we go peeps, we’re about to have some bird spit… yum!” LOL!! But to be honest, you couldn’t really taste it due to the rich coconut milk which I poured into the half filled coconut jelly and stirred it all together.


Ahhh…. The third was one of my favourite because of the little pop of flavour in the dish.. this is the Mango Pop Pop.. Again, frozen mango slushy at the bottom topped with mango chucks, homemade mango ice cream and some yummy pop pops.. and no, I don’t mean the fire cracker pop pop although it’s prolly has the same effect when you put it in your mouth and it POPS when you bite it. These little balls are filled with yogurt. When you first bite into it, you’re like… “uuuuuu… what is this tangy flavour???” Yeah…. It’s yogurt and it goes sooooo well with the dish.


These were the 3 dishes we were told we were gonna try out but we were then surprised by being given a personalized demo tour to show us the level of professionalism which is in line with the standards of Hui Lau Shan, including their HALAL certification. We were showed how they made the Yummy Icy Combo.. This consists of fresh fruit slices, fresh fruit balls, mango chunks and a little surprise at the bottom which was a whole lot of homemade mango ice cream.. My kids and I simply LOVED it and Alhamdulillah my girls love eating fruits.


After eating ALL of those desserts, the night ended with a little social media contest which was happening over instagram. Best photos.. First was best photo of the desserts and the second one was best photo of the demo… and guess what…. I WON for best demo photo (photo above!)… How cool was that?!?! Hahahaha..

Ariana, Ameera and I went home with a happy mango (and durian) filled belly and even after all those desserts, they still passed out in the car.. Just shows that there isn’t really much sugar going on in the desserts.

You can try Hui Lau Shan dessert for yourself in various locations like the following. Not only do they serve desserts, there are also savoury dishes for those who aren’t in much of a mood for sweetness.




Ameera: Full Speed Ahead!!

A year has past… YES! I KNOW! SO FAAASSSTTTT!!! Ameera had actually turned 1 on September 21st.. I had recently went onto my old blog and read about Ariana’s progress at more or less the same age and mashaAllah how different their progress is!! Ariana at this age had such a huge vocabulary, she said words like bear, bebehbebbies (teletubbies), babe, daddy, ball and she was even making the sounds of animals like lion, sheep, cat, dog and a few more.. Ameera on the other hand hasn’t got there yet. No rush though, I’m actually ok with it as all children develop differently.


The things Ameera does do however are:

DANDAD – grandad
DIH – drink.. hehe
MAMMM –  mamam, eat
SUSSSS – when she wants milk from the breastaurant
FFFuh – fish

WEK WEK – quacking of a duck
UFF – woof
AWWWWWW – when she gives people (mainly toys, kitty and Ariana. oh! and pillows..) hugs
she smacks her lips together when she wants kisses (also mainly toys, kitty and Ariana…. LOL)
mmMMMmmm – when she sees food (pantang nampak makanan nih!!)
BBBRRRRRR – wants to go on a car ride

It’s such a pleasure to see her grow by the day. She started walking properly on her birthday, that was a gift within itself but maaaaannnnnnn the chasing!! hahahaha!!! But it’s all good and fun! She is alot more steadier now, not as wild as Ariana was at her age. Ariana, at the time, was already running about the play places without any assistance, climbing up the slides and wouldn’t even care whether or not you were there. Ameera however is cautious. She always makes sure you’re there to watch over her in case she slips. It nice really but I think she’s getting a bit too clingy that I need to do something about it. :p

ariana and ameera

The relationship between Ameera and Ariana is great, alhamdulillah. Ariana does get annoyed sometimes when Ameera comes and breaks over her lego towers and touches the ipad screen while she is watching peppa pig. But all in all, they have such loving characters. They always wanna hug and kiss each other, Ariana teaches Ameera how to colour, they hold each others hands when they walk… the loving list goes on and, by Allah, I hope that doesn’t change.

ariana and ameera love

Raising two children is tough especially when there isn’t much help but when there is, I am super thankful for it. Having the WHOLE DAY with the girls is a hard time when I need to cook 2 different consistencies, bathe two children, put two children to bed, feed one gotta feed the other,  clean up toys, clean dirty bums, change dirty clothes, laundry, dishes, folding, mopping, sweeping, eeeevvveeerrrything lah! I even bring them both to most of my meeting and events. LOL.I don’t know how people with more than two children, maidless, especially back in the day, do/did it! I really don’t!I am sooooo glad my girls sleep early and that I have some alone time at night. Then again, it’s night time and here I am.. typing.. not sleeping.. not watching tv.. playing a little bit of COC.. scratching horrible itchy  mosquito bites.. sooooooo wanting to go to sleep.. Funny thing is, I could actually sleep early if I wanted to because Ameera sleeps at 6om while Ariana sleeps at 730pm (sometimes 9pm [-_-] but she is in her room the whole time)..

Any tips on managing your time? That’s one thing I really suck at!

elegance club launch

Timelessly In Style With the Elegance Club

Humble and beauitful Datuk Tracy Ong and Dato Angela Ngoo, co-owners of the exclusive Elegance Club celebrated the launch of its new watch and jewellery boutique in Pavilion KL with a collection of limited edition luxury timepieces created in collaboration with master watchmaker, Claudia Patrick.

Models donning Lord's Tailor creations with Elegance Club timepieces and jewelery

Models donning Lord’s Tailor creations with Elegance Club timepieces and jewelery

Following the brand new launch were fashions shows displaying items of their timeless collection with guest models, local celebrities, Shaheizy Sam, Iqram Dinzly, Fizz Fairuz, Que Haidar and songstress Amanda Imani in outfits by Lord’s Tailor and Designer Carven Ong for their launch.

Emcee of the night Olivia Loh, Malaysia's very own Mrs Universe Carol Lee, myself and Elegance Club Co-Owner Datuk Tracy Ong

Emcee of the night Olivia Loh, Malaysia’s very own Mrs Universe Carol Lee, myself and Elegance Club Co-Owner Datuk Tracy Ong


with love, Sofia: Potty training – From Nappies to Panties

I’ve always been asked about how I managed and how Ariana dealt with potty training so fast. To date, Ariana has been nappy-free since she was 2 years 7 months old, that’s about 6 months now, alhamdulillah. Although, I want to add that she does still wear a nappy at night. This is because i’m soooooo lazy to clean the sheets on nights she accidently pees the bed :p. Also, i allow her to bring her tumbler into bed with her hence she drinks lots of water throughout the night.

Not long after Ariana had turned 2, mum suggested that it was time that I started potty training Ariana. Thing is, I wasn’t ready to face the challenge. Flashbacks of a certain image came into my mind! When I got pregnant the first time, I remember my sister sending me a picture with a text saying, “are you ready for this??!” or something like that. I was grossed out. It was a picture of poop in the middle of her living room floor. LOL! Now you understand why I wasn’t ready? haha!

potty trainingBy the time I was ready to start Ariana with the potty, a good friend of mine who had recently moved home at the time had given me a big load of stuff for Ariana. Toys, animated wall tiles, dolls and even a potty (see above)! I had already got a potty (see below) from mum’s friend for Ariana’s 2nd birthday so I figured, to make things easier, I could have one potty upstairs in her room and the other downstairs in the living room. No hassle having to bring one all around the house.

potty training

To initiate the training, I started off with changing from baby nappy to the pull up nappies, telling her that she’s a big girl now and that she can take off her nappy like a big girl when she needs to go to the toilet. HAHA! She did that alright! I would, once in a while, step in a puddle of pee in the house and boy it sucked! Thank God she only pooped on the floor once, and she was super proud of it too!! Bless her, seriously!

After the many times telling her to let us know that she needs to either poopoo or peepee, she finally got it. she would scream out that she needed to go and run straight to the potty. All the happened within a week. After that achievement, Ariana decided she wanted to be a real big girl and use the adult toilet because she has one of those kiddy seats on the toilet in my bathroom.

potty training

Of course there were some funny slip ups here and there, enjoying the sight of her poop coming (now she calls the mummy poopoo, daddy poopoo and baby poopoo). BEWARE a child (girls) watching her pee (on a big toilet) only makes the pee spray out and get all over the seat and floor. But all in all, I am proud.

It did take a while before I was confident enough to take Ariana out without her having a nappy on but she gave me the green light and let me know that she was ready.

It all happened when we were stuck in a traffic jam and she needed to pee,it was the first day we tried taking her out nappy-less. We were 5 minutes from home without traffic, in traffic, give or take 15 minutes. The nearest bathroom was less than 1km away but in traffic it seemed like 10 miles away! I asked if she could hold it in without knowing if she knew what I meant and she said, yes. We finally made the turn into the nearby restaurant and i ran to the toilet with her in my arms. ppppsssshhhhhhhhhh WE MADE IT! SHE DID IT! BIG HIGH-FIVE!! That pride a mother feels at a moment like that is just like the happiness and pride you feel when you watch your little baby take her first step or say his first word. Super proud OK!!

I still consider her fully trained because she does wake up most nights to go toilet and wakes up in the morning with a dry nappy. OKAY OKAY! She’s not fully completely trained but I (the lazy mum) will not want to risk it as I would be risking waking up Ameera (baby number 2) in the process of cleaning up in the middle of the night. NOT FUN OKAY! Plus, if it were her own bed, I really wouldn’t care but it’s my bed sooooooo, yeah!! haha!