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Spaghetti Bolognese

Spaghetti Bolognese can be one of the easiest meals to make for the family (especially when you’re having a lazy day).. I try to cook food which is both nutritious and tasty for me and the girls and this is one of those senang nak mamsss kinda meals…

Not much is needed and not much energy is put into cooking a good spagbol even when you’re cooking from scratch.. I use to be the type whom thought that food out of a can tasted better but I was wrong when I was shown just how easy it was to make a real good pasta sauce with using tomatoes from a can and not ready made pasta sauce.. Continue reading

healthy snacks for kids

5 easy healthy snacks for kids

easy healthy snacks for kids

There’s always a case when someone is hungry while you’re in the middle of cooking or haven’t even started cooking. Here are 5 easy healthy snacks you can simply stick in an air-tight container in the fridge for times like these or to nibble on throughout the day.

1. Carrot and Celery Sticks
Most children like eating carrots and celery because of the crunch and also because they are sweet. Not only do they fill a little hole in the tummy, they are also super healthy! Make it interesting and pair them with some home-made hummus. 🙂

2. Fruits
Everyone loves fruits. Dice up some of your favourite fruits. Watermelon, melon, apples (drizzle with lemon so they don’t yellow), grapes, papaya, oranges. remember, if they are not still in it’s skin, they don’t last too long, so eat up! try making a fruit salad!

3. Raisins
Another healthy snack for the family. Not only for in the house, they can be kept everywhere for the “just in case I’m hungry” moments. Perfect for pack lunches too!

4. Yogurt
A must have for a healthy family especially if you have children. You could even get creative by buying plain yogurt and have your children help you create their own flavours too!

5. Cereal
Don’t give in to the chocolate, sugar coated cereals to make things easy. When you start your children young, they would be happy with practically any cereal you give them. Serve with milk and add some honey for sweetness or simply serve as it is so they can much on them. Adults like cereal just as much a children do too!


KL Kids Festival


Mark your holiday calenders! Fasten your seat belts and get ready for Malaysia’s first ever KL Kids Festival!!

Created and dedicated for kids. Expose your children to an educationally fun filled day of arts, culture, science and technology which they are sure to enjoy.


  • Tropical Safari for arts and crafts, drums and explore different type of animals
  • Meet & Greet sessions with Iron Man and Transformers
  • Dinoland gets closer with dinosaurs in 4D experience.
  • Robot-making workshop
  • Main Stage where kids can dance, play music and watch pop group, Go! Go! Go!, Pororo, and Harris Alif
  • Magic shows, circus, acrobats and Frozen sing along
  • Superspace provides an environment that exposes children to science & technology.
  • Hometown Square for the whole family to rest and relax

The KL Kids Festival will be an event that brings families and children together during the school holidays.

When? 5 – 7 December, 2014
Where? Hall A & B, MARTRADE Exhibition & Convention Centre (MECC)
Time? 10am-8pm

Get your tickets at a 40% discount on groupon. It’s RM40 per child and RM24 per adult (after discount). There are also lots of bulk ticket purchase packages available too. If you like, you could also sponsor underprivileged kids to join the festival.

The KL Kids Festival is jointly organised by Mojo Live and Universal Music Malaysia, and is supported by Malaysia Major Events. For more information on what will be happening at the KL Kids Festival you can check out Mojo Live. You can also LIKE the KL Kids Festival Facebook page and follow them on Instagram.

hp print apps

HP Print Apps

HP print apps – easy family fun!

Technology is so advanced nowadays with gadgets and gizmos a-plenty; it’s pretty hard to keep up. Luckily our printers don’t really need to be changed as much as we try keep up-to-date with our phones.

Back in the day, when choosing a printer, it was always about print quality and many prints a cartridge of ink can produce. These days, same case but there are WAY MORE functions then there use to be. Kadang2 I pon boleh pening yo!

Printers started out as black and white printers, then colour printers, and then they added a scanner function, then adding a fax machine. But what is awesome is that these new functions are seriously awesome!!

Today, multi-function all-in-one printers with print, scan, copy and fax features are easy to find and now with the new- aged advanced technology, say bye-bye to the hassle of hooking up cables to your computers and laptops. Most printers now also have a built in wi-fi function which allow us to print even from our mobile phones!

I have always been using a HP printer which has been treating me great for many years. As much as i am a tree-hugger, i’m a very physical worker and i need to touch what i read and edit with a pen. I’m old-skool like that.

Recently i received a little gift which was the new HP Ink Advantage 4515 printer which is AWESOME! On top of the printer already producing excellent quality prints and photos, HP had a little addition to the features – Print Apps by HP. These are essentially special print apps available exclusively for use on HP Web-enabled printers. A print app is a shortcut to printing content from the Web directly from your printer, without the use of a computer.

hp printapps

Print apps give you direct access to great pre-formatted content from HP and leading companies from around the world, like Dreamworks, Crayola and Rovio (of Angry Birds fame). You can choose from a growing library of print apps making printing faster, simpler and more useful than ever. And the best of all, these apps are FREE!!! As long as you purchase a HP web-enabled printer, the world of these apps is your oyster!

Steps on how to download exclusive HP Print Apps:

Step 1: Create an HP ePrint Centre account or if you already have an account, log into hp.nu/C3qCA

Step 2: Collect your printer’s claiming code by following the instructions here: hp.nu/C3rdV

Step 3: Click “Add a device” on the Devices tab and enter your printer’s claiming code.

Step 4: All set! You can now browse through the exclusive HP Printables and download them into your HP Printer.

Once you’ve downloaded from HP Printables wide range of free content which include Dreamworks, Angry Birds, High five, Leapfrog, Origami, Math Olympiad onto your HP printer, they will then be available to print out directly from your HP printer without the need of your computer and you can even schedule your prints for automatic delivery on the days you choose.

It’s always lots of fun when it comes to printing because then i can make colour books for my daughter Ariana and even print out worksheets for her as she loves learning. Every day Ariana would be begging me to print out more and more and i wouldn’t have to feel lazy turning on the computer and searching for things to print as it is all already loaded on the printer itself. TOO EASY!!!

hp print apps

Waiting impatiently for her worksheet to be printed out….


hp print apps

Ariana with her newly printed worksheet!.. Look at that happy face!


hp print apps

My happy girl with all her art-work!

Mummy, daddy, don’t fret! There’s stuff for us too! For brain busters like myself, there are crosswords. A big library of recipes are also available for printing for cooking lovers (like myself too) and even apps for those who want to keep up to date with the latest news (NOT like myself).

All in all, HP has been around for the longest time and I can trust them and their printing products. I am always a fan of what they have to offer.

Visit HP Online Store for exciting online promotions, the HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 4515 e-All-in-One printer I’m using now is at discount price RM469 only!

HP Malaysia is now currently running the HP Print Apps contest on their FB page!!

Head on over to HP Malaysia Facebook page for more details! GOOD LUCK!! They’re very simple to join too! You just need to:

  1. Download the HP Dreamworks sample colouring printables from http://hp.nu/CImA2
  2. Spend quality time at home with your kids with some fun colouring activities with HP printables.
  3. Simply upload the photo of your kids and their artwork on HP Malaysia Fan page.

After that, you can win shopping vouchers worth RM100, the kids get to do some colouring, then can treat them to some shopping!


14 Common Parenting Mistakes and Solutions

Parents Are Always Right……. NOT!!


How often do we go, “You have to do it because I said so”? Do kids always have to listen to our every command because as parents, we have the upper-hand and are always right (even when we are wrong)? Are we really parents or are we, dictators?

Usually, when things don’t go right with our children, we tend to point our fingers to everyone else except to ourselves. Teachers and carers especially, are the first to get the blame. Like how could we, the parents, have gone wrong with all the money and ‘time’ spent on our beloved, most precious gems right?

parenting mistakes

No. We. Us. Parents have to take all the blame because at the end of the day, they are our kids, our responsibilities, OURS. Education begins at home and nowhere else (unless of course, our kids don’t stay with us under the same roof, that is a different set of lifestyle altogether).

Here is a list of the most common parenting mistakes we “inadvertently” do. And if you read deeper, you might, just might… Find the solution to our most common problems.

• If your child lies to you often, it’s because he saw you reacting harshly to their appropriate behavior.

• If your child has poor self esteem, it’s because you advise them more than you encourage them.

• If your child doesn’t stand up for himself at a young age, it’s because you have always been reprimanding (disciplining) them publicly.

• If your child takes things that don’t belong to them, it’s because you buy them many things but you do not let them choose them for themselves.

• If your child acts cowardly (timid), it’s because you come to their aid ever so quickly.

• If your child doesn’t care about other people’s feelings, it’s because you command your child more that having conversations with them.

• If your child is quick in anger, it’s because they seek your attention, which you give only when they misbehave.

• If your child is violent towards others, it’s because you are violent in in disciplining them.

• If your child is prone to jealousy, it’s because you only encourage them when they do extremely well and don’t appreciate them when they do just good.

• If your child physically disturbs you, it’s because you don’t see them enough and are always distracted.

• If your child shows defiance openly, it’s because you always show arrogance with unreasonable requests.

• If your child is secretive, it’s because you broke and betrayed their trust.

• If your child doesn’t listen to you but listens to others, it’s because you always make decisions but never stand by them (eg: empty threats & unfulfilled promises).

• If your teen rebels, it’s because you have shown them that you worry more about what others think and perceive and not what they feel.



*credit to : Sheikh Yahya Ibrahim


Arts and Crafts for Kids – Art Box

arts and crafts for kids

Arts and crafts is what Ariana and I love doing together. Because Ariana has sooooo much stationary, we decided to make an art box. It was very simple and it was inspired by something Ariana has watched on youtube which made her love doing it even more.

arts and crafts for kids

What you need to make an art box:

  • shoe box
  • golf ball
  • water colour paints
  • paper plate for the paint

arts and crafts for kids

Using one colour at a time, squeeze paint on a paper plate. Have your little one take the golf ball and roll it into the paint and coat the ball. Put the cover back on the box (don’t worry if your little ones painty fingers get on the cover, it gives a personal touch) and have your child shake and slide the box in all directions letting the ball roll all over the box creating cool lines. Repeat these steps as many times as you like with other colours.

arts and crafts for kids

It’s never a bore when it comes to arts and crafts for kids, it’s even better when they can paint with their hands and keep it messy. Just let it be, cleaning up paint isn’t too bad. 😉


Get The Party Planned


Something we all dread in terms of preparation yet we just an wait for the celebration. There is always magic when you need it and those magical people are the team of keikomayesa . Planning, deco, candy buffets, you name it, they can do it!



We had the honour to have the team do Ariana’s 3rd Birthday Party and we were more than please with what we were provided with. The theme was “Mini Carnival” and we were given a mini carnival. From backdrops, to the deco, keiko mayesa did the job to make it look amazing!

Thank you team Keiko Mayesa!! You helped make Ariana’s party one to remember!!


With Keiko Mayesa


Live Green Go Organic Save the Earth with BUDS

With all the toxins and chemicals in both our environment and skin care products, most mummies are very cautious with what products they use for their children. Buds is one option to take to go the right way.

Buds Organics have a comprehensive range of baby care products. Buds Organics produce Everyday Care with products for infants, babies and even kitchen. Outdoor Organics feature the likes of sun care, winter care and insect repellents.

Buds Organics uses the finest organic plant ingredients so that your baby is not exposed to pesticides, herbicides and other potentially harmful chemicals unnecessarily. Also, Buds Organics are made with hope to minimize the damage being done to the environment making it perfect for earth conscious families.


A Whole New Biskuat

Biscuits are the easy to get, the just hit the spot, super easy snacks especially when it comes to kids. Even better when mummy and daddy love them too. Biskuat biscuits are the childhood biscuits for most of us I’m sure! who doesn’t remember those sweet, milky, melt in your mouth bickies?
Biskuat now have an all new range out! That classic milk biskuat with a chocolaty fruity twist. With a range of both strawberry & chocolate and banana & chocolate, perfectly packaged for your littles pack lunch for school, nothing can go wrong! The all new fruity biskuat recipe will have your little asking for more, which is no harm because at least they’re eating their fruits! 🙂


A simple baby food recipe – pasta salad

Baby food recipes are something we spend a lot of time on researching these days. From books, the internet and even childhood memories. But there is always something up when you prepare the food to take with you when you’re out or even if it’s to pack for your little one to take to school.

Ive been cracking my head on what to pre-cook for Ariana to take to school for her lunch.. They don’t have microwaves and stuff and I don’t have a thermal thing to keep her food warm so one of the dishes I decided

to make was a pasta salad which can be made the day before and you can just stick it in your child’s lunch bag right out of the fridge the next day.. 🙂

Cooked pasta (cooled)
Frozen mixed veg (thawed) [I usually put mine in hot water to let it cook a bit first] 1/2 can of tuna flakes
– mix well so the tuna is evenly mixed
1tbsp mayo
2tbsp fresh yogurt
Salt and pepper to taste [I’d only add salt if my child were over 2. Hehe] -mix into tuna and pasta combo and mix evenly. [I usually stick all this in a plastic container with the lid on and shake it nice. Makes things easier, even your child could help out doing that part 🙂 ]

Ariana loves her pasta and it was fun serving her this one as the pasta is shaped as animals so you’d get remarks like, “look mummy, I found a rhino!” Or “I’m gonna eat the lion! Ngap!” Its great when your child enjoys her food its even better when they sit down and have fun eating it without any hassle too! 🙂