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Spaghetti Bolognese

Spaghetti Bolognese can be one of the easiest meals to make for the family (especially when you’re having a lazy day).. I try to cook food which is both nutritious and tasty for me and the girls and this is one of those senang nak mamsss kinda meals…

Not much is needed and not much energy is put into cooking a good spagbol even when you’re cooking from scratch.. I use to be the type whom thought that food out of a can tasted better but I was wrong when I was shown just how easy it was to make a real good pasta sauce with using tomatoes from a can and not ready made pasta sauce.. Continue reading

healthy snacks for kids

5 easy healthy snacks for kids

easy healthy snacks for kids

There’s always a case when someone is hungry while you’re in the middle of cooking or haven’t even started cooking. Here are 5 easy healthy snacks you can simply stick in an air-tight container in the fridge for times like these or to nibble on throughout the day.

1. Carrot and Celery Sticks
Most children like eating carrots and celery because of the crunch and also because they are sweet. Not only do they fill a little hole in the tummy, they are also super healthy! Make it interesting and pair them with some home-made hummus. 🙂

2. Fruits
Everyone loves fruits. Dice up some of your favourite fruits. Watermelon, melon, apples (drizzle with lemon so they don’t yellow), grapes, papaya, oranges. remember, if they are not still in it’s skin, they don’t last too long, so eat up! try making a fruit salad!

3. Raisins
Another healthy snack for the family. Not only for in the house, they can be kept everywhere for the “just in case I’m hungry” moments. Perfect for pack lunches too!

4. Yogurt
A must have for a healthy family especially if you have children. You could even get creative by buying plain yogurt and have your children help you create their own flavours too!

5. Cereal
Don’t give in to the chocolate, sugar coated cereals to make things easy. When you start your children young, they would be happy with practically any cereal you give them. Serve with milk and add some honey for sweetness or simply serve as it is so they can much on them. Adults like cereal just as much a children do too!


Hui Lau Shan – delicious desserts

I have filled myself with mangoes so much in my life but I gotta say, I enjoyed every bit of it at Hui Lau Shan in IOI city mall, Putrajaya recently.

To introduce Hui Lau Shan to the Malay @ Muslim community, Hui Lau Shan invite myself, Ben Ashaari, Yuyu Zulaika and to try out their signature desserts under their premium Hong Kong Brand. I’ve been to Hong Kong before but to be honest, I didn’t really try much of their foods.


Hui Lau Shan has been around our local food scene for 3 years the owner, Mr Pan, the General Manager, South East Asia of Hui Lau Shan, was so thrilled to tell us about how proud he was that Hui Lau Shan has been certified HALAL by JAKIM. When it comes to halal, we always think that it’s just about the meat that we eat but there’s actually so much more to it than that. It’s all in the process and preparation of the foods which is to consider halal and not just slaughtering with a bismillah.

Anyway…… back to the good stuff… Hui Lau Shan promotes a healthy fruit base dessert for all and when they say for all, even the little ones will love it.. I mean, what child doesn’t like desserts anyway? But it puts things in a much better perspective when those desserts are HEALTHY!!!

20150903_194211The first dessert the gang and I were introduced too was the Mango Feast. Ok…. This….. Was…… TO DIE FOR!!! This dish consist of 3 different mango dishes which all taste totally different. Plate one was this creamy cheesecake sorta tasting dish with frozen mango inside. Plate two was a slushy frozen mango topped with mango chunks and some tiny chewy glutinous balls. While plate 3 was a mango slushy with mango chunks, a sort of kuey teow looking coconut strips and some homemade mango ice cream. Yum, yum and yum!!

20150903_200042The second dessert we were served was the Ice Snowy Brew. It was actually really yummy considering how simple it was. Basically it was a jelly coconut with loads of strips of coconut inside which came along with a mini jug of coconut milk topped with no other than birds nest. Yes, birds nest.. I had never tried bird nest before, I know its benefits but I just hadn’t come to try it out. I kept reminding everyone, “here we go peeps, we’re about to have some bird spit… yum!” LOL!! But to be honest, you couldn’t really taste it due to the rich coconut milk which I poured into the half filled coconut jelly and stirred it all together.


Ahhh…. The third was one of my favourite because of the little pop of flavour in the dish.. this is the Mango Pop Pop.. Again, frozen mango slushy at the bottom topped with mango chucks, homemade mango ice cream and some yummy pop pops.. and no, I don’t mean the fire cracker pop pop although it’s prolly has the same effect when you put it in your mouth and it POPS when you bite it. These little balls are filled with yogurt. When you first bite into it, you’re like… “uuuuuu… what is this tangy flavour???” Yeah…. It’s yogurt and it goes sooooo well with the dish.


These were the 3 dishes we were told we were gonna try out but we were then surprised by being given a personalized demo tour to show us the level of professionalism which is in line with the standards of Hui Lau Shan, including their HALAL certification. We were showed how they made the Yummy Icy Combo.. This consists of fresh fruit slices, fresh fruit balls, mango chunks and a little surprise at the bottom which was a whole lot of homemade mango ice cream.. My kids and I simply LOVED it and Alhamdulillah my girls love eating fruits.


After eating ALL of those desserts, the night ended with a little social media contest which was happening over instagram. Best photos.. First was best photo of the desserts and the second one was best photo of the demo… and guess what…. I WON for best demo photo (photo above!)… How cool was that?!?! Hahahaha..

Ariana, Ameera and I went home with a happy mango (and durian) filled belly and even after all those desserts, they still passed out in the car.. Just shows that there isn’t really much sugar going on in the desserts.

You can try Hui Lau Shan dessert for yourself in various locations like the following. Not only do they serve desserts, there are also savoury dishes for those who aren’t in much of a mood for sweetness.




Introducing Solid Foods

introducing solid foods

Introducing solid foods to your baby is what every new mummy can’t wait to do. It is an exciting milestone for us mummies and a nerve wrecking one too. There is always the question on when a child should really be introduced to solid foods. It’s always recommended for a baby to be introduced to solids as soon as they turn 6 months of age. Bare in mind that before introducing solid foods to your baby, make sure your baby is doing the following:

  • has good head and neck control and can sit upright when supported
  • shows an interest in food – looking at what’s on your plate
  • reaches for your food
  • opens her mouth when you offer her food

Solids do not replace breastfeeding or formula. Your baby will still need breastmilk and/or formula along with solids until at least 12 months. If you replace breastmilk and/or formula with solids too quickly, babies can miss out on important nutrition.

Baby’s First Foods

Cereal. If you start with cereal, pick a single-grain variety (rice, barley, or oat — hold off on wheat, a common allergen for many babies, for now). Mix a small amount of cereal with formula, breast milk, or even water to create a soupy like texture. Try not to sweeten the taste by adding things like mashed bananas, or juice. If you start off your baby with sugar, she’ll soon want everything you offer her to be just as sweet.

start with cereal, pick a single-grain variety (rice, barley, or oat — hold off on wheat, a common allergen for many babies, for now). Mix a small amount of cereal with formula, breast milk, or even water to create a soupy texture. Try not to sweeten the taste by adding things like mashed bananas, applesauce, or juice. If you start off tempting baby with sugar, she’ll soon want everything you offer her to be just as sweet.

Vegetables.Veggies are wholesome, nutritious, and not likely to trigger allergies. Start with sweet potatoes and carrots before moving on to things like peas and string beans, which have slightly stronger flavours. If your baby rejects what you have given her, try again the next day and the next day and the next. Some babies need to be introduced to a new food a few times before they accept it. Don’t give up, all this is new to your baby too.

Fruit. Delicious, digestible first fruits include finely mashed bananas, papaya, or cooked pears. Babies just love the sweetness of fruits.


Food allergies are pretty common in babies but the good news is that most children usually outgrow them. Even so, allergies are to be taken seriously! A Baby’s reaction to food can range from gassiness, diarrhea, or even mucus in the poop, to vomiting and rashes — especially around the mouth and/or bum. Other symptoms include a runny nose, watery eyes, wheezing that doesn’t seem to be due to a cold, and unusual wakefulness or crankiness, day and/or night.

If you think your baby may be allergic to something you’ve fed her, wait about a week before trying the food again. If you get a similar reaction two or three times in a row, you can probably assume she’s sensitive to it. Eliminate that food from her diet for several months, then try it again if your pediatrician gives the go ahead. If your baby seems to react to almost every new food you offer, or there’s a history of allergies in your family, wait a full week between trying any new item, and do check in with your doctor.

What’s Next?

introducing solid foods

Once your baby has had a taste of her first foods, it’s time to expand her world of taste and introduce more foods. Chicken, beef and other types of vegetables. By now your baby is able to eat foods with a little more texture – try not blending too fine. Meats however are harder to digest hence blending meat as fine as possible would be best. Think outside the box, just because you may not eat certain foods doesn’t mean your child may not like it.

Best To Avoid

Processed foods with high levels of fat, sugar and/or salt – eg. cakes, biscuits, chips, fried foods – aren’t good for babies and children. If you start your baby with healthy eating, this helps set up good eating habits for the rest of her life.


A Place to Stuff Your Face

When it comes to good hearty food, we always want what’s best for our littles. Homemade like, natural ingredients, healthy, basically, yummy food. BSCs Stuff Your Face is no failure to deliver. Yummy food, good portions and all at an affordable price. Located on the top floor of Bangsar Shopping Centre, just behind the skating rink, it’s the perfect place for parents to sit down for coffee while the kiddos are running wild at the nearby play place. It is also a good place to throw your littles birthday party too!

With love, mummy was fortunate enough to get some goodies from this great place to celebrate Sharifah Sofia’s daughter, Ariana’s, 3rd birthday, their specialty, strawberry shortbread. Sooooooooo goooooood! No joke! It melts in your mouth, not so sweet and it made to perfection. Not only did we have some to serve the party, we also threw some into goodie bags for our honoured guests.



A simple baby food recipe – pasta salad

Baby food recipes are something we spend a lot of time on researching these days. From books, the internet and even childhood memories. But there is always something up when you prepare the food to take with you when you’re out or even if it’s to pack for your little one to take to school.

Ive been cracking my head on what to pre-cook for Ariana to take to school for her lunch.. They don’t have microwaves and stuff and I don’t have a thermal thing to keep her food warm so one of the dishes I decided

to make was a pasta salad which can be made the day before and you can just stick it in your child’s lunch bag right out of the fridge the next day.. 🙂

Cooked pasta (cooled)
Frozen mixed veg (thawed) [I usually put mine in hot water to let it cook a bit first] 1/2 can of tuna flakes
– mix well so the tuna is evenly mixed
1tbsp mayo
2tbsp fresh yogurt
Salt and pepper to taste [I’d only add salt if my child were over 2. Hehe] -mix into tuna and pasta combo and mix evenly. [I usually stick all this in a plastic container with the lid on and shake it nice. Makes things easier, even your child could help out doing that part 🙂 ]

Ariana loves her pasta and it was fun serving her this one as the pasta is shaped as animals so you’d get remarks like, “look mummy, I found a rhino!” Or “I’m gonna eat the lion! Ngap!” Its great when your child enjoys her food its even better when they sit down and have fun eating it without any hassle too! 🙂