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LOOK UP – facebook poem

My mum had recently sent this video to my brother and I on Whatsapp.. She sent it not to pin point it to us but to people in general.. It is a fact that we have become slaves to technology and it’s actually really sad. There is no real communication happening between people. No real social life. It’s all through our devices. Today even making work deals can be made over Whatsapp or SMS.. We get in touch through text and never usually phone calls.. Computer games have become more than just a hobby..

When I was a little girl, I remember climbing trees with the neighbourhood kids.. We’d play hide and seek and actually hide in drains and under cars.. I’d go rollerblading with my friends to the near by KFC which was actually really far.. Get cardboard boxes and slide down hills.. Friends with tiled up driveways, we’d squirt some soap and play slip and slide.. Back then it was all about imagination and innovation..

Today, in the urban areas, we rarely see children play on the streets.. Even the playgrounds are quiet.. Maybe it’s because of the heat? Maybe some of us have no time? Maybe we don’t think it’s safe enough anymore?

At the dinner table, nobody talks anymore. everyone is either on their phones or tablets. even WHILE eating, many children MUST HAVE a device in front of them to keep them occupied. Relationships need to be built and rebuilt.

I love this poem. it’s very true and it is our reality. I’d like to start a little something at home and thats a NO DEVICE DAY. One day of the week, the whole family should agree to leave their phones and/or devices away and not touch it at all. Preferably during a weekend so we wouldn’t expect any work calls. If it important, give them your land line to call. Wanna take pictures? Get a camera. They take better pictures anyway 🙂 .

What would you do to built your relationship with your family? What would it take for you to put your phone and LOOK UP?