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CheckList: Packing Your Hospital Bag

Once you’re about 34-35 weeks far along your pregnancy, it’s about time you packed up for the hospital (unless you opt for a home birth of course. All you would need is your vajayjay! :D). It’s a pain to figure out what is really needed to pack for both mummy and baby (and maybe daddy, but he can do it himself :P)

Typically, most of us woman end up over packing and either have too much and don’t use what we have or have so much we can still manage to forget a thing or two.

I would usually (haha! as if i birth every so often!) pack 2 different bags. One for the birthing (labour) room and the other for the before/after birth.

hospital bag check list

Have no fear, your perfect Hospital Bag CheckList is here!! Continue reading


Arts and Crafts for Kids – Art Box

arts and crafts for kids

Arts and crafts is what Ariana and I love doing together. Because Ariana has sooooo much stationary, we decided to make an art box. It was very simple and it was inspired by something Ariana has watched on youtube which made her love doing it even more.

arts and crafts for kids

What you need to make an art box:

  • shoe box
  • golf ball
  • water colour paints
  • paper plate for the paint

arts and crafts for kids

Using one colour at a time, squeeze paint on a paper plate. Have your little one take the golf ball and roll it into the paint and coat the ball. Put the cover back on the box (don’t worry if your little ones painty fingers get on the cover, it gives a personal touch) and have your child shake and slide the box in all directions letting the ball roll all over the box creating cool lines. Repeat these steps as many times as you like with other colours.

arts and crafts for kids

It’s never a bore when it comes to arts and crafts for kids, it’s even better when they can paint with their hands and keep it messy. Just let it be, cleaning up paint isn’t too bad. 😉