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CheckList: Packing Your Hospital Bag

Once you’re about 34-35 weeks far along your pregnancy, it’s about time you packed up for the hospital (unless you opt for a home birth of course. All you would need is your vajayjay! :D). It’s a pain to figure out what is really needed to pack for both mummy and baby (and maybe daddy, but he can do it himself :P)

Typically, most of us woman end up over packing and either have too much and don’t use what we have or have so much we can still manage to forget a thing or two.

I would usually (haha! as if i birth every so often!) pack 2 different bags. One for the birthing (labour) room and the other for the before/after birth.

hospital bag check list

Have no fear, your perfect Hospital Bag CheckList is here!! Continue reading


Ameera: Full Speed Ahead!!

A year has past… YES! I KNOW! SO FAAASSSTTTT!!! Ameera had actually turned 1 on September 21st.. I had recently went onto my old blog and read about Ariana’s progress at more or less the same age and mashaAllah how different their progress is!! Ariana at this age had such a huge vocabulary, she said words like bear, bebehbebbies (teletubbies), babe, daddy, ball and she was even making the sounds of animals like lion, sheep, cat, dog and a few more.. Ameera on the other hand hasn’t got there yet. No rush though, I’m actually ok with it as all children develop differently.


The things Ameera does do however are:

DANDAD – grandad
DIH – drink.. hehe
MAMMM –  mamam, eat
SUSSSS – when she wants milk from the breastaurant
FFFuh – fish

WEK WEK – quacking of a duck
UFF – woof
AWWWWWW – when she gives people (mainly toys, kitty and Ariana. oh! and pillows..) hugs
she smacks her lips together when she wants kisses (also mainly toys, kitty and Ariana…. LOL)
mmMMMmmm – when she sees food (pantang nampak makanan nih!!)
BBBRRRRRR – wants to go on a car ride

It’s such a pleasure to see her grow by the day. She started walking properly on her birthday, that was a gift within itself but maaaaannnnnnn the chasing!! hahahaha!!! But it’s all good and fun! She is alot more steadier now, not as wild as Ariana was at her age. Ariana, at the time, was already running about the play places without any assistance, climbing up the slides and wouldn’t even care whether or not you were there. Ameera however is cautious. She always makes sure you’re there to watch over her in case she slips. It nice really but I think she’s getting a bit too clingy that I need to do something about it. :p

ariana and ameera

The relationship between Ameera and Ariana is great, alhamdulillah. Ariana does get annoyed sometimes when Ameera comes and breaks over her lego towers and touches the ipad screen while she is watching peppa pig. But all in all, they have such loving characters. They always wanna hug and kiss each other, Ariana teaches Ameera how to colour, they hold each others hands when they walk… the loving list goes on and, by Allah, I hope that doesn’t change.

ariana and ameera love

Raising two children is tough especially when there isn’t much help but when there is, I am super thankful for it. Having the WHOLE DAY with the girls is a hard time when I need to cook 2 different consistencies, bathe two children, put two children to bed, feed one gotta feed the other,  clean up toys, clean dirty bums, change dirty clothes, laundry, dishes, folding, mopping, sweeping, eeeevvveeerrrything lah! I even bring them both to most of my meeting and events. LOL.I don’t know how people with more than two children, maidless, especially back in the day, do/did it! I really don’t!I am sooooo glad my girls sleep early and that I have some alone time at night. Then again, it’s night time and here I am.. typing.. not sleeping.. not watching tv.. playing a little bit of COC.. scratching horrible itchy  mosquito bites.. sooooooo wanting to go to sleep.. Funny thing is, I could actually sleep early if I wanted to because Ameera sleeps at 6om while Ariana sleeps at 730pm (sometimes 9pm [-_-] but she is in her room the whole time)..

Any tips on managing your time? That’s one thing I really suck at!

ergobaby 360 carrier


Ergobaby media launch

The Ergobaby 360 Carrier is in a league of its own. Designed for the comfort of both baby and mummy which features a bucket seat to support your baby’s spine and hip positioning, the Ergobaby 360 Carrier is definitely a winner.

The highlight of the Ergobaby 360 Carrier is the option of wearing your baby forward facing, as well as front inward, back, and hip for the ultimate in flexibility.

To many baby wearers, forward facing carrier aren’t safe for the child but chiropractic practitioner Dr Moira Robertson explains that, ‘”a front-outward position is safe if a carrier has good features. A good carrier must have a wide base so that the baby’s hips are properly locked into the socket, besides supporting the wearer’s back health. Child’s leg and hips should not be dangling down or straightened.”

ergobaby 360 carrier

After giving the Ergobaby 360 Carrier a try myself, I can agree that it is a very comfortable carrier and it has no negative effect on my back. I have yet to use the carrier long term as i have been using other carriers which have been either passed down to me or given as a gift.

The Ergobaby 360 Carrier is available in two colors: Black and

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Grey and it is price at RM689.

The Ergobaby Wrap may seem to be like any other wrap but the difference is its fabric. The Ergobaby Wrap features a 4D Stretch material which stretch in four directions to provide the best comfort and position for both you and your baby. With this ‘oh so good feeling’ material, it also avoids sagging after long time wearing which i suppose allows it to last much longer than usual. Wrapping is basically the same as any other wrap although the instructions for the Ergobaby Wrap does seem simpler. When not in use, the Ergobaby Wrap can be easily folded into its front storage pocket for travel and storage convenience.

ergobaby wrapI’ve always used a wrap but I didn’t feel too comfortable with it as it was thick and it was hot, so if it was hot for me, it would have been horrible for baby. Maybe it’s time I gave this one a go!

Ergobaby Wrap is available in two colors: Eucalyptus or Pepper and it is priced at RM349.

The Ergobaby Swaddler was developed to encourage healthy hip and arm positioning for unprecedented sleep safety and comfort. The Ergobaby Swaddler helps to keep baby’s hips in the physician-recommended, ergonomically correct “frog-leg” position. The Ergobaby Swaddler also marks the brand’s expansion of its ergonomic design innovations into a new product category. The new Ergobaby Swaddler is a user-friendly swaddle blanket that promotes longer, safer and more comfortable sleep for newborns and infants up to 6 months.

ergobaby swaddlerPersonally, I swear by swaddling a baby. Swaddling keeps a baby feel secure especially after being in their comfy little cocoon in mummy’s tummy. When my children were baby’s, I created my own little swaddle to keep them nice and tight but also some freedom to move about. The Ergobaby Swaddler is an amazing innovation to swaddling and if I were to ever have another baby (hopefully) I would surely give it a go.

The Ergobaby Swaddler is available in two sizes: Small/Medium and Medium/Large, with two color options: Blue and Pink. Each pack includes two swaddlers for RM189.

Jonathan, Illy,Nana,Dr Moira & Joanna

Authorised Ergobaby retailers include: Mothercare, Fabulousmom, Little Whiz, Bebe Totz, Baby Invasion, Bebehaus and other leading mom and baby retailers. For more information on Ergobaby, please visit www.ergobaby.com or log on to www.bloomandgrowasia.com


Little Spa Kingdom

little spa kingdom

Little Spa Kingdom, fit for the cutest kings and queens.

Mummies, step aside! It’s time for your little one to have a little pampering herself! The Little Spa Kingdom can do just that! Catering to children of all ages, Little Spa Kingdom provides baby swimming, baby yoga, mani-pedi’s (for older children), hair cuts and even neck and shoulder massages for parents.

little spa kingdom

Hair cuts are only available on weekends and by appointment so if you plan take have your child’s hair done, calling for an appointment prior your visit would be most necessary to avoid disappointment.

little spa kingdom

Little Spa Kingdom is located in one of the most happening places in town, Publika, Solaris Dutamas, which is also one of the most perfect place for mummies to take their children out for playdates. Speaking of which, play dates at the Little Spa Kingdom just sounds perfect enough! While the little ones have a dip in the “pool” why not mummies sit back, have a massage while they catch up. Not to worry, each child has a designated caretaker who will be by your child’s sides at all times.

litte spa kingdom

Its always great when both mummy and baby have fun and the Little Baby Spa will make sure you have just that. So call them up, make an appointment and chill out and one of the most unique places to go.


Introducing Solid Foods

introducing solid foods

Introducing solid foods to your baby is what every new mummy can’t wait to do. It is an exciting milestone for us mummies and a nerve wrecking one too. There is always the question on when a child should really be introduced to solid foods. It’s always recommended for a baby to be introduced to solids as soon as they turn 6 months of age. Bare in mind that before introducing solid foods to your baby, make sure your baby is doing the following:

  • has good head and neck control and can sit upright when supported
  • shows an interest in food – looking at what’s on your plate
  • reaches for your food
  • opens her mouth when you offer her food

Solids do not replace breastfeeding or formula. Your baby will still need breastmilk and/or formula along with solids until at least 12 months. If you replace breastmilk and/or formula with solids too quickly, babies can miss out on important nutrition.

Baby’s First Foods

Cereal. If you start with cereal, pick a single-grain variety (rice, barley, or oat — hold off on wheat, a common allergen for many babies, for now). Mix a small amount of cereal with formula, breast milk, or even water to create a soupy like texture. Try not to sweeten the taste by adding things like mashed bananas, or juice. If you start off your baby with sugar, she’ll soon want everything you offer her to be just as sweet.

start with cereal, pick a single-grain variety (rice, barley, or oat — hold off on wheat, a common allergen for many babies, for now). Mix a small amount of cereal with formula, breast milk, or even water to create a soupy texture. Try not to sweeten the taste by adding things like mashed bananas, applesauce, or juice. If you start off tempting baby with sugar, she’ll soon want everything you offer her to be just as sweet.

Vegetables.Veggies are wholesome, nutritious, and not likely to trigger allergies. Start with sweet potatoes and carrots before moving on to things like peas and string beans, which have slightly stronger flavours. If your baby rejects what you have given her, try again the next day and the next day and the next. Some babies need to be introduced to a new food a few times before they accept it. Don’t give up, all this is new to your baby too.

Fruit. Delicious, digestible first fruits include finely mashed bananas, papaya, or cooked pears. Babies just love the sweetness of fruits.


Food allergies are pretty common in babies but the good news is that most children usually outgrow them. Even so, allergies are to be taken seriously! A Baby’s reaction to food can range from gassiness, diarrhea, or even mucus in the poop, to vomiting and rashes — especially around the mouth and/or bum. Other symptoms include a runny nose, watery eyes, wheezing that doesn’t seem to be due to a cold, and unusual wakefulness or crankiness, day and/or night.

If you think your baby may be allergic to something you’ve fed her, wait about a week before trying the food again. If you get a similar reaction two or three times in a row, you can probably assume she’s sensitive to it. Eliminate that food from her diet for several months, then try it again if your pediatrician gives the go ahead. If your baby seems to react to almost every new food you offer, or there’s a history of allergies in your family, wait a full week between trying any new item, and do check in with your doctor.

What’s Next?

introducing solid foods

Once your baby has had a taste of her first foods, it’s time to expand her world of taste and introduce more foods. Chicken, beef and other types of vegetables. By now your baby is able to eat foods with a little more texture – try not blending too fine. Meats however are harder to digest hence blending meat as fine as possible would be best. Think outside the box, just because you may not eat certain foods doesn’t mean your child may not like it.

Best To Avoid

Processed foods with high levels of fat, sugar and/or salt – eg. cakes, biscuits, chips, fried foods – aren’t good for babies and children. If you start your baby with healthy eating, this helps set up good eating habits for the rest of her life.


Get The Party Planned


Something we all dread in terms of preparation yet we just an wait for the celebration. There is always magic when you need it and those magical people are the team of keikomayesa . Planning, deco, candy buffets, you name it, they can do it!



We had the honour to have the team do Ariana’s 3rd Birthday Party and we were more than please with what we were provided with. The theme was “Mini Carnival” and we were given a mini carnival. From backdrops, to the deco, keiko mayesa did the job to make it look amazing!

Thank you team Keiko Mayesa!! You helped make Ariana’s party one to remember!!


With Keiko Mayesa


with love, Sofia: Early sleep, enough sleep = the best sleep

Before motherhood, my sleeping pattern was inconsistant and usually bonkers. I’d sleep at about 4am and be up at 2pm, on my off days. If I were filming, I’d be up at 6am and asleep at 3am, no, not much sleep at all.

Now that I’m a mother of 2 beautiful children (mashaAllah) and a stay at home mum aka SAHM, I have at least 14 hours sleep at night and about 4-6 hours during the day. While a 1 year old requires 12 hours at night with two 2 hour naps during the day.

When I say routine, I mean all round routine including nighttime feeding.

I have been blessed with good sleepers but this could also be because I put them to sleep when they let me know when they are sleepy.
“How does a baby tell you they are sleepy?”
Simple, they yawn. Us grown ups yawn when we’re tired right? But we of course fight this tiredness because we are either too busy during the day to take a 45 minute nap or dont want to sleep early at night (because it just isn’t cool to sleep early).
They also get grumpy (“I wanna go to sleep!”) and their eyes go red (“put me to sleep already”) or they as usual, cry (“what is wrong with you? I need to sleep!!!”)
When your baby is tired and you dont want any fuss, put them to sleep when they want to sleep.

My daily routine with my first born was pretty strict because from what I have read and now experienced, a happy child is one whom has had enough sleep. Even my in laws thought I was too strict, but I promise it was is well worth it!

Keeping a routine was pretty easy but this came with alot of sacrifices too. I would have to be home at 4pm everyday (if I were out) to get the baby bathed and ready for bed.
By 5pm, lights were out (I have a street light right outside my window so there is no need for a night light) and we were in bed for a little talk and then it was susu time. She was asleep by 530pm.

In the beggining, Ariana would be up 3-4 times at night but after changing her day time routine, she would only wake up twice at night. How? Here’s a basic sample of a daily schedule I had for Ariana:

3-6 months old
630am – wake up and susu
730am – bath time – susu
8am – nap
10am – play time/social time – susu.
11am – nap
1pm – play time/social time – susu
2pm – nap
4pm – play time -mandi time – susu
530pm – sleep
930pm – susu
1230am – susu
3am – susu
630am – wake up

To avoid too many feeds at night, make sure you feed baby long enough during the 9pm feed so that you could eventually push the midnight feed to a later time allowing you more sleep at night and baby full too. Once you’ve conquered that battle, routine can look something like this….

7am – wake up and susu
9am – bath time – susu
10am – nap
12pm – play time/social time – susu
2pm – nap
5pm – play time -mandi time – susu
530pm – sleep
930pm – susu
1am – susu
630am – wake up

To reduce the night feeding, you have to make sure you feed well during the day. If you feed so much at night, baby wont be wanting to eat during the day because he is already getting enough at night. So try switching the ‘feeding enough at night’ to being ‘feeding enough during the day’. So by the time your child is a year old, you can cut one night feed at a time starting with the 9pm feed then eventually eliminating the 1am feed. Once that is done, your childs routine will look something like this:

12 months – 2years
7am – wake up – susu – breakfast
9am – mandi – susu
10am – nap
12pm – lunch – play
2pm – nap
4pm – snack – play
530pm – dinner – mandi – susu
630pm – sleep
1am – susu
7am – wakeup

Ariana has now started play school which requires he to be in class by 930 am but I send her at 9am so that she can play with the children who arrive early (working parents) and also because the school setup a little obstacle course for them everyday. So her (She turns 3 in April) current schedule is:

7am – wake up
8am – breakfast – mandi
9am – school
1230pm – lunch
2pm – nap (sometimes)
4pm – play
6pm – dinner – mandi
7/730pm – sleep
7am – wake up

Of course it is sometimes a battle put your active toddler to bed at times, especially during nap times but they will give in soon enough because they know they are tired. Just take her to bed and layan that cute little imagination for 5 minutes and then tell her that its time to relax, close your eyes and go to sleep. It works so well, even mummy passes out by 830pm too!!

All the best and I hope this helps you.. please keep in mind that this is only from my own personal experience on putting my own children to sleep. If you have any inquiries at all, please dont hesitate to get in touch and I will help best way I can. Also, I am not a sleep therapist nor am I a doctor. I just think of ways I would try myself and if what I do or suggest doesnt work, the grab a couple of books (I would recommend Gina Ford books) and find out from an expert :p