Swiss Dream Circus is in Town!!

Recently we took BOTH the girls out AFTER 7PM on a SCHOOL NIGHT, yes, at night, on a school night, to watch the CIRCUS! But you know what, it was worth every minute and every penny.


Last week I was invited to attend Melinda Looi’s Raya Show which had taken place at the Swiss Dream Circus which is tented up at Mutiara Damansara Park, literally in between Kidzania and Ikea. After being given a sneak peak of the circus acts (which were only 2 acts), i was sold! I wanted to watch the whole thing. Also, I have never (or don’t remember) been to a circus before and I wanted the girls to experience it as well.


When we talk about the circus, we can imagine the likes of Dumbo, Water for Elephants, Madagascar and the likes. We imagine lions and elephants and gorillas and even bears.. But no, this is an ‘animal cruelty-free’ circus.. This is a full-on spectacular entertainment performed by man them-self!


I was fortunate enough to converse a little with the ring-master/founder of the Swiss Dream Circus, Marco Baumgartner, and he says, “it has always been a dream to be with the circus, since I was just a little boy”. He mentioned that each year is a different group of performers as most if not all the performers are free-lancers. A mix of performers from all over the world, there were acts which came in fresh from Cirque du Soleil!!


The Swiss Dream Circus is still on until the 14th of June with tickets priced between RM45-RM250 so try not to miss it as you would definitely regret it!

For more info, visit Swiss Dream Circus or you can visit here to purchase your tickets.




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