Little update on Life

It’s been so long since i last posted anything and i apologise as i’ve been busy with my new chapter in life.

As you know, last year was a blast. The girls and I were living on an amazing island where I homeschooled a couple of children as well as my own and I also ran the kids club at the particular resort.

But that’s all over now. Today, I am now a full-time working mum. I currently head the PR, Marketing and Events department for TOMS, the Giving Company. Never heard of TOMS? You will soon on my next update. 😉 (which will hopefully be soon!! LOL)

But I must say, as much as the girls and I miss the island terribly, I am enjoying my job very much. It took a while for me to get into a routine. Sitting at a desk and looking a my laptop all day but I now enjoy it more now than when I said that I enjoyed it 3 months ago. I mean, put me with sneakers, creative writing and charity and I’m all for it!!

The girls have been put in a school which I really hate them being in as it is too academic based and I really don’t like how things are run there but they’ve just been taken over and I’m giving them the benefit of a doubt to see if there would be any improvements. So far, not happy. But to be frank, it’s all i can currently afford and it’s extremely convenient for me at the moment as I try to get back on my feet.

It’s been tough, I must say. From being a stay at home mum to living on a remote island to taking up an office job.. But hey! Life goes on and you gotta just take everything with a pinch of salt.

I’ve decided that I’m gonna kindda change the way this blog goes too.. a little bit of a face lift here and there.. some new things are coming up which involve my girls and we’re super excited.

But it’s now 02:06 and I’m woring in the morning so I better head to bed…

Looking forward to more blog splurts and a better future.. but lets just look forward for tomorrow and think about how blessed out today is (was)..


good night!





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