Letters to my daughters

I’ve been thinking lots lately and every day my girls just keep coming up with the funniest or strangest or smartest things ever.. I mean, so funny I wanna write it down as soon as they say/do it.. So I’ve decided to write some little letters to my girls (of which I will also email to them. yeah.. i’m psyco.. i’ve created email addresses for my girls already.. LOL) for them to read when they get older and they could laugh about the things they did when they were… well…. today.. haha..


so here goes with letter #1


the past few days have been wonderful.. We haven’t had a rant at each other for days and seriously, rant is more of an understatement.. Today we went to the bird park.. you and your little sister were amazing together and thats just how i picture the 2 of you will be till the day i die. You get so proud when you and Ameera share things with each other and I’m just as proud of you are, I will never stop telling you both how amazing you are. At the bird park, you volunteered to hold a hulahoop for the bird to fly through. you’ve ALWAYS wanted to do that and I’m so happy that you had your chance.


OH!! just so i don’t forget.. a couple of days ago, you asked for a little makeup palette for your birthday but since it as only RM10, i decided to get it for you on that day itself and you were over the moon. You planned to take it to school to show your friends the very next day… to your disappointment, you forgot your makeup and cried your eyes out but “womaned up” after i said you could take it to school after the weekend.

I’m so proud of how strong you are bubba! you da best!


Today you showed so much courage at the bird park. you actually kept the milk cup in your hands as the birds drank from it. Usually, I would be helping you out but today, you made me proud. You have yet to master the giving the bird a kuachi part though.. soon my love, soon.


You didn’t have your nap today because Ariana, as usual, wouldn’t stop talking and playing with you at the back of the car. It drove me mad. seriously, you girls can seriously drive this mummy up the wall!! Anyhow, we got to mummy’s meeting with Uncle Adam and you were a bit grouchy.. so grouchy that you sat on my lap and passed out.. LOL!! You have not done that in the longest time!!  it was actually so funny coz i did a little something naughty and uncle Adam recorded it.. (mummy is still contemplating whether or not I should post it up here.. hahahha!!)


other than that, you have been the bully to ariana as usual… I do pray this will change.. but it’s you and i love it.. haha! Love you so much my little monster!!

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