Letter #2

Today was a not so busy day but for some reason I have been so tired.. But that doesn’t really matter..What matters is what you did..


Ariana… oh my Ariana.. My darling love whom lives on the fast  lane.. You don’t wanna stop growing up and you try so hard to speed the process.. LOL.. really you do!! Over the past week, Aunty Julies helper has been staying with us and she’s been such a blessing.. the place is been so tidy, it’s been good for bothe the eyes and the soul.. LOL.. (here’s hoping you guys just keep it up.. well, ME.. urgh!) Today Ririn took you and Ameera to the park then YOU my darling, decided to come home all by yourself.. The park may not be so far away but you need to cross a main road to get there and that was reallly dangerous of you.. There was no shouting at you but honey…… you needed to know that you we love you enough to not allow you to ross that road again.. but of course we don’t expect you to listen immedately because this is all a learning process.. your independant heart is so risky, I pray Allah blesses you with Angels to protect you my love..


Ameera… le trouble maker… You make such a big step today. today, you were a big girl and did a peepee in the potty!! Yeeeyyyy!! What was funny is that you did a good job at peeing but you forgot to take off your panties.. LOL.. but of course thats a learning process as well.. I’m glad you’ve started doing this now just before we move to perhentian coz it’ll be real funny walking down the beach seeing baby droppings on at walk along the beach.. hahaha!!

No matter what you guys do, I hope you know that I love you so much… I’m sorry if i’ve been pretty agro lately but I’ve had so much going on here and in my mind… You’ll find out what is it soon enough…


Love, Mummy

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