KL Bird Park

The KL Bird Park has just got to be one of our top5 most favourite places to go.. To be honest, I had never step foot in there until I had Ariana.. Ariana and I have been going to the KL Bird Park before Ariana was even walking!! She has always found the birds to be simply fascinating and I don’t blame her.

KL Bird Park is the WORLDS largest free-flight walk-in aviary and worth every cent you pay.. Ticket prices are different for locals (with a MyKad) and tourists. Why? I find it a great idea to do that because it attracts us locals to go to places like that. We too should be able to enjoy our local beauty without having to pay such high prices.. We can’t afford that anymore..


ANYWAY!!!! The best way I save money since we go so often is get a yearly membership. So happens, last year the KL Bird Park had some lucky draw thing and since we bought tickets, we could slip our name in the jar to be in the running to win a one year membership worth RM80. Alhamdulillah, I get an email telling me that we had won!! Ariana and I were so excited. It’s already awesome that children below the age of 3 can enter for free then having a membership which allow 1 adult and 1 child in, thats just perfect!! All we had to pay for was food and pitures (if we took them).. So we went to the bird park almost every month or at least every 2 months!! Our membership had expired the day before we went to the park last week but to renew it only cost RM40!! Yup! It’s awesome! Soooooo worth it even if you go only twice a year!


As you can see, there are peacocks flying about free practically everywhere. You eat ice-cream, they’d literally run to you begging for some!! Obviously I don’t allow the girls to see the bird ice-cream!! Although, i did let them feed some fish food since they were feeding the fish… (Am I bad bad person??? will the birds get a tummy ache?? get sick?? DIE??? astagfirullah!!)

There are fish pond in most places with dispensers where you can buy food for just RM1 but make sure you bring some old 50coins because sometimes the shops run out of change even in the mornings.. So I make sure I bring at least RM5 worth for the girls to enjoy themselves..


This time we went to the Bird Park, the bird show was called off due to rain. Yes! We were stuck in the park for about an hour before we could walk out only to get stuck again for another hour. Unfortunately, I didn’t take any photos of the education centre we were stuck in during the rain but it was a pretty cool place. It had information on the birth cycle of a chicken, ostrich eggs for you to step on just to prove how strong the eggs are and seriously, they are strong! I stood on them with Ameera in my arms once and not even a crack! subhanAllah! There is also a little hatchery for chickens and ducks in the next learning house but you can’t touch them, though sadly some people do (NOT US OKAY!!)..


What we did manage to do before the rain was Ariana’s favourite.. Feeding the birds.. All you have to do is donate a bare minimum of RM2 and you will get either a cup of milk or a cup of kuachi (pumpkin seeds) to feed the birds.. If the dude on duty is in a good mood, most times he’d fill you up again for free. But we usually put more than RM2 in the donation box because we want the birds to be well taken care of.


I must say though.. I food served in the Hornbill Restaurant is real good.. Once when we went to the planetarium, we decided to just eat here because it’s food was good and you also get a good view of the park.. Not just that, most times while you’re eating, the birds are usually up in the trees watching.. So if you have a child that doesn’t sit still to eat their food, just tell them that, “the birds are looking to see how much of a good girl you are eating your food”. Works like a charm! hehe

I have to say though, if you haven’t gone to the bird park, whether or not you have children, it’s a must go.. Who knows, if it rains, you might actually meet new people and make new friends like we did.. 🙂



this hornbill was seriously enjoying the rain

this hornbill was seriously enjoying the rain












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