Good Night Bed Mites!!

Ok…. Big EEEWWWWW… To know that the average bed has about 10,000 mites and 2MILLIONS mite droppings is DISTURBING!! That alone has made me feel super grossed out to go to sleep at night!!



Dust mites are only 0.3-0.5mm small making it almost impossible to see with the naked eye. They love warm and humid environment making Malaysia one of the most perfect countries for mites to reside. Mites can breed and feed on dead skin cells AND can live up to 2 months!! A single mite can produce 20 droppings a day AND LAY 100 eggs in its life time. So imagine having 10,000 mites laying up to 100 eggs in the span of 2 MONTHS!!! Eeeewwwwww!!!! In a mere 3g of dust, there are about 4,000 dead mites!!


Mite feaces and droppings are strong allergens and can trigger allergies like asthma especially in children. As clean as we try to be especially when we have children, most times, it’s hard to get rid of mites as these little critters have clawed feet which grip onto bedding or fabrics when tried to be removed. We can always hoover and whack our beds, carpets and sofa’s as hard as we can but these little things just won’t budge.

Mites are known to cause allergies including asthma. Now that I know this, a little advice to parents whom want to reuse their old baby cots and mattresses, this would be one of the best ways to properly clean the usage of the past and allow new baby sleep on a old mattress with a brand new feel of CLEAN! Though I opted on getting a new mattress as it was WAY before the new SHARP invention was introduced.


SHARP had done so much research on finding the most effective way to eliminate mites by breeding more than 5,000 mites (eeewwww) and experimenting the best way to eliminate these harmful critters… The conclusion was that any normal vacuuming couldn’t do the trick hence, SHARP had invented the new Mite Catcher with Heat Cyclone! Heated air between 40-60 degrees is blown onto the bedding which forces the mites release their grip off the fabric are are the brushed out with the vibrating power brush with centrifugal separation cyclone that sucks the mites out. The vacuum then incinerates (muuuaaahhahaha!!) them in the cyclone and bye bye mites, hello clean bed…


The new SHARP Mite Catcher is a whole new innovation as it is the first of its kind. Seems to me that this could be better than a steam cleaner as steam cleaners may kill germs and mites, but they don’t really suck em out so good would they?

For more information on the all new Mite Catcher, check out these links!!


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