❤ Sofia: Freaked out!

The past couple of days have been rough.. As Ariana would say, “my heart run away!” which basically means, “i was so scared”, or i’m freaked out. How could freaking out be rough over these 2 days you may ask? Well, here goes….

First….. We were out at the play place on wednesday so I could let the girls drain out their energy and sleep early as I had a class to attend at 8pm. Ameera is in bed by 630pm most of the time but Ariana usually needs me to lie down with her until she passed out. Anywaaayy… We got to the play place by about 330pm so we could be there for at least 3 hours since they love they place so much, have a bit to eat and be home by 6 so they can mandi and get ready for bed..

So happens, an old friend happen to be there whom I haven’t seen for about 2 years. We set the kids free to run, jump and climb everywhere while we caught up with each other. While talking, Ameera was up the slide (she can go up the stair and down the slide unassisted now but I always wait at the bottom just in case), I see her kindda leaning forward so I reacted to that in a way that she might fall face forward down the slide. As my reflexes went, some how i tripped and fell on my face instead while Ameera was still up the slide waiting to come down. Using my hands to break my fall, the impact was pretty rough but it didn’t affect me so much.. But the next day, I felt as if my muscle has just torn and my arm was about to fall off. I could still move my arm and whatever but the pain was so WOW!!

Today (the day after the play place), while preparing dinner, Ameera happened to have a plastic fork in her hand. I wanted to take it from her then she ran off like she always does when we wanna confiscate something she enjoys playing with AND/or is related to FOOD. Enjoying the fun run, she puts the fork in her mouth WHILE running the trips over the carpet and falls face first. MAN! seriously! What happened next is like…. seriously.. can’t even rethink it….


She gets up and the fork is stuck in the carpet but snapped in half, i check her mouth for any pieces and blood is pouring out of her mouth!!! I pick her up, rush straight into the kitchen to rinse her mouth but the blood just kept coming out.. Wearing nothing but her nappy, I grab a towel for her mouth, grab a tudung, grab Ariana, strapped them both in the car and drove straight to out neighbourhood doctor.. But as we got into the car, she had stopped crying. The blood had stopped oozing out. She starts asking for her shoes. I ask her, “Are you ok, baby?”, she says, “yeah!”. Just then, I fingured, ok, the wound might not be that bad but I should take her to get it checked anyway. Just in case.

I parked the car and Ameera shouts out, “YEY! wok! wok!” (Wok = walk). I say to her, “lets go see doctor first, then we can go walk, ok baby?”, “Yeh!”, she replies.

Ok… You may think I’m nuts to be having a conversation with a 17month old baby but you know what, these babies really do know what you’re saying to them if you speak to them properly since the day they were born, mashaAllah.

So I put her shoes on, Ariana jumps out of the car with us and we go see the doctor. Alhamdulillah, the there was noone waiting so we just walked straight into the doctors office. Doctor tries to have a look inside Ameeras mouth but of course, put anything in a babys (who enjoys eating) mouth and they would think you’re feeding them! LOL! So we pretended to brush her teeth because she likes brushing her teeth.. “AAAAAAHHHHHHHH….. chekeh chekeh chekeh….” she opens her mouth and doctors says that the wouldn’t isn’t bad and if it were, the bleeding wouldn’t have stopped. I kindda figured that out already when the bleeding did stop but nothing wrong with having someone confirm my thoughts.

I asked if she’d be able to eat and if she did, would it possibly sting. Doctor told me to give her 2 hours before I fed her. Problem was, she was to go to sleep within the hour, so he said to just give it a try. What happened you may ask? When we got home, I served the girls their dinner and Ameera just gobbled everthing up like she usually does. Alhamdulillah for no difficulty on that.

So that was my rough couple of days. My arm is still killing me though. But you know what, alhamdulillah Ameera is fine. Alhamdulillah it wasn’t a pencil in her mouth! Seriously, if it were one of Ariana’s colour pencils, I donno… I don’t even wanna imagine. Alhamdulillah it was a plastic fork. Alhamdulillah the fork broke upon impact. Alhamdulillah! Alhamdulillah! Alhamdulillah!!!

Has something like this ever happened to you? How did you react to it?



God is Great! Allahuakbar! May He protect my family from any harm, the seen and the unseen. May He protect all of us. May bless us all with much strength and patience in raising our children towards the deen. May we all be amongst the righteous. May we strive to meet him and our beloved Prophet  in the Hereafter. Aameen

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