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I’ve never been big on using powdered milk but when you think about all that’s in foods and our environment today, as a mother, we tend to want what’s best for our children.

After using some milks in the past and my girls growing up so fast, I figured it was time for some change in their intakes.

Many of you who follow me know that all I want is what’s best for my girls and their future so I tried and tested, did a bit of reading and thought we’d give Enfagrow A+ a try and share my views.

There are 3 different flavours.. Honey, vanilla and original.. Of course we opt for the flavour closest to the real thing as we’re not big fans of flavoured drinks.. yup.. we drink milk, plain water or fresh juice (when we’re rajin) at home.. no crazy drinks (coke etc.) allowed!

So Ameera enjoyed the taste of it so much so even Ariana wanted to have some too. I, myself tried it and to be honest, it doesn’t taste that bad at all. Better than most we’ve tried so far to be honest..

Mummy made my favourite milk, Enfagrow A+!

It’s been said that a child’s brain triples in size in the first two years of life, and grows to 90% of the adult size during the first 5 years, which is why proper nutrition and stimulation are key during this critical period. During this time, the brain undergoes rapid development, building the foundation for cognitive and emotional advancement that will carry on into adulthood. As a child grows, he learns a lot of new things. This is achieved by the development of synapses – connections between the brain cells and rapid transmission of message.

I have practically heard and learnt this so much while I’ve been travelling the country speaking at the Frobel2017 parenting talk. In fact, the first 5 years of a child’s life is highly important to develop their intellectual and emotional intelligence (IQ & EQ). In this world of constant change, having a high IQ is just half of the equation for future success. The other half lies in EQ. Raising our children’s beliefs, self- worth and happiness by equipping them with emotional intelligence skills should be a top goal and people with high EQ do far better in every area of their life.

And this is proven too. I mean, the world is getting so fast and we rely on computers to do a lot of our thinking for us. Knowledge is in the palm of our hands but can computers feel? Do they sympathise? Can they work as a team? We still need human beings to do all that and the more we reply on computers, the less we rely on people. This I believe is going to be a problem in the future and therefore, it is important to ensure a good balance of both IQ and EQ.

Which brings me to my next point on; play! Playing is an important activity in a child’s life and enabling your child to express themselves and explore themselves and the world. Behavioural regulation is part of emotional development that is widely considered to be important for the holistic development of the child.

As parents, we put so much effort into our children development. To ensure that our efforts has a maximum impact, we need to make sure that their learning and development is fuelled with the right nutrition as well. I came across after much research of a new ingredient in Enfagrow A+, MFGM that works with DHA in developing a child’s IQ and EQ. This ingredient is important for brain function and structure, and has been shown to support emotional behavioural regulation in children. What’s equally exciting is that the new Enfagrow A+ also contains the highest level of DHA. The benefits of DHA in supporting brain development has also been well established. Together, studies have shown that MFGM and DHA helps support cognitive development (IQ) as well as emotional and behavioural regulation (EQ).

This is why I’m giving Enfagrow A+ a try and to see if it makes any difference with Ameera and her development as she seems to be so much lazier than her sister when it comes to problem solving and team work. Not that I’m forcing it on to her. I’m just allowing it to happen in its own time but with a little guidance from myself and a little boost in those little synapses of hers to enable the learning to not stop and to keep on creating and exploring.

But hey! Mummy and daddy need to be involved in this too. Doesn’t mean just because there’s this awesome milk, you don’t need to learn, guide and explore with them ay?! Learning starts from home. And we’re all in this together. What’s a better world like without these amazing little people we are bringing up to lead the world of the future? Time to start putting those books down once in a while and go on an exploration huh? That makes a huge impact on a child’s development too!

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