Don’t Steal Our Fried Egg!!!

Imagine nasi lemak with no fried egg.. Imagine maggi goreng with no fried egg.. Imagine the American breakfast with no ‘sunny side up’ fried egg.. Imagine a world with no fried eggs……. [insert sound of volcano eruption]

It has been said that some crazy millionaire is trying to get the rights to the recipe of the world famous fried egg and is willing to pay a million bucks for it!!! If this goes through and the guy wins the rights, no person on earth but HIM is able to fry an egg ever again!!!!

Like I said earlier.. Imagine nasi lemak, maggi goreng, beans on toast, sambal telur, burger ramli… imagine them ALL with no telur goreng!!

This millionaire has made people; especially mothers across the country furious!


Recently in Kuala Lumpur, a group of unhappy mother and housewives gathered to protest against this lunatic of a man to claim their rights to be able to fry a simple little egg in the safety of their own homes. Trouble with this millionaire person is that if ever anyone gets caught frying an egg even behind the closed doors of your home, you will be fined a huge sum. How insane is that??


This Friday, the 15th of May at 1Utama Shopping Centre will be the day the decision will be announced whether or not this millionaire dude manages to win the rights of our yummy, juicy, crispy, delicious fried egg…. or not! Come with us in support to OUR RIGHT to fry an egg without having to buy permits to do so even if it’s just for breakfast!!

We as a community need to get together to put our feet down, hold our ground and make sure this guy never has a smile on his face, not even a grin, with the final decision!


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