Dinner at Don’s

One of my favorite foods is Johorean food. How not to when my dad is from johor? My aunties can make a kick a$$ Laksa Johor and kuah lodeh.. These are pretty much the usual Raya foods in my household. 🙂

Over the weekend and after such craving for some Johor grub, I took the girls and my parents for a little makan time at Don’s Warong in Sri Hartamas. They serve a variety of Johorean dishes as well as western dishes too.

As we arrived at Don’s Warong, we go some keropok lekor. Yes, not so johorean but my girls love it.. LOL.. Ariana says she always buys it in school.. I love my little anak melayu… 😉

Once the main dishes started coming in, first up was the Nasi Lemak Kukus. Served with some kangkung and ayam goreng berempah, this dish was yummers! The sambal was a little too sweet for me likings but everything all together was pretty much perfect. I haven’t had kangkung in ages so having it during this crave of some proper Malay food was the perfect touch.

The Nasi Goreng Kampung, i must say, was my favourite. the Masin of the ikan bilis along with its crunchy was absolutely divine. The sambal however could be a little spicier as i like my food hot.. I’ve had far too much baby food for my liking.. LOL.

Laksa Johor, a personal favourite. Honestly, some houses I visit for raya i REALLY look forward to because of their laksa. But of course when you go out for these kind of foods, nothing can beat a good serving of homemade laksa. However, the laksa here at Don’s Warong isn’t bad at all. All the flavours are there and eating it with your hands makes it all the yummier… 🙂

Here comes a little bit of western for the children as we weren’t too sure on how the food would be for them. They did of course try the rice but they were up for something different.. pfftt.. Chicken chop was the top spot for the girls.. We split the servings and they had half each. Perfect crispy chicken and a “to die for” gravy that comes on the side… I couldn’t stop dipping those chips in the sauce.. it was soooooo good!!!!

Ariana got the burger forgetting that she couldn’t really eat it so well due to her losing her two front teeth.. LOL.. but she enjoyed it nonetheless.. This too we split and the girls shared.. and hey… there was nothing wrong with dipping that burger in the chicken chop gravy… KA-BOOM!!

And finally the desserts… Although dad usually has his Ais Kacang as a drink, we didn’t this time as we were with the girls… I’m not fond of allowing the girls have dessert first until they finish their food. but hey.. I do let them skip their meals sometimes for a little indulgence.. but not today.. hahahaha.. The ais kacang was um yum yum.. for me, a little more cream and it would be DA BOMB! 

The girls shared the banana split.. Every time we have a banana split, they always say that they had never had one in their lives.. LOL.. The ice-cream was some good ice-cream.. I wasn’t really allowed to have much as the girls were literally saving space for their dessert., so the verdict for the ice-cream was practivally the best as of course kids love their sugars.. 😉

Overall, I did enjoy the food served. The staff so nice and friendly, they gave the girls some colouring sheets while waiting for the food to come…

OH WAIT!!!!!! I forgot!!! They’re current’y having a colouring contest.. The contest ends pretty soon though.. You have until Decmber 31st to enter to contest and be in the running to win RM100 cash vouchers!!! “Game On!,” said my girls..

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