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Sharifah Aleya

This month on “The Mummy”, With Love, Mummy brings you a Mummy who is no stranger to the entertainment industry. From film to TV to theatre, even radio and emceeing, this Mummy is the definition of “a woman of all trades”.. This amazing Mummy is no other than Sharifah Aleya!!


With Love, Mummy got in touch with this crazy, fun Mummy and asked some easy questions on both working life and family life and Leya (whom she casually is known as) was so honest, you be like, “I LOVE DAT WOMAN!!!”


WLM: Tell us about your gorgeous family.

Leya: A typical dysfunctional, kelam kabut (all over the place), young family filled with love, support, fights and giggles… Hihihi…

WLM: Whatโ€™s the difference on having to raise twins for your first birth compared to your recent little boy?

Leya: It’d be easier to list the similarities. Almost nothing is the same. Both times was and is tiring. Both times is a fulfilling kind of tiring. With the twins it felt like I could never get enough help but I learned to manage on my own after some time (after my divorce). They both were so much help though. They learned to be pretty independent and helped each other out which in turn helped me out loads. They’re my angels.

It’s still too early to tell how Ali will be. What I can say is, he is my little sonshine. ๐Ÿ™‚ He came along to complete our little unit. Seeing as I resigned from work, I’ve had more time to spend with him and the girls. So as I said, very little similarities. Both experiences taught me new things about myself and about responsibilities. All 3 children (together and individually) are my inspiration and each are my teachers.

IMG-20151214-WA0004WLM: Did the twins welcome Ali well when he first arrived? How are they with him now?

Leya: They were the most excited and are obsessed with their baby brother. Until today (Ali is 11mths) they congratulate me on giving birth to “our best brother in the world…”. MasyaAllah. I pity the boy sometimes though, semak with his over-doting sisters… Hahaha…

WLM: How has motherhood changed your life?

Leya: I learned “macam mana nak jadi orang” (how to be human) lah basically… I’m calmer, more concerned about how to keep them happy and content than I am about myself. I’m more disciplined now. Maybe a wee bit too strict, but more with myself than with them, and definitely less with everyone else. I’d like to believe that they’ve made me a nicer person. ๐Ÿ™‚

WLM: Understanding that you have been divorced and now have a new man in your life (Ali’s Daddy), how did Miko come along? How did he come together about marrying into a family?

Leya: Miko and I have been friends since we worked together in a musical theatre production in 2011/2012. We had been hanging out, all of us, a medium sized but close knit group. Things started getting serious only a year before we got married. We just gravitated towards each other, soon the big IMG-20151214-WA0008group started getting smaller until it was just the 2 of us. ๐Ÿ™‚

I don’t think it was all that awkward when it came to joining our little family (or at least it didn’t seem so, if it was, he never showed it.) It was very important to me that my daughters be able to accept him, be comfortable around him and care for him and vice versa. Alhamdulillah, it all worked out. Plus, i think the fact Miko comes from a family that is pretty much like mine in terms of how close they are, their open mindedness, love for each other made it easier for us to blend in to each other’s family.

WLM: How is he with the littles?

Leya: Miko is Papa to Aza and Asha. He is an amazing Dad eventhough he pretty much had to learn everything overnight. They respect him enough and still runs to him when they’re bored and want someone to play hideNseek with. Heck, they even look for him when they want to play makeup! Alhamdulillah, he loves them and cares for them as much as his own.

WLM: How do you balance between being in the spot light and being a mum?

Leya: Ya Allah, if I had an actual answer for this question, I’d be the most perfect person in the world. Truth is, I am like every working mother in the world… I’m still learning to find that balance, trial and error.


WLM: Have you even been/felt guilty being away from your children? If so, how do you balance that out?

Leya: I think I lived the first 2yrs of my twin daughters’ life engulfed in guilt considering I was working fulltime. I tried balancing it out by spending as much time at home with them as I could. It was hard though. I worked weekends and odd hours too. It saddens me to think of the missed moments I’ll never get back. I still apologize to them for it.

WLM: What is the hardest part about being a working mum?

Leya: Time, or the lack of. With Ali, I have more time. “More” doesn’t necessarily mean a lot though. I still have work, errands, running around etc. But InsyaAllah, whatever little time we have, we’ll savour and enjoy.

WLM: What is the best part?

Leya: This may sound horrible, but the best part about being a working mom is work = escape. Let’s face it, every woman needs some time on her own. To reflect, to focus on her passion, to focus on herself. For me, work does that. It allows me to escape for a few hours where noone yells “Mommy!” and is more interested in my skills and abilities. ๐Ÿ™‚


WLM: Whats a typical day like for you?

Leya: Wake up – Thanking Allah for another day – Getting the girls ready for school – bathing before Ali wakes up (this is very rare) / bathe Ali and then bathe – errands/chores/work – lunch – errands/chores/work – pick the girls up from school – errands/chores/work – home – spend a few hours with hubs and kids chatting about our day – get kids ready for bed – an hour for myself to unwind then bedtime.

WLM: What is your most favourite thing to do with the family?

Leya: SNUGGLE! ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ‘โค๏ธ

WLM: What would be the most important advice you could give to working parents?

Leya: Time! Find as much as u can, utilize it as best you can and leave not one second unused or doing nothing. A simple 5mins conversation with your 6yr old twins can change your mindset for the rest of the week InsyaAllah…


photo credit: Sharifah Aleya

Sasha Saidin

THE MUMMY of this month is the beautiful and ever so inspiring, single, working mummy, Sasha Saidin. Juggling between being a full time mum and a part time celebrity/actress, With Love, Mummy gets close and personal to Sasha as she shares with us how she does it and how she handles it all physically, mentally and emotionally.



Tell us a little about Arya.
AdaIMG_1358m Aryasenna Notosoemarsono was born on the 28th of August 2009 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. A very affectionate child who has bursts of bountiful energy, he is just so full of life. He loves doing arts and crafts and can often be found to be drawing or making something out of something else. He also loves sports and currently is going for swimming classes and now that he can swim quite well, he says he would like to swim across the ocean.

How has motherhood changed your life?
When I found out that I was pregnant with Adam, it was a complete surprise as it was at a regular scheduled checkup that the doctor discovered that I was indeed pregnant which was wonderful news that I couldnt wait to tell those close to me. Immediately however I had to put a halt to my career as the doctor had given me strict instructions to take it easy and get as much rest as I could at least for the first trimester. However, I later decided to take a leave altogether from the entertainment scene to raise Adam without any domestic help, wanting to be there every step of the way to watch his developments and every single milestone.

How have you been coping with being a single mum to an active little boy?
First and foremost I have to admit that I am blessed to have a mother that is so supportive of me being a single mother and a celebrity too especially since I got divorced and had to go back to work as a working single mother. Nanna as Adam calls his grandmother is whom helps me take care of him whenever I am out working and she also does a fantastic job home schooling Adam with extra lessons and interesting arts curriculum during the school holiday seeing that she has a background of have being a school teacher of 30 years. I love coming home even on days that I am exhausted and walking through the front door to have Adam come running to me to give me lotsa hugs and kisses.

How do you balance between being an active celebrity/actress and being a mum?
My motto is โ€˜ Full time mum, part time celebrityโ€™ because to me being a mum should always come first. However I am also lucky that Adam understands that Mummy needs to go out to work to earn money to pay for bills, to save up for holidays and of course the occasional toys whenever he has been on his best behaviour. There are times though when I may have to travel abroad for my work and at times Iโ€™d be away for weeks which can be very hard on us but I always make sure there is some sort of communication such as Skype so that he knows where I am and what I am doing. And of course whenever I have some free time I will choose to spend quality time with Adam playing in the park, socialising in playgroups or just going to the cinema which he loves too!IMG_4707

Have you even been/felt judged being a single parent?
I have been lucky in the sense that I have never been judged as a single parent or for any of the decisions that I had to make that lead me to become a single parent. And even if there was I dont think I would let it bother me too much as I am blessed with such supportive family members as well as good friends who are with me very step of the way. If anything, since I have been a single parent and the sole breadwinner for my child and me, I have had tremendous positive reinforcement even from strangers who wish to know how they can help me in any way they can. This has touched me many times and its always nice to know that such acts of kindness is what motivates many other single parents out there to try and juggle many responsibilities in raising a child or children on their own.

What is the hardest part about being a single mum?
The hardest part most of the time for me would be when I have to leave for work and Adam gets upset and insists that I work from home or take him with me to work. Although I know I am leaving him in the capable hands of his Nanna, but that feeling of temporary separation never gets easier.

What is the best part?
The best part is just cuddling with Adam after a long day reading him a bedtime story and having him fall asleep in my arms.

Whats a typical day like for you?
A typical day would be getting Adam prepared for school and dropping him off just like any other parent does but depending on what my work schedule is like I may have to delegate his Nanna to pick him up from school. Most of the time, with whatever errands I have Adam happily accompanies me and but I also try to keep to a set time of not getting him back too late as we have strict rules on bed times especially on school nights.

What is your most favourite thing to do with Arya?FullSizeRender
My favourite thing to do with Adam is go to the movies with him whereby we usually take the train which he absolutely loves to go to the cinema within the mall. Weโ€™d get our hotdogs and popcorn, excitedly wait for the movie to start and usually halfway Adam will climb on top of me and sit on my lap to cuddle with me whilst watching the movie.

What would be the most important advice you could give to a single mum?
I don’t know if I could call it advice as I am still learning as a single mum myself and I still make minor mistakes along the way whereby I learn what to not repeat again in the future therefore I guess I would say don’t be too hard on yourself whenever you might slip up with your child as its certainly not an easy task to play so many roles all at the same time when bringing up a child. We will have good days and bad days and its the support from loved ones around us that matters the most, so don’t ever be shy or embarrassed to reach out or receive help from those that maybe concerned or simply just care for us.


photo credits: Sasha Saidin