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Falling in Love with TOMS

Giving some love with TOMS this Valentine’s Day!

TOMS has released its all new Limited Edition Pink Love Languages Women’s Classics just in time for Valentine’s Day! TOMS is always in the mood for love with its One for One mission. What better way to treat your loved one this Valentine’s Day than with a gift that spreads love around the world.

With every pair of shoes you purchase, TOMS will give a new pair to a child in need. One for One®

Featuring the word “love” written in various languages and a heart print, wear your heart on your sole with this limited edition Classic Alpargata. The removable insole and rubber outsole on these Alpargatas are built with comfort and style in mind.

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Such a blessing, SubhanAllah… its true when it is said that God is the best of planners..

It was always a good thing to be staying at my parents house especially when I have been bringing up the girls on my own.. my parents have been a huge blessing with helping me look after my girls while I’m at work be it for a few hours a days or for those one week jobs out station.. I cannot thank them enough for what they have done for me!!

Recently, we made a huge family decision.. to sell the house and move in with my sister.. to be honest, when it was talked about I was somehow ok about it but I didn’t really think it would happen.. suddenly people were coming to view the house and in less than a month, it was sold.. I was devastated! The house we had lived in for almost 15 years will no longer be ours.. We are now to pack our things and move into a.. into a.. into an…. apartment… 😭😭😭

We’ve never lived in a condo.. The last we did was when we had to renovate the house which took about a month and it was ok but not convenient if you have small children.. If you’ve lived on a landed property for so long, you’d understand what I mean.. If the girls were asleep after a drive, I could leave the engine running, leave one child in the car while I take the other upstairs into bed then onto the next one.. or leave them both in there sleeping while I unload and unpack the groceries.. I could park the car on the side of the road and the kids could play on the driveway and I wouldn’t have to get dressed to keep an eye on them.. urgh… just typing it makes me sad..

Don’t get me wrong! I see the goodness of staying in an apartment.. We have the pool, the gym.. good security.. no garden.. fear with the kids playing on the balcony… haish…

Aaaannnyyywaaaaayyyyy….. what God had planned for me was awesome!  Alhamdulillah shukr shukr! A couple weeks after the house sale, I was offered a job on the island of Perhentian in Terengganu where I will open and run a kids club at Bubbles Resort and I’M EXCITED!!! I mean, I love my family to bits but staying in a condo with 6 other people would just drive me nuts.. ive been staying with my parents long enough and I think it’s time I spread my wings and live life my own way..

Of course my parents and siblings are very sad that they won’t be seeing ariana and ameera as much anymore but we need this change especially after what happened between their daddy and I..

All that being said, like I always talk off track, we’re moving from a 4 bedroom house into a 4 bedroom apartment (plus 4 other people) so we won’t have space for all our stuff.. so here I am letting go of alot of things.. Small things like books and baby chairs to big things like cupboards and beds..

Please be aware that buyers for smaller things, they can be posted to you.. as for the bigger things, pick ups would be appreciated.. if you’re interested in any of the things below, please email me at

Here goes!

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