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Dinner at Don’s

One of my favorite foods is Johorean food. How not to when my dad is from johor? My aunties can make a kick a$$ Laksa Johor and kuah lodeh.. These are pretty much the usual Raya foods in my household. 🙂

Over the weekend and after such craving for some Johor grub, I took the girls and my parents for a little makan time at Don’s Warong in Sri Hartamas. They serve a variety of Johorean dishes as well as western dishes too.

As we arrived at Don’s Warong, we go some keropok lekor. Yes, not so johorean but my girls love it.. LOL.. Ariana says she always buys it in school.. I love my little anak melayu… 😉

Once the main dishes started coming in, first up was the Nasi Lemak Kukus. Served with some kangkung and ayam goreng berempah, this dish was yummers! The sambal was a little too sweet for me likings but everything all together was pretty much perfect. I haven’t had kangkung in ages so having it during this crave of some proper Malay food was the perfect touch.

The Nasi Goreng Kampung, i must say, was my favourite. the Masin of the ikan bilis along with its crunchy was absolutely divine. The sambal however could be a little spicier as i like my food hot.. I’ve had far too much baby food for my liking.. LOL.

Laksa Johor, a personal favourite. Honestly, some houses I visit for raya i REALLY look forward to because of their laksa. But of course when you go out for these kind of foods, nothing can beat a good serving of homemade laksa. However, the laksa here at Don’s Warong isn’t bad at all. All the flavours are there and eating it with your hands makes it all the yummier… 🙂

Here comes a little bit of western for the children as we weren’t too sure on how the food would be for them. They did of course try the rice but they were up for something different.. pfftt.. Chicken chop was the top spot for the girls.. We split the servings and they had half each. Perfect crispy chicken and a “to die for” gravy that comes on the side… I couldn’t stop dipping those chips in the sauce.. it was soooooo good!!!!

Ariana got the burger forgetting that she couldn’t really eat it so well due to her losing her two front teeth.. LOL.. but she enjoyed it nonetheless.. This too we split and the girls shared.. and hey… there was nothing wrong with dipping that burger in the chicken chop gravy… KA-BOOM!!

And finally the desserts… Although dad usually has his Ais Kacang as a drink, we didn’t this time as we were with the girls… I’m not fond of allowing the girls have dessert first until they finish their food. but hey.. I do let them skip their meals sometimes for a little indulgence.. but not today.. hahahaha.. The ais kacang was um yum yum.. for me, a little more cream and it would be DA BOMB! 

The girls shared the banana split.. Every time we have a banana split, they always say that they had never had one in their lives.. LOL.. The ice-cream was some good ice-cream.. I wasn’t really allowed to have much as the girls were literally saving space for their dessert., so the verdict for the ice-cream was practivally the best as of course kids love their sugars.. 😉

Overall, I did enjoy the food served. The staff so nice and friendly, they gave the girls some colouring sheets while waiting for the food to come…

OH WAIT!!!!!! I forgot!!! They’re current’y having a colouring contest.. The contest ends pretty soon though.. You have until Decmber 31st to enter to contest and be in the running to win RM100 cash vouchers!!! “Game On!,” said my girls..

hp print apps

HP Print Apps

HP print apps – easy family fun!

Technology is so advanced nowadays with gadgets and gizmos a-plenty; it’s pretty hard to keep up. Luckily our printers don’t really need to be changed as much as we try keep up-to-date with our phones.

Back in the day, when choosing a printer, it was always about print quality and many prints a cartridge of ink can produce. These days, same case but there are WAY MORE functions then there use to be. Kadang2 I pon boleh pening yo!

Printers started out as black and white printers, then colour printers, and then they added a scanner function, then adding a fax machine. But what is awesome is that these new functions are seriously awesome!!

Today, multi-function all-in-one printers with print, scan, copy and fax features are easy to find and now with the new- aged advanced technology, say bye-bye to the hassle of hooking up cables to your computers and laptops. Most printers now also have a built in wi-fi function which allow us to print even from our mobile phones!

I have always been using a HP printer which has been treating me great for many years. As much as i am a tree-hugger, i’m a very physical worker and i need to touch what i read and edit with a pen. I’m old-skool like that.

Recently i received a little gift which was the new HP Ink Advantage 4515 printer which is AWESOME! On top of the printer already producing excellent quality prints and photos, HP had a little addition to the features – Print Apps by HP. These are essentially special print apps available exclusively for use on HP Web-enabled printers. A print app is a shortcut to printing content from the Web directly from your printer, without the use of a computer.

hp printapps

Print apps give you direct access to great pre-formatted content from HP and leading companies from around the world, like Dreamworks, Crayola and Rovio (of Angry Birds fame). You can choose from a growing library of print apps making printing faster, simpler and more useful than ever. And the best of all, these apps are FREE!!! As long as you purchase a HP web-enabled printer, the world of these apps is your oyster!

Steps on how to download exclusive HP Print Apps:

Step 1: Create an HP ePrint Centre account or if you already have an account, log into

Step 2: Collect your printer’s claiming code by following the instructions here:

Step 3: Click “Add a device” on the Devices tab and enter your printer’s claiming code.

Step 4: All set! You can now browse through the exclusive HP Printables and download them into your HP Printer.

Once you’ve downloaded from HP Printables wide range of free content which include Dreamworks, Angry Birds, High five, Leapfrog, Origami, Math Olympiad onto your HP printer, they will then be available to print out directly from your HP printer without the need of your computer and you can even schedule your prints for automatic delivery on the days you choose.

It’s always lots of fun when it comes to printing because then i can make colour books for my daughter Ariana and even print out worksheets for her as she loves learning. Every day Ariana would be begging me to print out more and more and i wouldn’t have to feel lazy turning on the computer and searching for things to print as it is all already loaded on the printer itself. TOO EASY!!!

hp print apps

Waiting impatiently for her worksheet to be printed out….


hp print apps

Ariana with her newly printed worksheet!.. Look at that happy face!


hp print apps

My happy girl with all her art-work!

Mummy, daddy, don’t fret! There’s stuff for us too! For brain busters like myself, there are crosswords. A big library of recipes are also available for printing for cooking lovers (like myself too) and even apps for those who want to keep up to date with the latest news (NOT like myself).

All in all, HP has been around for the longest time and I can trust them and their printing products. I am always a fan of what they have to offer.

Visit HP Online Store for exciting online promotions, the HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 4515 e-All-in-One printer I’m using now is at discount price RM469 only!

HP Malaysia is now currently running the HP Print Apps contest on their FB page!!

Head on over to HP Malaysia Facebook page for more details! GOOD LUCK!! They’re very simple to join too! You just need to:

  1. Download the HP Dreamworks sample colouring printables from
  2. Spend quality time at home with your kids with some fun colouring activities with HP printables.
  3. Simply upload the photo of your kids and their artwork on HP Malaysia Fan page.

After that, you can win shopping vouchers worth RM100, the kids get to do some colouring, then can treat them to some shopping!

ergobaby 360 carrier


Ergobaby media launch

The Ergobaby 360 Carrier is in a league of its own. Designed for the comfort of both baby and mummy which features a bucket seat to support your baby’s spine and hip positioning, the Ergobaby 360 Carrier is definitely a winner.

The highlight of the Ergobaby 360 Carrier is the option of wearing your baby forward facing, as well as front inward, back, and hip for the ultimate in flexibility.

To many baby wearers, forward facing carrier aren’t safe for the child but chiropractic practitioner Dr Moira Robertson explains that, ‘”a front-outward position is safe if a carrier has good features. A good carrier must have a wide base so that the baby’s hips are properly locked into the socket, besides supporting the wearer’s back health. Child’s leg and hips should not be dangling down or straightened.”

ergobaby 360 carrier

After giving the Ergobaby 360 Carrier a try myself, I can agree that it is a very comfortable carrier and it has no negative effect on my back. I have yet to use the carrier long term as i have been using other carriers which have been either passed down to me or given as a gift.

The Ergobaby 360 Carrier is available in two colors: Black and

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Grey and it is price at RM689.

The Ergobaby Wrap may seem to be like any other wrap but the difference is its fabric. The Ergobaby Wrap features a 4D Stretch material which stretch in four directions to provide the best comfort and position for both you and your baby. With this ‘oh so good feeling’ material, it also avoids sagging after long time wearing which i suppose allows it to last much longer than usual. Wrapping is basically the same as any other wrap although the instructions for the Ergobaby Wrap does seem simpler. When not in use, the Ergobaby Wrap can be easily folded into its front storage pocket for travel and storage convenience.

ergobaby wrapI’ve always used a wrap but I didn’t feel too comfortable with it as it was thick and it was hot, so if it was hot for me, it would have been horrible for baby. Maybe it’s time I gave this one a go!

Ergobaby Wrap is available in two colors: Eucalyptus or Pepper and it is priced at RM349.

The Ergobaby Swaddler was developed to encourage healthy hip and arm positioning for unprecedented sleep safety and comfort. The Ergobaby Swaddler helps to keep baby’s hips in the physician-recommended, ergonomically correct “frog-leg” position. The Ergobaby Swaddler also marks the brand’s expansion of its ergonomic design innovations into a new product category. The new Ergobaby Swaddler is a user-friendly swaddle blanket that promotes longer, safer and more comfortable sleep for newborns and infants up to 6 months.

ergobaby swaddlerPersonally, I swear by swaddling a baby. Swaddling keeps a baby feel secure especially after being in their comfy little cocoon in mummy’s tummy. When my children were baby’s, I created my own little swaddle to keep them nice and tight but also some freedom to move about. The Ergobaby Swaddler is an amazing innovation to swaddling and if I were to ever have another baby (hopefully) I would surely give it a go.

The Ergobaby Swaddler is available in two sizes: Small/Medium and Medium/Large, with two color options: Blue and Pink. Each pack includes two swaddlers for RM189.

Jonathan, Illy,Nana,Dr Moira & Joanna

Authorised Ergobaby retailers include: Mothercare, Fabulousmom, Little Whiz, Bebe Totz, Baby Invasion, Bebehaus and other leading mom and baby retailers. For more information on Ergobaby, please visit or log on to


Little Spa Kingdom

little spa kingdom

Little Spa Kingdom, fit for the cutest kings and queens.

Mummies, step aside! It’s time for your little one to have a little pampering herself! The Little Spa Kingdom can do just that! Catering to children of all ages, Little Spa Kingdom provides baby swimming, baby yoga, mani-pedi’s (for older children), hair cuts and even neck and shoulder massages for parents.

little spa kingdom

Hair cuts are only available on weekends and by appointment so if you plan take have your child’s hair done, calling for an appointment prior your visit would be most necessary to avoid disappointment.

little spa kingdom

Little Spa Kingdom is located in one of the most happening places in town, Publika, Solaris Dutamas, which is also one of the most perfect place for mummies to take their children out for playdates. Speaking of which, play dates at the Little Spa Kingdom just sounds perfect enough! While the little ones have a dip in the “pool” why not mummies sit back, have a massage while they catch up. Not to worry, each child has a designated caretaker who will be by your child’s sides at all times.

litte spa kingdom

Its always great when both mummy and baby have fun and the Little Baby Spa will make sure you have just that. So call them up, make an appointment and chill out and one of the most unique places to go.


A Whole New Biskuat

Biscuits are the easy to get, the just hit the spot, super easy snacks especially when it comes to kids. Even better when mummy and daddy love them too. Biskuat biscuits are the childhood biscuits for most of us I’m sure! who doesn’t remember those sweet, milky, melt in your mouth bickies?
Biskuat now have an all new range out! That classic milk biskuat with a chocolaty fruity twist. With a range of both strawberry & chocolate and banana & chocolate, perfectly packaged for your littles pack lunch for school, nothing can go wrong! The all new fruity biskuat recipe will have your little asking for more, which is no harm because at least they’re eating their fruits! 🙂