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Bloom & Grow 2015/2016 Catalogue Launch

It’s my 3rd year now attending Bloom & Grow’s catalogue launches and they never do disappoint. When you’re a mummy to little ones, baby and toddler products are quite the turn on if yanowa’ameen..

B&G 2015 Catalogue Launch

Held at the popular Talent Lounge in Damansara Perdana, B&G’s launch introduced us to a spread of items in their catalogue as well as their latest additions; CuddleCo and Make My Day. It was also so much fun wathcing the littles prancing about giving us a little show including my two little ones, Ariana and Ameera, and some delicious food right after.


Ameera doing her thang

Ariana strutting her stuff

Ariana strutting her stuff

Bloom & Grow has almost everything any parent could ever need from towels to feeding utensils, prams and even bags for both mummy and littles. When I have that catalogue in my hands, almost every page is folded and item circled.. HAHA! If it’s not for my girls, it’s for someone elses child.. hehe.

Here’s some of my favourites in this years catalogue! brace yourself, there may be LOTS!!

Ubbi Potty Trainer

Well, here we start with the potty since Ameera is now potty training, this is a must have for me. Not only is it UBToiletTrainerDetaila floor potty, but when trained, the seat can be put onto a proper toilet and child can then do their business there. As for the bucket, it can then be turned over and used as at step to get to both the toilet and to the sick to wash up afterwards. GENIUS!

3-in-1 potty – RM175.00Step Stool_Navy
Toilet trainer – RM79.90
Step stool – RM79.90

Available at: Babyland, Bumps & Bundles, Bunny & The Duchess, Happikiddo, Happy Mums, Kiddie Garden, Bebe Totz and Poppies



Pregnancy Belly Stickers_1During the first year of babys life, we just love announcing their monthly birthdays. We even take them to studios to get professionally photographed. What better way to announce that baby is now 3 months old if not using these cute stickers just slap on a start snapping! There are even stickers for pregnant mummys too! I wish I knew of these when I was pregnant…. naaakkk!!!

Pregnancy Belly Stickers_3

Price: RM39.90

Available at: ABOO FAMILY, Babymore, Kiddie Garden, MY MINI BOSS BABY SHOP, Bebe Totz, 9 Months Maternity, One BB World and Poppies


Bluebell_1Seriously, who doesn’t love the trunki? Apart that you little one goes wild on it everywhere they go. LOL! Riding it is one way but there is a belt that comes with the trunk so it can be tugged as well! My two girls love the Trunki even if we don’t travel, they’re using in the house like cars! Expanding on its existing range, Trunki recently created new addition to the Trunki family- the adorable Hello Kitty Lilac, Bronco, Bluebell, Frank, Pearl, Tony and Zimba.

Price: RM219.00 – RM295.00

Available at: Babymore, Bebehaus, Bumps & Bundles, Happikiddo, Shopping Emporium Klia And Klia2, Poppies, The Baby Shop Dot My And The BabyloftBoostApak Star_3

I LOVE the Trunki BoostApak. When going places with little ones and you still use a booster seat, the BoostApak is cool! Not only is it a booster seat, but it is also a backpack! The size is perfect as in-flight hand luggage and is great for traveling, car-pooling and even taxi-cabbing.

Price: RM299.00

Available at: TBA


Eye protection isn’t such a big deal to many parents but it’s actually something people should read up on more. My girls Minnie Gidget (Strawberry) & Minnie Gidget (Dinosaur)have had sunnies since they were babies. they were like goggles when they were newborn, strapped around the head and all! Eyetribe has a range of designs to cater boys and girls, from 0 – 18 months (babies), 1 – 3 years (toddlers) and 3 years above (kids). Who’s ready for a beach holiday?!?!?! :p

Price: RM99.00

Available at: Baby Dots Enterprise, Baby Tree House, Happy Mums, Kiddie Garden, Bebe Totz, Poppies, Smoochies, Sw Sia Pharmacy Sdn Bhd and The Babyloft


The only diaperbag brand i have ever used! I have used only ONE diaper bag and it’s still lasting me. These bags are super durable, fashionable and useful! So fashionable that even the celebs like Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Jessica Alba, Katie Holmes, Liv Tyler and Julia Roberts are using it! There is a choice between leather and non-leather bags, sling, messenger and even backpacks. Storksac is never a let down! LOVE that they have this new backpack, i have my EYES on this one!!

Price:     Noa        RM399.00
Brooke TBA

Available at: Baby Invasion, Toys World, Bumps & Bundles, Hamley’s, Jumping Baby Jacks, Kiddie Garden, Love Bambini Enterprise, MamaPandaEnterprise and Bebe Totz

more images of products and the event

Forget Me Not_Backpack & Lunch Bag Set_Lightning_Heart_Cloud_Specs


Layette Modern Basics_Boys Range

Little Aliens Grobag 3


zoojamas little kid pajamas

Tweat Snack Container_Orange

First Year Belly Stickers in Blue_2

Zoo Take Along Nightlight

First Year Felt Belly Stickers_3


B&G 2015 Catalogue Launch_3




LOOK UP – facebook poem

My mum had recently sent this video to my brother and I on Whatsapp.. She sent it not to pin point it to us but to people in general.. It is a fact that we have become slaves to technology and it’s actually really sad. There is no real communication happening between people. No real social life. It’s all through our devices. Today even making work deals can be made over Whatsapp or SMS.. We get in touch through text and never usually phone calls.. Computer games have become more than just a hobby..

When I was a little girl, I remember climbing trees with the neighbourhood kids.. We’d play hide and seek and actually hide in drains and under cars.. I’d go rollerblading with my friends to the near by KFC which was actually really far.. Get cardboard boxes and slide down hills.. Friends with tiled up driveways, we’d squirt some soap and play slip and slide.. Back then it was all about imagination and innovation..

Today, in the urban areas, we rarely see children play on the streets.. Even the playgrounds are quiet.. Maybe it’s because of the heat? Maybe some of us have no time? Maybe we don’t think it’s safe enough anymore?

At the dinner table, nobody talks anymore. everyone is either on their phones or tablets. even WHILE eating, many children MUST HAVE a device in front of them to keep them occupied. Relationships need to be built and rebuilt.

I love this poem. it’s very true and it is our reality. I’d like to start a little something at home and thats a NO DEVICE DAY. One day of the week, the whole family should agree to leave their phones and/or devices away and not touch it at all. Preferably during a weekend so we wouldn’t expect any work calls. If it important, give them your land line to call. Wanna take pictures? Get a camera. They take better pictures anyway 🙂 .

What would you do to built your relationship with your family? What would it take for you to put your phone and LOOK UP?


Eco-Friendly Cleaning – Garbage Enzymes

When it comes to cleaning a home with children, we always want the best yet safest products. When it comes to good, toxic free and eco-friendly products, it’s always the price which turns us off a bit. Saving the environment is just so expensive!

What if I told you that YOU could make YOUR OWN eco-friendly, toxic free cleaner? It’s honestly really simple. Not only is it good for cleaning, it can also be used for gardening AND it helps with reducing global warming!! How perfect it that? You get 100% toxic free cleaner which fertilizes your plants and helps save the world. Hero? For sure!

Here’s how you do it with just 4 things

An air tight container
one cup if sugar or molasses
one cup if sugar or molasses
3 cups of organic waste (no meat)
3 cups of organic waste (no meat)
10 cups of water
10 cups of water

mix all of these together and put into the container.

For instance, add 100gs of sugar with 300gs of fruit skins, pour in 1ltr of water and mix well in a plastic bottle and cap tightly. Keep in a cool dry place at room temperature. Release the gases formed once a day for the first month. Make sure it is re-capped tightly each time after the gas is released. For the 2nd and 3rd month, only release any gases if necessary. There may be times when there is a white layer on the surface of the enzyme solution during fermentation. Should worms/maggots appear in your enzyme solution, don’t freak out, this is normal. Just add a handful of sugar, mix well and cap tightly. The maggots will disappear overnight!

Fermentation process will take 3 months. after filtering and removing the residue, garbage enzyme is then obtained. The residue can the be use for either a new batch of production by adding fresh organic waste following the direction as above or you can dry the residue, blend it then bury it in the ground as fertilizer.

Garbage enzyme has many great uses for the environment, agriculturally and van even be used in homes!

For agriculture, garbage enzyme is used:

-to reduce the usage of chemial fertilizers
-to keep a farm free from insects and infections
-a soil fertilizer for growing vegetables
-a natural pesticide and herbicide
-to convert sandy land to fertile farm land
-to keep the air cool and clean in the farm atmosphere

In homes, garbage enzyme is used:

-as a household cleaning agent
-to remove foul odours, molds and grime in the kitchen and toilet
-as an anti-bacterial and anti-viral agent
-to drive away insects
-to clean carpets and remove ticks
-for laundry washing and ironing
-for mopping floors
-for cleaning cars

global warming can be reduced tremendously by using garbage enzymes if every household produces and uses enzymes. Together, we an make a difference!


Wio Power Plate Hub and Zac & Zibbo

Mothers always find it difficult to find time to workout and get back into their pre-pregnancy clothes due to work and child caring at home. All that can change now as Citta Mall inAra Damansara homes the countries biggest Power Plate Studio, WiO Power Plate Hub and first specialized gym for kids Zac & Zibbo.

Power plate fitness has been a huge hype lately and is well practiced by athletes and celebrities across the world as well as Malaysia. With just two sessions per week, Power Plate® effectively identifies and helps you tone up, lose weight and reduce cellulite. Its so easy (well, not really)! With just a few short sessions each week, you can soon see and feel the benefits.

wio power plat hub

At WiO, your workout is meticulously designed to be an all-encompassing experience. Furnished with class and sophistication, WiO offers the latest in Power Plate® technology via the immense Pro 7 that comes with effective build-in training programs.

Apart from being the largest Power Plate® hub in town, WiO also provides other value-added facilities such as Freemotion ™ RAPIDfit workout, an exclusive VIP Area and a first-of-its-kind Kids’ Gym in Malaysia which is just next door!!

There was a time when we could take our bikes to the parks and walk to the nearby shops without adult supervision, all that has changed now. Neighbourhoods are no longer as safe as they use to be. Parents afraid of their kids getting sun burnt and hurt playing in the parks and on the streets has made indoor play places a huge hit.

zac & zibbo

With WiO Power Plate Hub and Zac & Zibbo being conveniently next door to each other, there could be nothing more a busy mummy could ask for. You can now sync your schedule of busting that fat with your childs play time.

With a full line of latest kids machines, top quality and state of the art cardio equipment and elite personal trainers as well as fun, entertaining, innovative and most effective individual or group exercise classes. Zac & Zibbo’s  innovative concept combines resistance circuit training, cardio activities and gymnastic classes which is designed to allow kids between the ages of 2 years to 12 years to exercise in a well fitted playground, where they can move freely, with games and stimuli that help them to develop his or her motor performance

Sports Minister Khairy Jamaluddin, who launched the opening of the two outlets, said he was pleased with the concept.

“I believe fitness should be instilled in the young from the very beginning. This idea resonates with the Sports Ministry’s Fit Malaysia movement launched recently,”

The kids will enjoy unique and exciting new ways to improve their health, appearance, and developing lifetime healthy habits and lifestyle changes.

WiO and Zac & Zibbo executive director Datuk Malek Noor said both fitness outlets were intended to provide the complete package for patrons in line with its tagline “Your Family Wellness Centre”.

The former national bodybuilder assured that the quality of the equipment, delivered by Universal Fitness and Leisure, is certified to be safe and designed to the highest standards.





14 Common Parenting Mistakes and Solutions

Parents Are Always Right……. NOT!!


How often do we go, “You have to do it because I said so”? Do kids always have to listen to our every command because as parents, we have the upper-hand and are always right (even when we are wrong)? Are we really parents or are we, dictators?

Usually, when things don’t go right with our children, we tend to point our fingers to everyone else except to ourselves. Teachers and carers especially, are the first to get the blame. Like how could we, the parents, have gone wrong with all the money and ‘time’ spent on our beloved, most precious gems right?

parenting mistakes

No. We. Us. Parents have to take all the blame because at the end of the day, they are our kids, our responsibilities, OURS. Education begins at home and nowhere else (unless of course, our kids don’t stay with us under the same roof, that is a different set of lifestyle altogether).

Here is a list of the most common parenting mistakes we “inadvertently” do. And if you read deeper, you might, just might… Find the solution to our most common problems.

• If your child lies to you often, it’s because he saw you reacting harshly to their appropriate behavior.

• If your child has poor self esteem, it’s because you advise them more than you encourage them.

• If your child doesn’t stand up for himself at a young age, it’s because you have always been reprimanding (disciplining) them publicly.

• If your child takes things that don’t belong to them, it’s because you buy them many things but you do not let them choose them for themselves.

• If your child acts cowardly (timid), it’s because you come to their aid ever so quickly.

• If your child doesn’t care about other people’s feelings, it’s because you command your child more that having conversations with them.

• If your child is quick in anger, it’s because they seek your attention, which you give only when they misbehave.

• If your child is violent towards others, it’s because you are violent in in disciplining them.

• If your child is prone to jealousy, it’s because you only encourage them when they do extremely well and don’t appreciate them when they do just good.

• If your child physically disturbs you, it’s because you don’t see them enough and are always distracted.

• If your child shows defiance openly, it’s because you always show arrogance with unreasonable requests.

• If your child is secretive, it’s because you broke and betrayed their trust.

• If your child doesn’t listen to you but listens to others, it’s because you always make decisions but never stand by them (eg: empty threats & unfulfilled promises).

• If your teen rebels, it’s because you have shown them that you worry more about what others think and perceive and not what they feel.



*credit to : Sheikh Yahya Ibrahim


Sponsored Post: My Sunsilk Story


Donning the hijab was a HUGE step in my life, a challenging one too. I refused to go out in public and my social life turned a whole 360degrees and I felt like I was rejected.  ‘Dugaan’, they call it. I faced many obstacles which in a way had affected my self esteem. All I see the tudung is as a piece of cloth on my head, I’m still the same person I always was, just a bit more timid.


The humidity & heat and the hijab don’t come hand in hand. We tend to complain about how hot it is and me having a heavy head of hair, being cover on a daily basis in the sun isn’t very comfortable either. My solution? Sunsilk Lively and Clean shampoo!sunsilk menemanimu After using Sunsilk, My hair feels much fresher, less itchy, I feel much more confident and my hair smells great too! Hubby loves how good my hair smells and that’s a plus point! Even my tudungs aren’t stinky from a long day out (with kids) – I LOVE it!


With the whole Raya buzz, it’s inevitable for me to be in the kitchen covered from head to toe as people come and go to visiting and eat, eat and eat. Being cooped in a kitchen cooking, fully clothed, hijab is a bag of sweat, discomfort and itchy head of hair waiting to happen. Using Sunsilk Lively and Clean helps me avoid the itchy scalp and allows me to cook with ease – minus the sweat.


Being confident with my new appearance, I am getting back out in the open and putting my life on full speed ahead. I have started a own hijab line under L’adorn, a new parenting/child enrichment website (, I currently teach drama for kids between the age 3-6  and I am now venturing off to making Homemade Baby Food for the mummies who have no time to do it themselves.

Confidence comes from the self, not from the people around you. Your life is your own journey and only you have that steering wheel to keep it moving. For most women, our hair is an important asset and keeping it clean and healthy is a must, tudung or not.

Sunsilk Menemanimu

I’ve shared my hijab story at and maybe you should too! With a grand prize of RM20,000cash prize for you to achieve your aspiration, there’s nothing more easier to do. Not only that, you will also get a T‐shirt with your tudung journey illustration and also Sunsilk Products!!


ergobaby 360 carrier


Ergobaby media launch

The Ergobaby 360 Carrier is in a league of its own. Designed for the comfort of both baby and mummy which features a bucket seat to support your baby’s spine and hip positioning, the Ergobaby 360 Carrier is definitely a winner.

The highlight of the Ergobaby 360 Carrier is the option of wearing your baby forward facing, as well as front inward, back, and hip for the ultimate in flexibility.

To many baby wearers, forward facing carrier aren’t safe for the child but chiropractic practitioner Dr Moira Robertson explains that, ‘”a front-outward position is safe if a carrier has good features. A good carrier must have a wide base so that the baby’s hips are properly locked into the socket, besides supporting the wearer’s back health. Child’s leg and hips should not be dangling down or straightened.”

ergobaby 360 carrier

After giving the Ergobaby 360 Carrier a try myself, I can agree that it is a very comfortable carrier and it has no negative effect on my back. I have yet to use the carrier long term as i have been using other carriers which have been either passed down to me or given as a gift.

The Ergobaby 360 Carrier is available in two colors: Black and

Amount product from too hair. At So absorbs visit website was first. Perfume cialis 40 mg lotion removing, products. I where can i get viagra no orange had sugar.

Grey and it is price at RM689.

The Ergobaby Wrap may seem to be like any other wrap but the difference is its fabric. The Ergobaby Wrap features a 4D Stretch material which stretch in four directions to provide the best comfort and position for both you and your baby. With this ‘oh so good feeling’ material, it also avoids sagging after long time wearing which i suppose allows it to last much longer than usual. Wrapping is basically the same as any other wrap although the instructions for the Ergobaby Wrap does seem simpler. When not in use, the Ergobaby Wrap can be easily folded into its front storage pocket for travel and storage convenience.

ergobaby wrapI’ve always used a wrap but I didn’t feel too comfortable with it as it was thick and it was hot, so if it was hot for me, it would have been horrible for baby. Maybe it’s time I gave this one a go!

Ergobaby Wrap is available in two colors: Eucalyptus or Pepper and it is priced at RM349.

The Ergobaby Swaddler was developed to encourage healthy hip and arm positioning for unprecedented sleep safety and comfort. The Ergobaby Swaddler helps to keep baby’s hips in the physician-recommended, ergonomically correct “frog-leg” position. The Ergobaby Swaddler also marks the brand’s expansion of its ergonomic design innovations into a new product category. The new Ergobaby Swaddler is a user-friendly swaddle blanket that promotes longer, safer and more comfortable sleep for newborns and infants up to 6 months.

ergobaby swaddlerPersonally, I swear by swaddling a baby. Swaddling keeps a baby feel secure especially after being in their comfy little cocoon in mummy’s tummy. When my children were baby’s, I created my own little swaddle to keep them nice and tight but also some freedom to move about. The Ergobaby Swaddler is an amazing innovation to swaddling and if I were to ever have another baby (hopefully) I would surely give it a go.

The Ergobaby Swaddler is available in two sizes: Small/Medium and Medium/Large, with two color options: Blue and Pink. Each pack includes two swaddlers for RM189.

Jonathan, Illy,Nana,Dr Moira & Joanna

Authorised Ergobaby retailers include: Mothercare, Fabulousmom, Little Whiz, Bebe Totz, Baby Invasion, Bebehaus and other leading mom and baby retailers. For more information on Ergobaby, please visit or log on to


Little Spa Kingdom

little spa kingdom

Little Spa Kingdom, fit for the cutest kings and queens.

Mummies, step aside! It’s time for your little one to have a little pampering herself! The Little Spa Kingdom can do just that! Catering to children of all ages, Little Spa Kingdom provides baby swimming, baby yoga, mani-pedi’s (for older children), hair cuts and even neck and shoulder massages for parents.

little spa kingdom

Hair cuts are only available on weekends and by appointment so if you plan take have your child’s hair done, calling for an appointment prior your visit would be most necessary to avoid disappointment.

little spa kingdom

Little Spa Kingdom is located in one of the most happening places in town, Publika, Solaris Dutamas, which is also one of the most perfect place for mummies to take their children out for playdates. Speaking of which, play dates at the Little Spa Kingdom just sounds perfect enough! While the little ones have a dip in the “pool” why not mummies sit back, have a massage while they catch up. Not to worry, each child has a designated caretaker who will be by your child’s sides at all times.

litte spa kingdom

Its always great when both mummy and baby have fun and the Little Baby Spa will make sure you have just that. So call them up, make an appointment and chill out and one of the most unique places to go.


Outdoor Things To Do In Kuala Lumpur

kuala lumpurI’m a very ourdoorsie kind of person. I’m in love with nature and i hope to bring my children up to love nature too. For many, the weather is always pretty hot in Kuala Lumpur which makes us all dread to wanna take our kids anywhere the sun shines. We tend to go to places with air-conditioning ie; the mall. Those there may be may places which provide things to do for your littles, children do need fresh air and lots of sunshine for their development.

Having a day out with more than one child requires planning. While planning, here are a number of things to be considered in to making sure your day goes well.

  • Weather – The weather in KL is usually hot and humid. Outdoor fun is usually best done either early in the morning or late afternoon. Make sure you bring enough water (although water is sold everywhere) and sunscreen.
  • Location – Most attractions are located in Kuala Lumpur city centre. Although there are many in the suburbs as well. Peak hours are madness making traffic insane between 7am-9am and 5pm-8pm. Public transport isn’t too pricey. Trains take you all around town and the Klang Valley but a taxi would usually be necessary from the station to your destination.
  • Children Age/height – The activities you choose should suitable with childs age or else there would be someone left out of all the fun. Some attractions for children required a minimum age and/height. Kindly visit the respective theme park official website for aged and height recommendations.
  • Cost – Find an activity which fits your budget. For tourists, some out of town activities would require chartering a taxi/car. If possible, book all inclusive packages which include meals, entry tickets and transportation. This would be perfect for budgeting your holiday/outing.

Here are a few of my favourite places to take my girls outdoors.


      kl bird park

      The bird park has always been one of our favourite places to go. Located just 5 minutes from the city centre in the serene and scenic famous Lake Gardens, the KL Bird park is also well known as the “World’s Largest Free-flight Walk-in Aviary”. Birds fly freely as you walk about and peacocks flaunting their trains during mating or lekking season on the very paths you walk on. There are bird shows twice a day, bird feeding throughout the day (but at certain times) and there are also opportunities to take a picture with the birds in many corners of the park. Have a birthday coming up? You can even throw a birthday party with a package which provides a private tour of the park! Too cool!

      The park is open daily from 9am-6pm.


      zoo negara kuala lumpur national zool

      Which child does not like going to the zoo? The KL zoo may not be the best zoo to go to as many may say, I personally feel that it’s because the lack of funds and manpower, however, it’s always nice to go anyway. Ariana is in love with all animals great and small. The zoo is always a place to allow her to explore and appreciate both the flora and fauna. There is a sea-lion and bird show which happens twice a day daily where you can also take pictures with the animals which is great fun! There is a tram ride, at a small charge, for those who cant be bothered walking. Best part of all, there are food stop located all around the zoo which are AIR CONDITIONED! :p If you and your family would like, you can even adopt an animal. Visit here for more info. We’ve just got some panda’s in too!!

      The zoo is open daily from 9am-5pm and local entry fee differ from tourist entry fees.

      Taman Tasik Titiwangsa, Kuala Lumpur

      taman tasik titiwangsa

      Playgrounds, boat rides and horseback riding. This is one place where your child will fall in love with the outdoors. We take Ariana to this park so she can ride the horses almost every weekend and it is super duper cheap! She adores horses and already has her favourite horse she insists on riding every time we take her. After riding, there are little stalls you can hang out at for a drink and snack or if you want, pack some food and have a picnic by the lake. Maybe bring a kite and you could fly them about at the empty spaces around. Horseback riding sessions are available every weekend, public holidays and school holidays twice a day from 9am-12pm and 3pm-6pm. For horse riding, charges are RM1.50 for adults and RM1.00 for children for 1 round. A trainer is at hand to walk the horse with the rider. Horse drawn carriage rides are also available at RM1.00 for adults and RM0.50 for children for 1 round for groups of 4-5 people. Parking is full almost all the time so be ready for some traffic and time in the car hunting for a space unless you decide to take public transport.If you don’t mind the travel, there are a few fun places to go out of town which you could take account. Traveling will take no more than 2 hours either place and worth every second of the journey.


  • FIRE FLY PARK, Kuala Selangor
    firefly parkWe have yet to make it to the firefly park as a family because of my “skema” strict sleeping schedule but its definately on our to-do list as I have been there as a child. Fireflies (also known as kelip-kelip in malay meaning ‘blink-blink’) all are found along the river on the mangrove tree species called berembang. It is said that Kuala Selangor has one of the largest firefly colonies in the world.
    Operating hours are usually between 7pm – 10.30pm daily (except for rainy days).
    TANAH AINA, Raub, Pahang
    tanah ainaFor a more exciting weekend adventure, Tanah Aina has always been our number one jungle retreat. Located just over an hour away from the city centre, there is no place better than an ultimate 5 star camping trip in the worlds oldest tropical rain forest to take you away from the hustle and bustle of the city life. Prices are all inclusive of food, accommodation (tents, dorms and chalets), jungle tracking and morning walk to watch the sun rise. However, there are additional charges for the flying fox and other extra activities. For the mummy’s who want to relax while daddy takes over, there is a spa which will just do the trick!