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Mickey and the Roadster Racers – MID VALLEY




In anticipation of Disney Junior’s latest animated series, Mickey and the Roadster Racers, kids and families in Malaysia will have the chance to get Roadster Ready at the “Disney Junior Mickey and the Roadster Racers Carnival” and earn their very own Roadster Racer’s license.

Beginning 15 March, this exciting interactive experience will see a Mickey and the Roadster Racers branded truck travel to three locations across Malaysia: Kuala Lumpur (15 to 26 March); Penang (29 March to 4 April) and Kota Bharu (6 to 8 April). The larger-than-life truck will unfold into an exciting and interactive family carnival where kids and families can enjoy a variety of Mickey and the Roadster Racers themed activities.

Kids can gear up to ride and race their own Roadsters through the Hot Dog Hills race course, receive their personalized Roadster’s Racers license, make their own Roadster helmets and take part in Mickey themed arts and crafts activities.


Mickey and the Roadster Racers will premiere on Disney Junior (ASTRO Ch 613) on 24 March,



Disney Junior’s animated “Mickey and the Roadster Racers” is a madcap racing series that showcases Mickey and his pals – Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Goofy and Pluto – and their unique transforming vehicles as they take on humorous high-spirited races and worldwide capers. The stories are designed to impart social and emotional lessons about friendship, teamwork, optimism and good sportsmanship.

Geared toward kids 2-7, each episode features two 11-minute stories as Mickey and his friends gear up for racing and other exciting adventures in the mini-metropolis of Hot Dog Hills and around the world. At the push of a button, the gang’s daily cars transform into personalized roadster racers: Mickey’s Hot Doggin’ Hot Rod, Donald’s Cabin Cruiser, Goofy’s Turbo Tubster, Daisy’s Snapdragon and Minnie’s Pink Lightning, which also converts into the Happy Helpers Van.

When Minnie and Daisy are not busy racing, they run their own successful business as the Happy Helpers, solving problems for anyone in need of a helping hand. The plucky pair demonstrate determination, ambition and resourcefulness as they take on challenges of all kinds, from rescuing a cat in a tree to egg-sitting to retrieving lost jewelry from the sewers of Paris.

With Mickey leading the way with his eternal kindness, contagious joy and authentic optimism, the series is designed to excite young viewers about learning new skills and the sense of accomplishment that comes from a job well done. Even when the gang competes against each other in a race or a Happy Helper assignment seems impossible, their strong friendship stays top priority and helps them find solutions to their problems.

As with all Disney Junior programming, “Mickey and the Roadster Racers” is guided by an established curriculum that nurtures multiple areas of child development: physical, emotional, social and cognitive, thinking and creative skills, as well as moral and ethical development. Stories emphasize multiple ways to solve problems and help kids develop critical thinking skills, along with perseverance and resilience. Curiosity and discovery are central to the series, as Mickey and his pals explore different countries, cultures and traditions on their adventures.


Bugs R Us – skit for kids

Since I’m a drama teacher, I thought it would be fun to do a little skit with the kids for there “end of term” project..

The “production” process as lots of fun and the littles enjoyed it thoroughly..

Unfortunately, I have no documentation (or I can’t find any) of the whole rehearsal process but it was a great experience for the kids.. from choosing a story, to selecting their own bugs, memorising lines, daily practice, costume design, marketing (poster design) Continue reading


BARBIE – Dreamtopia

Its the last leg of the tour and the girls and I managed to catch the all new Barbie Dreamtopia series..


The whole idea of Dreamtopia was set in a world created in the fearless imagination of Barbie’s youngest sister, Chelsea. There are 4 magical kingdoms of Dreamtopis which are: Wispy Forest, Rainbow Cove, Sweetville and Sparkle Mountain. Continue reading


How old should a child start reading?

Are you wondering if your child is “on time” when it comes to reading? Here are the language milestones your child should reach at each age:

•Imitate some of the sounds and rhythms adults use when they speak
• Begin to associate frequent words with their meanings
• Recognize some books by their covers
• Pretend to read books and handle them correctly
• Produce some scribbles that resemble writing Continue reading


20 Ways to Raise Your Childs Self-Esteem

In this day and age of survival (for the average human being), too much time has been spent on wor​​king in order to support the family and bring some financial stability. Unfortunately for many of us, this financial stability has become profoundly difficult to a point where we barely ever have much time to spend with our children.. We are either in the office, at a meeting, on the road (in the horrid traffic) or on our phone working unpaid overtime.

This comes to a point where many of us parents tend to work so much that we never really spend enough time with our children. We are not very capable to be there for our children through the good and the bad in their lives. The very sad thing, is that many of us rely on others to do that for us; maids, our parents, day care centres , etc.. but what our children really need is for us to be there for them even for a while.. To be their cheerleader, their teacher, their friend and their confidence. There is nothing a children would want more than to know that you would rather be with them (than your phone)..


Self-esteem isn’t really something you are born with, it is developed over time by learning how others perceive them. Children won’t really think much of themselves if negativity is always thrown at them. Praise and encouragement however enables your child to develop a sense of pride that will sustain them forever. Now, we’re not talking about ego here, we’re talking about self esteem.

Our job as a parent is to let our children know just how remarkable they are no matter what talent and ability they have.. this makes them different from others and they need to learn how to develop that..

A child who is brought up and grows up with self-esteem will have the ability to go out into the world with the confidence to try new things, accept the ‘different’ ideas of others and believe that they can do just about anything if they put their mind to it..
I mean, isn’t that what parenting is really about? Guidance.

Here’s just a few of infinite tips you could try with your children to raise their self-esteem…

1. Tell your child you love him/her at least once a day.
2. Take your child’s feelings seriously.
3. Let your child know that it’s ok to make mistakes. Then tell them about some mistakes of your own.
4. Always laugh at your child’s jokes (even when they don’t make sense)
5. Praise your child’s every little (and big) effort.
6. Encourage your child to ask questions. If you don’t know the answer, look it up together.
7. Always tell your child that can’t isn’t a real word, we always CAN if we put our mind to it.
8. Always, always talk out your disagreements. If you go mad or give her the silent treatment, you’d be sure to get the exact same when she grows up.
9. Never, ever let your child go to bed angry. Work things out, give hugs and kisses and let her know you love her.
10. Keep your child’s every secret. This develops trust between parent and child.
11. Make a feelings chart. Have your child put his picture next to his current feeling (of the day) and talk about that feeling, ask why he is feeling that way.
12. Spend a little time sitting down to draw and colour with her.
13. Teach your child to recycle. Caring for the earth is the way of the future.
14. Make blank cards for your child to decorate for birthdays, get well soon card or even a “just because” card..
15. Bake bread, or even a cake together.
16. Put together a cookbook of your childs favourite snacks and meals. Make sure you make them every once in a while too.
17. Instead of asking your child how school went, try asking her what her 3 best things she did today. You’d be surprised with the answers you get.
18. Share a banana split with each other.
19. Stay up late together, snuggle under some covers, have popcorn and watch a movie of your childs choice.
20. Splash in rain puddles together.


What other things would you do to help raise your childs self-esteem?

healthy snacks for kids

5 easy healthy snacks for kids

easy healthy snacks for kids

There’s always a case when someone is hungry while you’re in the middle of cooking or haven’t even started cooking. Here are 5 easy healthy snacks you can simply stick in an air-tight container in the fridge for times like these or to nibble on throughout the day.

1. Carrot and Celery Sticks
Most children like eating carrots and celery because of the crunch and also because they are sweet. Not only do they fill a little hole in the tummy, they are also super healthy! Make it interesting and pair them with some home-made hummus. 🙂

2. Fruits
Everyone loves fruits. Dice up some of your favourite fruits. Watermelon, melon, apples (drizzle with lemon so they don’t yellow), grapes, papaya, oranges. remember, if they are not still in it’s skin, they don’t last too long, so eat up! try making a fruit salad!

3. Raisins
Another healthy snack for the family. Not only for in the house, they can be kept everywhere for the “just in case I’m hungry” moments. Perfect for pack lunches too!

4. Yogurt
A must have for a healthy family especially if you have children. You could even get creative by buying plain yogurt and have your children help you create their own flavours too!

5. Cereal
Don’t give in to the chocolate, sugar coated cereals to make things easy. When you start your children young, they would be happy with practically any cereal you give them. Serve with milk and add some honey for sweetness or simply serve as it is so they can much on them. Adults like cereal just as much a children do too!


Arts and Crafts: Bubble Painting

Kids absolutely love bubbles and painting. What if you put two and two together? Bubble Painting = EXTREME FUN! (and some mess).


This is an art activity most of us can remember doing when we were kids, be it in school or at home.

Supply requirements for bubble painting are super simple and you would usually already have these things at home without having to go to the shops.

bubble paint

What you will  need:-

  • bubble bath liquid soap
  • food colouring (few drops)
  • containers of any shape or size
  • water
  • straws
  • paper

Stir the bubble solution, food colouring and water together in a container. Remember, one colour for each mix.

Take your straw and blow into the solution. This will create bubbles which will erupt from the solution.

Take your paper and cover the bubble filled container. when removing the paper, try not to burst the bubbles which remain on the paper as it will make a cool effect on your childs creation.

bubble paint


50 Fun School Holiday Activities

Sometimes we just have so much time and very few ideas about what to do with the children during their school holidays. Well, fret not, here’s a list of school holiday activities which you could do (for free and at cost) in case you can’t think of anything else. Lets see how many of these my littles and I will manage to do over the holidays.. will share pictures too, inshaAllah!!

1. Go to your neighbourhood park
2. Create a little treasure hunt in the garden/apartment (maybe draw a map too!)
3. Have a water fight in the garden (use sponges instead of balloons to avoid too much mess and choking hazards too)
4. Go to the KL Bird Park – $$
5. Make some fruit ice-lollies
6. Have a picnic
7. Stay up late and look at the stars
8. Go to the stadium and watch a local football game – $$
9. Have a dance party in your living room
10. Finger paint in the garden
11. Go to the science centre – $$
12. Make pasta necklaces
13. Visit an orphanage and bring some toys and cakes
14. Go horse riding in Taman Tasik Titiwangsa – $$
15. Play hopscotch
16. Have a sidewalk chalk art gallery at the driveway
17. Have a family game night
18. Go to the zoo – $$
19. Make a bird house
20. Put each others makeup on
21. Make homemade ice-cream
22. Go kite flying
23. Build a fort (in mummy’s room!)
24. Go to the movies
25. Go to your local library (or even the national library)
26. Let the kids decide what to have for dinner and let them help cook!
27. Play balloon tennis (balloons and spatulas)
28. Have a hulahoop competition
29. Write a letter to the people you love (and post them)
30. Have a paper cup phone conversation
31. Go to an old folks home or hospital and give them a little show (or simply make them some cards)
32. Go to a water park
33. Better yet, create a little water park in your garden
34. Blow bubbles
35. Go fishing (though we like to go “prawn fishing”)
36. Plant some seeds in the garden
37. Bake cupcakes
38. Have lunch in the garden
39. Make recycled paper
40. Make a leaf picture collage
41. Go to the beach – $$
42. Take a bus ride to anywhere
43. Go on a train ride to anywhere
44. Go on a night time nature walk down your street with a torch
45. Go to the planetarium – $$
46. Play a board game
47. Lie on the grass and watch the clouds
48. Camp out in the garden
49. Do a Geocaching scavenger hunt (so cool!)
50. Lie in bed and tell/create silly bedtime stories



Ariana threw in a few ideas too!

51. Build a house made of cardboard
52. Build a car with cardboard
53. Make face mask with paper mache


Bloom & Grow 2015/2016 Catalogue Launch

It’s my 3rd year now attending Bloom & Grow’s catalogue launches and they never do disappoint. When you’re a mummy to little ones, baby and toddler products are quite the turn on if yanowa’ameen..

B&G 2015 Catalogue Launch

Held at the popular Talent Lounge in Damansara Perdana, B&G’s launch introduced us to a spread of items in their catalogue as well as their latest additions; CuddleCo and Make My Day. It was also so much fun wathcing the littles prancing about giving us a little show including my two little ones, Ariana and Ameera, and some delicious food right after.


Ameera doing her thang

Ariana strutting her stuff

Ariana strutting her stuff

Bloom & Grow has almost everything any parent could ever need from towels to feeding utensils, prams and even bags for both mummy and littles. When I have that catalogue in my hands, almost every page is folded and item circled.. HAHA! If it’s not for my girls, it’s for someone elses child.. hehe.

Here’s some of my favourites in this years catalogue! brace yourself, there may be LOTS!!

Ubbi Potty Trainer

Well, here we start with the potty since Ameera is now potty training, this is a must have for me. Not only is it UBToiletTrainerDetaila floor potty, but when trained, the seat can be put onto a proper toilet and child can then do their business there. As for the bucket, it can then be turned over and used as at step to get to both the toilet and to the sick to wash up afterwards. GENIUS!

3-in-1 potty – RM175.00Step Stool_Navy
Toilet trainer – RM79.90
Step stool – RM79.90

Available at: Babyland, Bumps & Bundles, Bunny & The Duchess, Happikiddo, Happy Mums, Kiddie Garden, Bebe Totz and Poppies



Pregnancy Belly Stickers_1During the first year of babys life, we just love announcing their monthly birthdays. We even take them to studios to get professionally photographed. What better way to announce that baby is now 3 months old if not using these cute stickers just slap on a start snapping! There are even stickers for pregnant mummys too! I wish I knew of these when I was pregnant…. naaakkk!!!

Pregnancy Belly Stickers_3

Price: RM39.90

Available at: ABOO FAMILY, Babymore, Kiddie Garden, MY MINI BOSS BABY SHOP, Bebe Totz, 9 Months Maternity, One BB World and Poppies


Bluebell_1Seriously, who doesn’t love the trunki? Apart that you little one goes wild on it everywhere they go. LOL! Riding it is one way but there is a belt that comes with the trunk so it can be tugged as well! My two girls love the Trunki even if we don’t travel, they’re using in the house like cars! Expanding on its existing range, Trunki recently created new addition to the Trunki family- the adorable Hello Kitty Lilac, Bronco, Bluebell, Frank, Pearl, Tony and Zimba.

Price: RM219.00 – RM295.00

Available at: Babymore, Bebehaus, Bumps & Bundles, Happikiddo, Shopping Emporium Klia And Klia2, Poppies, The Baby Shop Dot My And The BabyloftBoostApak Star_3

I LOVE the Trunki BoostApak. When going places with little ones and you still use a booster seat, the BoostApak is cool! Not only is it a booster seat, but it is also a backpack! The size is perfect as in-flight hand luggage and is great for traveling, car-pooling and even taxi-cabbing.

Price: RM299.00

Available at: TBA


Eye protection isn’t such a big deal to many parents but it’s actually something people should read up on more. My girls Minnie Gidget (Strawberry) & Minnie Gidget (Dinosaur)have had sunnies since they were babies. they were like goggles when they were newborn, strapped around the head and all! Eyetribe has a range of designs to cater boys and girls, from 0 – 18 months (babies), 1 – 3 years (toddlers) and 3 years above (kids). Who’s ready for a beach holiday?!?!?! :p

Price: RM99.00

Available at: Baby Dots Enterprise, Baby Tree House, Happy Mums, Kiddie Garden, Bebe Totz, Poppies, Smoochies, Sw Sia Pharmacy Sdn Bhd and The Babyloft


The only diaperbag brand i have ever used! I have used only ONE diaper bag and it’s still lasting me. These bags are super durable, fashionable and useful! So fashionable that even the celebs like Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Jessica Alba, Katie Holmes, Liv Tyler and Julia Roberts are using it! There is a choice between leather and non-leather bags, sling, messenger and even backpacks. Storksac is never a let down! LOVE that they have this new backpack, i have my EYES on this one!!

Price:     Noa        RM399.00
Brooke TBA

Available at: Baby Invasion, Toys World, Bumps & Bundles, Hamley’s, Jumping Baby Jacks, Kiddie Garden, Love Bambini Enterprise, MamaPandaEnterprise and Bebe Totz

more images of products and the event

Forget Me Not_Backpack & Lunch Bag Set_Lightning_Heart_Cloud_Specs


Layette Modern Basics_Boys Range

Little Aliens Grobag 3


zoojamas little kid pajamas

Tweat Snack Container_Orange

First Year Belly Stickers in Blue_2

Zoo Take Along Nightlight

First Year Felt Belly Stickers_3


B&G 2015 Catalogue Launch_3