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Dinner at Don’s

One of my favorite foods is Johorean food. How not to when my dad is from johor? My aunties can make a kick a$$ Laksa Johor and kuah lodeh.. These are pretty much the usual Raya foods in my household. 🙂

Over the weekend and after such craving for some Johor grub, I took the girls and my parents for a little makan time at Don’s Warong in Sri Hartamas. They serve a variety of Johorean dishes as well as western dishes too.

As we arrived at Don’s Warong, we go some keropok lekor. Yes, not so johorean but my girls love it.. LOL.. Ariana says she always buys it in school.. I love my little anak melayu… 😉

Once the main dishes started coming in, first up was the Nasi Lemak Kukus. Served with some kangkung and ayam goreng berempah, this dish was yummers! The sambal was a little too sweet for me likings but everything all together was pretty much perfect. I haven’t had kangkung in ages so having it during this crave of some proper Malay food was the perfect touch.

The Nasi Goreng Kampung, i must say, was my favourite. the Masin of the ikan bilis along with its crunchy was absolutely divine. The sambal however could be a little spicier as i like my food hot.. I’ve had far too much baby food for my liking.. LOL.

Laksa Johor, a personal favourite. Honestly, some houses I visit for raya i REALLY look forward to because of their laksa. But of course when you go out for these kind of foods, nothing can beat a good serving of homemade laksa. However, the laksa here at Don’s Warong isn’t bad at all. All the flavours are there and eating it with your hands makes it all the yummier… 🙂

Here comes a little bit of western for the children as we weren’t too sure on how the food would be for them. They did of course try the rice but they were up for something different.. pfftt.. Chicken chop was the top spot for the girls.. We split the servings and they had half each. Perfect crispy chicken and a “to die for” gravy that comes on the side… I couldn’t stop dipping those chips in the sauce.. it was soooooo good!!!!

Ariana got the burger forgetting that she couldn’t really eat it so well due to her losing her two front teeth.. LOL.. but she enjoyed it nonetheless.. This too we split and the girls shared.. and hey… there was nothing wrong with dipping that burger in the chicken chop gravy… KA-BOOM!!

And finally the desserts… Although dad usually has his Ais Kacang as a drink, we didn’t this time as we were with the girls… I’m not fond of allowing the girls have dessert first until they finish their food. but hey.. I do let them skip their meals sometimes for a little indulgence.. but not today.. hahahaha.. The ais kacang was um yum yum.. for me, a little more cream and it would be DA BOMB! 

The girls shared the banana split.. Every time we have a banana split, they always say that they had never had one in their lives.. LOL.. The ice-cream was some good ice-cream.. I wasn’t really allowed to have much as the girls were literally saving space for their dessert., so the verdict for the ice-cream was practivally the best as of course kids love their sugars.. 😉

Overall, I did enjoy the food served. The staff so nice and friendly, they gave the girls some colouring sheets while waiting for the food to come…

OH WAIT!!!!!! I forgot!!! They’re current’y having a colouring contest.. The contest ends pretty soon though.. You have until Decmber 31st to enter to contest and be in the running to win RM100 cash vouchers!!! “Game On!,” said my girls..


Spaghetti Bolognese

Spaghetti Bolognese can be one of the easiest meals to make for the family (especially when you’re having a lazy day).. I try to cook food which is both nutritious and tasty for me and the girls and this is one of those senang nak mamsss kinda meals…

Not much is needed and not much energy is put into cooking a good spagbol even when you’re cooking from scratch.. I use to be the type whom thought that food out of a can tasted better but I was wrong when I was shown just how easy it was to make a real good pasta sauce with using tomatoes from a can and not ready made pasta sauce.. Continue reading


Blokke Cafe – a Mummy Escape

Kids don’t know how to keep still and us mummies just wanna sit down and relax..

Every parent in Malaysia knows how tough it is to have a social life especially when our little ones are little little..

Well mummies, look no further! There is a place where your kids can run wild, older ones can sit and play Lego and us grown ups; well, there’s a café with great coffee and real good food.. Continue reading

healthy snacks for kids

5 easy healthy snacks for kids

easy healthy snacks for kids

There’s always a case when someone is hungry while you’re in the middle of cooking or haven’t even started cooking. Here are 5 easy healthy snacks you can simply stick in an air-tight container in the fridge for times like these or to nibble on throughout the day.

1. Carrot and Celery Sticks
Most children like eating carrots and celery because of the crunch and also because they are sweet. Not only do they fill a little hole in the tummy, they are also super healthy! Make it interesting and pair them with some home-made hummus. 🙂

2. Fruits
Everyone loves fruits. Dice up some of your favourite fruits. Watermelon, melon, apples (drizzle with lemon so they don’t yellow), grapes, papaya, oranges. remember, if they are not still in it’s skin, they don’t last too long, so eat up! try making a fruit salad!

3. Raisins
Another healthy snack for the family. Not only for in the house, they can be kept everywhere for the “just in case I’m hungry” moments. Perfect for pack lunches too!

4. Yogurt
A must have for a healthy family especially if you have children. You could even get creative by buying plain yogurt and have your children help you create their own flavours too!

5. Cereal
Don’t give in to the chocolate, sugar coated cereals to make things easy. When you start your children young, they would be happy with practically any cereal you give them. Serve with milk and add some honey for sweetness or simply serve as it is so they can much on them. Adults like cereal just as much a children do too!


Hui Lau Shan – delicious desserts

I have filled myself with mangoes so much in my life but I gotta say, I enjoyed every bit of it at Hui Lau Shan in IOI city mall, Putrajaya recently.

To introduce Hui Lau Shan to the Malay @ Muslim community, Hui Lau Shan invite myself, Ben Ashaari, Yuyu Zulaika and to try out their signature desserts under their premium Hong Kong Brand. I’ve been to Hong Kong before but to be honest, I didn’t really try much of their foods.


Hui Lau Shan has been around our local food scene for 3 years the owner, Mr Pan, the General Manager, South East Asia of Hui Lau Shan, was so thrilled to tell us about how proud he was that Hui Lau Shan has been certified HALAL by JAKIM. When it comes to halal, we always think that it’s just about the meat that we eat but there’s actually so much more to it than that. It’s all in the process and preparation of the foods which is to consider halal and not just slaughtering with a bismillah.

Anyway…… back to the good stuff… Hui Lau Shan promotes a healthy fruit base dessert for all and when they say for all, even the little ones will love it.. I mean, what child doesn’t like desserts anyway? But it puts things in a much better perspective when those desserts are HEALTHY!!!

20150903_194211The first dessert the gang and I were introduced too was the Mango Feast. Ok…. This….. Was…… TO DIE FOR!!! This dish consist of 3 different mango dishes which all taste totally different. Plate one was this creamy cheesecake sorta tasting dish with frozen mango inside. Plate two was a slushy frozen mango topped with mango chunks and some tiny chewy glutinous balls. While plate 3 was a mango slushy with mango chunks, a sort of kuey teow looking coconut strips and some homemade mango ice cream. Yum, yum and yum!!

20150903_200042The second dessert we were served was the Ice Snowy Brew. It was actually really yummy considering how simple it was. Basically it was a jelly coconut with loads of strips of coconut inside which came along with a mini jug of coconut milk topped with no other than birds nest. Yes, birds nest.. I had never tried bird nest before, I know its benefits but I just hadn’t come to try it out. I kept reminding everyone, “here we go peeps, we’re about to have some bird spit… yum!” LOL!! But to be honest, you couldn’t really taste it due to the rich coconut milk which I poured into the half filled coconut jelly and stirred it all together.


Ahhh…. The third was one of my favourite because of the little pop of flavour in the dish.. this is the Mango Pop Pop.. Again, frozen mango slushy at the bottom topped with mango chucks, homemade mango ice cream and some yummy pop pops.. and no, I don’t mean the fire cracker pop pop although it’s prolly has the same effect when you put it in your mouth and it POPS when you bite it. These little balls are filled with yogurt. When you first bite into it, you’re like… “uuuuuu… what is this tangy flavour???” Yeah…. It’s yogurt and it goes sooooo well with the dish.


These were the 3 dishes we were told we were gonna try out but we were then surprised by being given a personalized demo tour to show us the level of professionalism which is in line with the standards of Hui Lau Shan, including their HALAL certification. We were showed how they made the Yummy Icy Combo.. This consists of fresh fruit slices, fresh fruit balls, mango chunks and a little surprise at the bottom which was a whole lot of homemade mango ice cream.. My kids and I simply LOVED it and Alhamdulillah my girls love eating fruits.


After eating ALL of those desserts, the night ended with a little social media contest which was happening over instagram. Best photos.. First was best photo of the desserts and the second one was best photo of the demo… and guess what…. I WON for best demo photo (photo above!)… How cool was that?!?! Hahahaha..

Ariana, Ameera and I went home with a happy mango (and durian) filled belly and even after all those desserts, they still passed out in the car.. Just shows that there isn’t really much sugar going on in the desserts.

You can try Hui Lau Shan dessert for yourself in various locations like the following. Not only do they serve desserts, there are also savoury dishes for those who aren’t in much of a mood for sweetness.




The Fried Egg is OURS!!

We’ve all grown up with Planta. It’s always been on our parents shopping list and  everyone uses it too! Not just at home, but when we eat out.. Roti canai, burger ramlee, roti bakar, roti BOOM; just to name a few… simply irresistible!

After the whole millionaire wants the fried egg rights ordeal, we have recently discovered that is wasn’t any ordinary fried egg but the PLANTA fried egg.. He liked the Planta fried egg so much that he wanted it all to himself.. INSANE!!


Recently in 1Utama, Damansara, I had attended the press conference where Unilever Holdings (and “reporter” Naz Rahman) announced that the crazy millionaire would NEVER get near to owning the rights to the fried egg recipe which uses just the ONE ingredient and that is PLANTA!

I had the honour to demonstrate how easy it was to fry a crispy, tasty, aromatic egg with just half a tablespoon of planta along side Chef Zaidah and even Irma Hasmie was there too!! It was, by far, the simplest thing on earth! Tastes amazing too!


After all said and done, the general public were invited to come over and taste for themselves how amazingly good the Planta fried egg actually is (not like they don’t already know).. There were booths set up which were also covered.. covered? why? Because….. we were to test not just one but TWO eggs! One fried in regular oil while the other fried in Planta. We were to choose which our favourite egg was.. blind folded too! the blind folding however was pretty tough because i had no idea where the plate was and it’s always miss my mouth! LOL!!! so the blindfold is taken off once the eggs are presented to the person.


What was the end result?? After a tonne of people had tried and tested the fried eggs, given a ping pong ball to throw into a box marked “egg A” or “egg B”, calculating was not hard. Only ONE person had opted for “egg A”, which was fried in regular oil while everyone else opted for “egg B” which was the super Planta fried egg. There was no doubt at all the the egg fried in Planta was the best. The taste was just as good as it smelled..

Am so thrilled to have been involved in the event and even more happy that noone can take the rights from another person to cook even the easiest thing like the fried egg, especially when its a PLANTA FRIED EGG!! wohooo!!

You an purchase Planta basically anywhere, even petrol station marts sell it. RM4.90 for 240gm and  RM8.40 for 480gm.

For more info on Planta or even for Planta reipes, you can check out their Facebook page or even their Youtube page!


Don’t Steal Our Fried Egg!!!

Imagine nasi lemak with no fried egg.. Imagine maggi goreng with no fried egg.. Imagine the American breakfast with no ‘sunny side up’ fried egg.. Imagine a world with no fried eggs……. [insert sound of volcano eruption]

It has been said that some crazy millionaire is trying to get the rights to the recipe of the world famous fried egg and is willing to pay a million bucks for it!!! If this goes through and the guy wins the rights, no person on earth but HIM is able to fry an egg ever again!!!!

Like I said earlier.. Imagine nasi lemak, maggi goreng, beans on toast, sambal telur, burger ramli… imagine them ALL with no telur goreng!!

This millionaire has made people; especially mothers across the country furious!


Recently in Kuala Lumpur, a group of unhappy mother and housewives gathered to protest against this lunatic of a man to claim their rights to be able to fry a simple little egg in the safety of their own homes. Trouble with this millionaire person is that if ever anyone gets caught frying an egg even behind the closed doors of your home, you will be fined a huge sum. How insane is that??


This Friday, the 15th of May at 1Utama Shopping Centre will be the day the decision will be announced whether or not this millionaire dude manages to win the rights of our yummy, juicy, crispy, delicious fried egg…. or not! Come with us in support to OUR RIGHT to fry an egg without having to buy permits to do so even if it’s just for breakfast!!

We as a community need to get together to put our feet down, hold our ground and make sure this guy never has a smile on his face, not even a grin, with the final decision!