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Drama Camp with Sharifah Sofia

Children need to exhaust their energy, explore their imaginations and unleash their potential.

Expand your child’s creativity through skillful play.

A 4-day Drama camp with Sharifah Sofia – curated for your child to have an amazing time while learning to listen, follow directions, remember, focus, accomplish objectives, take turns, work with others, compromise, perform in front of an audience and use the imagination.

Camp is limited to 15 children (3-6yrs old).

Contact +60126102369 to book your space.




Enfagrow A+

I’ve never been big on using powdered milk but when you think about all that’s in foods and our environment today, as a mother, we tend to want what’s best for our children.

After using some milks in the past and my girls growing up so fast, I figured it was time for some change in their intakes.

Many of you who follow me know that all I want is what’s best for my girls and their future so I tried and tested, did a bit of reading and thought we’d give Enfagrow A+ a try and share my views.

There are 3 different flavours.. Honey, vanilla and original.. Of course we opt for the flavour closest to the real thing as we’re not big fans of flavoured drinks.. yup.. we drink milk, plain water or fresh juice (when we’re rajin) at home.. no crazy drinks (coke etc.) allowed!

So Ameera enjoyed the taste of it so much so even Ariana wanted to have some too. I, myself tried it and to be honest, it doesn’t taste that bad at all. Better than most we’ve tried so far to be honest..

Mummy made my favourite milk, Enfagrow A+!

It’s been said that a child’s brain triples in size in the first two years of life, and grows to 90% of the adult size during the first 5 years, which is why proper nutrition and stimulation are key during this critical period. During this time, the brain undergoes rapid development, building the foundation for cognitive and emotional advancement that will carry on into adulthood. As a child grows, he learns a lot of new things. This is achieved by the development of synapses – connections between the brain cells and rapid transmission of message.

I have practically heard and learnt this so much while I’ve been travelling the country speaking at the Frobel2017 parenting talk. In fact, the first 5 years of a child’s life is highly important to develop their intellectual and emotional intelligence (IQ & EQ). In this world of constant change, having a high IQ is just half of the equation for future success. The other half lies in EQ. Raising our children’s beliefs, self- worth and happiness by equipping them with emotional intelligence skills should be a top goal and people with high EQ do far better in every area of their life.

And this is proven too. I mean, the world is getting so fast and we rely on computers to do a lot of our thinking for us. Knowledge is in the palm of our hands but can computers feel? Do they sympathise? Can they work as a team? We still need human beings to do all that and the more we reply on computers, the less we rely on people. This I believe is going to be a problem in the future and therefore, it is important to ensure a good balance of both IQ and EQ.

Which brings me to my next point on; play! Playing is an important activity in a child’s life and enabling your child to express themselves and explore themselves and the world. Behavioural regulation is part of emotional development that is widely considered to be important for the holistic development of the child.

As parents, we put so much effort into our children development. To ensure that our efforts has a maximum impact, we need to make sure that their learning and development is fuelled with the right nutrition as well. I came across after much research of a new ingredient in Enfagrow A+, MFGM that works with DHA in developing a child’s IQ and EQ. This ingredient is important for brain function and structure, and has been shown to support emotional behavioural regulation in children. What’s equally exciting is that the new Enfagrow A+ also contains the highest level of DHA. The benefits of DHA in supporting brain development has also been well established. Together, studies have shown that MFGM and DHA helps support cognitive development (IQ) as well as emotional and behavioural regulation (EQ).

This is why I’m giving Enfagrow A+ a try and to see if it makes any difference with Ameera and her development as she seems to be so much lazier than her sister when it comes to problem solving and team work. Not that I’m forcing it on to her. I’m just allowing it to happen in its own time but with a little guidance from myself and a little boost in those little synapses of hers to enable the learning to not stop and to keep on creating and exploring.

But hey! Mummy and daddy need to be involved in this too. Doesn’t mean just because there’s this awesome milk, you don’t need to learn, guide and explore with them ay?! Learning starts from home. And we’re all in this together. What’s a better world like without these amazing little people we are bringing up to lead the world of the future? Time to start putting those books down once in a while and go on an exploration huh? That makes a huge impact on a child’s development too!

Mummys, get free Enfagrow A+ samples for your #FutureReadyMalaysians at J




Lung Cancer and Melanoma Awareness Campaign

A while ago I was asked by Heather Von St. James if I could help post a little info on a campaign she has started 11 years ago to gain awareness on Mesothelioma. It is a rare type of cancer that occurs in the thin layer of cells lining the body’s internal organs known as mesothelium. The campaign is called, Lung Leavin’ Day. It’s an amazing story by such a strong survivor of such a rare type of cancer. Hey man, she had 1 of her lungs removed!!

I had recently attended a lung cancer and melanoma awareness workshop as cancer does run in my family. I figured that attending it would help educate me more about prevention and how to identify the signs and symptoms of cancer.

Lung cancer is one of the most common causes of death in the world and is estimated to be responsible for 1 in 5 deaths out of 1.59 MILLION deaths.. THAT’S MORE THAN 300,000 deaths!! In Malaysia alone, 4,404 lung cancer cases were recorded in 2012 with more than 80% leading to death.

Death is usually a taboo subject to talk about and so are diseases to be honest.. I mean, yes, people are aware of cancer.. they wear the pink ribbon, walk on for movember but are we really, REALLY aware of it? How often does one actually get checked?

To be honest, I’m pretty much a chicken when it comes to getting myself checked out but I try do it as often as possible and alhamdulillah, so far so good. There are so many things we need to do to get checked.. teeth, heart, physical health, breast cancer, colon cancer; the list goes on!!

What causes lung cancer?

Of course, many of us know that smoking is one of the leading risk factors for lung cancer and so is second hand smoking. Other risks include Radon (an odourless radioactive gas; second most frequent cause of death.), asbestos, inhaled chemicals, diesel exhaust, air pollution, radiation therapy to the lungs (eeeekkk), arsenic in drinking water and also family history. Yup! You can’t run away from those genetics.. ☹

In most lung cancer cases, symptoms usually only appear when the disease is already at an advanced stage and this makes early detection and timely treatment very very challenging. These symptoms include a worsening cough (or one that just won’t bloody go away), chest pain, wheezing, shortness of breath, coughing up blood, feeling tired easily and even weight loss with no known causes (and no, that sort of weight loss is NOT GOOD!)

Now what about melanoma?

To be honest, I never knew about it till this workshop and I’m glad I do now coz I need to get myself checked for it. Melanoma is a type of cancer that is most often on the skin. It begins in the skin’s pigment producing cells. It can also develop on other parts of the body including the eyes, digestive tract, nails and also the mouth. Melanoma is the most serious forms of skin cancer.

In the US, melanoma is the 5th most common type of new cancer diagnosis in men and 7th in women. There was actually an estimated 9,710 people who would die of melanoma in 2014!! Acral lentiginous melanoma is the most common type of melanoma in Asians and in Malaysia, 62.5% of melanoma cases are usually detected in stage iii. That’s already a bit late for detection I’d say..

There are many risk factors that cause melanoma and despite the benefits of Vitamin D, the sun (!!!) is a major source of UV rays. Moles are also a risk factor to a person if they have irregular or large moles. Fair skin, family history (yep! Still can’t run!), immune suppression, age, gender and even a rare, inherited condition known as xeroderma pigmentosum are also contributing factors to melanoma.

Melanoma can occur anywhere on the body and develop in areas that are most exposed to the sun (see… I don’t wear a hijab for nothing.. LOL). But hey, jokes aside, it can also develop in covered areas like the soles of your feet, your palms and even under your fingernails!!

For screening and diagnosis, you could actually do a self-examination. Go get checked by a physician and as they’re doing the screening, you could ask him/her to show you how to self-screen and what to look out for! There’s actually this simple guide to help you out (and we also have google) it’s called the ‘ABCDE’ acronym which is based on

Asymmetry – One half of a mole or birthmark does not match the other

Border – The edges are irregular, ragged, notched or blurred

Colour – The colour is not the same all over and may include shades of brown or black or sometimes even patches of pink, red, white or even blue!

Diameter – The spot is larger than 6 millimetres across (the size of a pencil eraser but they could even be smaller than that)

Everything – The mole is changing size, shape and colour

But…. The only way you can accurately diagnose melanoma is with a biopsy. This means that all or part of the mole or growth is removed and analysed.

That’s basically the low down on what I learnt the other day about these 2 forms of cancer..

But what if you are actually diagnosed with lung cancer, melanoma or any other type of cancer?? What are the things that can be done?

There are a few options of treatments that you could undergo if you are diagnosed.


Removal of the tumor and surrounding tissue during an operation. Surgery is the oldest type of cancer therapy.

Radiation Therapy

Radiation therapy uses high-energy radiation to shrink tumors and kill cancer cells. X-rays, gamma rays, and charged particles are types of radiation used for cancer treatment.


Destroy cancer cells that may remain after treatment with surgery or radiation therapy. Kill cancer cells that have returned or spread to other parts of your body


A new treatment method that uses certain parts of a person’s immune system to fight cancer cells. This is done by stimulating the immune system to work hard or smarter to attack cancer cells and also by giving the immune system some extra components; such as man-made immune system proteins. (COOL HUH?!) This treatment basically targets the immune system and not the cancer itself.

There are a few treatments offered for immunotherapy

Monoclonal antibodies – man-made immune system proteins, which are antibodies designed to attack a specific part of a cancer cell.

Cancer Vaccines – substances introduced into the body to cause an immune response against certain diseases.

Non-specific immunotherapies – treatments that generally boost the immune system to help the body attack cancer cells. (I believe this one can be for anyone really).

Immunotherapy holds greater potential than existing conventional treatment approaches to fight cancer and increases long term survival. It helps improve quality of life with lesser side effects.

Target Therapy

The drugs known as targeted therapy help stop cancer from growing and spreading. They work by targeting specific genes or proteins. These genes and proteins are found in cancer cells or in cells related to cancer growth, like blood vessel cells. Doctors often use targeted therapy with chemotherapy and other treatments.

Hormone Therapy

This drug is not a selective estrogen receptor modulator (SERM) – it acts like an anti-estrogen throughout the body. This treatment option is used to treat metastatic breast cancer.

It’s amazing how many different treatments there are to help us with treating such a devastating and common disease and it’s great to know that in this country, we have access to all of these here in Malaysia. Alhamdulillah.

So it’s time I get checked soon coz I’m getting old (damn.. I am…) and I actually do have some moles I’ve been told to get seen to and yes, cancer is in my family history too. But if you ever find the chance to go for regular check-ups, I suggest you do just that. Remember, prevention is better than cure!!


7 steps to finding your perfect home

Buying a home is one of the biggest decisions you could ever make in your life. One of the biggest investments you’ll ever make too.

When buying a house, there’s a few things you need to keep in mind before deciding on anything at all.

Here’s a few tips I have to make your house hunting just a little bit easier.

7 steps to finding your perfect home

Know what kind of house you’re looking for

You need to know what you want. Is it for investment? Are you buying it for yourself? Do you wanna live in the city? The suburbs? All these questions are what you need to ask yourself (and your life partner) when you plan on buying a place. Same with renting too!

Research the areas you want to live in; location is important – schools, highways, public transport, grocers, amenities

Getting a new home is exciting but you also need to think about convenience. It would really suck if you had this amazing home but had to drive 10 minutes to get to a shop when you actually want a place you could walk 5 minutes instead.

Being near highways are good too especially when getting around here in Malaysia requires the use of highways constantly.


Think of the future; for singles? Just married? Are you planning to have kids?

If you’re getting a place for yourself, do you really need that much space? Or are you planning to get married and have kids? Of course having a huge nice house would be like a dream but we have to be reasonable in a sense that too much space is too much space.

I have my girls and I’m happy in a small house because 1. They are so messy. 2. I don’t have a maid. 3. I don’t have that much to clean (sweep and mop) haha!!

So getting a place you feel would be best cleaning wise is a good thing to think about too! :p

Consider both old and new; new homes are nice but they aren’t always better

Yes.. A new home sound oh so good. Fresh painted walls, all new fixtures and fittings, and you’re the first person to ever live there.

But what if I told you that new isn’t always the best choice.

Some old properties don’t have what new properties do. Like a nice big garden for the kids to run around in. Traditional features and architecture. Being in an established housing area.

New homes however have modern features. You spend less time and money on maintenance and repairs (most of the time). Look so nice and fresh. And of coure it’s always nice to buy something brand new.

There are so many search engines out there but I’ve found PropertyGuru to be one of my favourites. Its straight to the point and has lists going on far and wide and up to date!

Go look at the place; inspection, not all homes look like it is in pictures

It’s best to go and see the houses you are interested in first hand. Yes, the place looks gorgeous on the pictures but hey, look what day and age we’re in. They could have made it on The Sims and posted the picture but would look like a whole different house when you go.

Keep within budget; be realistic

I know quite a few people who want to live in luxury but can’t afford it and that’s really not a way to live. Why go through so much stress when you don’t have too? Try keeping within your means. Get what you can afford then build the place from the inside out. A home is a place you can be yourself and be comfortable, not a place for you to show off what you can’t even afford.

But hey! I just saw on PropertyGuru that there’s this campaign happening. The “My Dream Home” campaign. It’s a platform designed to assist property buyers in buying the home of their dreams. They’re taking things to the next level by offering a cash prize of RM50,000 to be used on your home down payment. That’s quite a burden off the shoulder right there huh?!

Picture yourself in the home and the neighbourhood; if the shoe fits, get it!

Now comes the best part.

When you’ve visited all those houses and you had a look around the neighbourhood, it’s time to finally picture yourself living there.

Just close your eyes and imagine standing at the gate/garden. Looking at the light blue skies. There isn’t much traffic (or maybe there is, and you like it).. You can imagine your kids playing around safely, there’s a park just nearby. You can walk to the shops together without dragging your feet or even having to take the car. You have great neighbours.

If you think it’s the best choice in all aspects (financially, safety, rationally, realistically), then go for it!


I wish you all the best and I hope you manage to find your dream home just as I have. 😊


Little update on Life

It’s been so long since i last posted anything and i apologise as i’ve been busy with my new chapter in life.

As you know, last year was a blast. The girls and I were living on an amazing island where I homeschooled a couple of children as well as my own and I also ran the kids club at the particular resort.

But that’s all over now. Today, I am now a full-time working mum. I currently head the PR, Marketing and Events department for TOMS, the Giving Company. Never heard of TOMS? You will soon on my next update. 😉 (which will hopefully be soon!! LOL)

But I must say, as much as the girls and I miss the island terribly, I am enjoying my job very much. It took a while for me to get into a routine. Sitting at a desk and looking a my laptop all day but I now enjoy it more now than when I said that I enjoyed it 3 months ago. I mean, put me with sneakers, creative writing and charity and I’m all for it!!

The girls have been put in a school which I really hate them being in as it is too academic based and I really don’t like how things are run there but they’ve just been taken over and I’m giving them the benefit of a doubt to see if there would be any improvements. So far, not happy. But to be frank, it’s all i can currently afford and it’s extremely convenient for me at the moment as I try to get back on my feet.

It’s been tough, I must say. From being a stay at home mum to living on a remote island to taking up an office job.. But hey! Life goes on and you gotta just take everything with a pinch of salt.

I’ve decided that I’m gonna kindda change the way this blog goes too.. a little bit of a face lift here and there.. some new things are coming up which involve my girls and we’re super excited.

But it’s now 02:06 and I’m woring in the morning so I better head to bed…

Looking forward to more blog splurts and a better future.. but lets just look forward for tomorrow and think about how blessed out today is (was)..


good night!






Falling in Love with TOMS

Giving some love with TOMS this Valentine’s Day!

TOMS has released its all new Limited Edition Pink Love Languages Women’s Classics just in time for Valentine’s Day! TOMS is always in the mood for love with its One for One mission. What better way to treat your loved one this Valentine’s Day than with a gift that spreads love around the world.

With every pair of shoes you purchase, TOMS will give a new pair to a child in need. One for One®

Featuring the word “love” written in various languages and a heart print, wear your heart on your sole with this limited edition Classic Alpargata. The removable insole and rubber outsole on these Alpargatas are built with comfort and style in mind.

10010132_PinkLoveLanguagesWomensClassics_H Continue reading


Spaghetti Bolognese

Spaghetti Bolognese can be one of the easiest meals to make for the family (especially when you’re having a lazy day).. I try to cook food which is both nutritious and tasty for me and the girls and this is one of those senang nak mamsss kinda meals…

Not much is needed and not much energy is put into cooking a good spagbol even when you’re cooking from scratch.. I use to be the type whom thought that food out of a can tasted better but I was wrong when I was shown just how easy it was to make a real good pasta sauce with using tomatoes from a can and not ready made pasta sauce.. Continue reading


5 Ways to Avoid Sugars at Home


yes, yes, mummy gave in… but they earned it for being such good little girls.. 🙂

I was at an interview recently and a few of the questions had something to do with how I would try to avoid serving sugars to the family especially the girls.. The answer to that is a no brainer and for the people who know me know how nutty of a mummy I was when the girls were still babies..

Anywhooooo…. Here are a few things I practiced to avoid the use of too much (or no) sugar in the house..

Continue reading


Blokke Cafe – a Mummy Escape

Kids don’t know how to keep still and us mummies just wanna sit down and relax..

Every parent in Malaysia knows how tough it is to have a social life especially when our little ones are little little..

Well mummies, look no further! There is a place where your kids can run wild, older ones can sit and play Lego and us grown ups; well, there’s a café with great coffee and real good food.. Continue reading