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Parents and Kids Expo 2015


Expo Info

The Exhibition :
Parents & Kids Expo 2015 Concurrent Pregnancy & Baby Show 2015 (Early Childhood Education Pavilion)

The Venue :
Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre

Date & Time :
28 – 30 August 2015, Friday & Saturday (10:30am – 9:00pm), Sunday (10:30am – 8:00pm)

Admission :
Entrance is FREE

Exhibit Profile :
FUN On Childhood Learning
– Early Childhood’s Learning Programme/Products
– Brain Training and Development Test and Programme/Products
– Discipline and Behavior Building Progrramme/Products
– Crafts Fun, Science and Experiments, Enriching Workshops for Kids

Pregnancy & Baby
– Maternity & Chidren’s Clothing and Accessories
– Medical Biotechnology & Management of Infertility Services
– Natural Nutrition Food for Weaning Babies
– Organic Toddler Formula Products
– Diaper, Furniture and Toy Retailers
– Infant & Toddlers Safety Products
– Breastfeeding & Mommy’s Groups
– Early Education Products
– Financial & Insurance Institutions

– Toddlers and Kids Clothing and Accessories
– Furniture and Toy Products
– Toddlers and Kids Injuries and Safety Products
– Medical Biology and Solutions for Infertility
– Child Care and Day Care Solutions
– Kids’ Parties Providers
– Early Banking and Insurance for Kids
– Back to School Booths


Swiss Dream Circus is in Town!!

Recently we took BOTH the girls out AFTER 7PM on a SCHOOL NIGHT, yes, at night, on a school night, to watch the CIRCUS! But you know what, it was worth every minute and every penny.


Last week I was invited to attend Melinda Looi’s Raya Show which had taken place at the Swiss Dream Circus which is tented up at Mutiara Damansara Park, literally in between Kidzania and Ikea. After being given a sneak peak of the circus acts (which were only 2 acts), i was sold! I wanted to watch the whole thing. Also, I have never (or don’t remember) been to a circus before and I wanted the girls to experience it as well.


When we talk about the circus, we can imagine the likes of Dumbo, Water for Elephants, Madagascar and the likes. We imagine lions and elephants and gorillas and even bears.. But no, this is an ‘animal cruelty-free’ circus.. This is a full-on spectacular entertainment performed by man them-self!


I was fortunate enough to converse a little with the ring-master/founder of the Swiss Dream Circus, Marco Baumgartner, and he says, “it has always been a dream to be with the circus, since I was just a little boy”. He mentioned that each year is a different group of performers as most if not all the performers are free-lancers. A mix of performers from all over the world, there were acts which came in fresh from Cirque du Soleil!!


The Swiss Dream Circus is still on until the 14th of June with tickets priced between RM45-RM250 so try not to miss it as you would definitely regret it!

For more info, visit Swiss Dream Circus or you can visit here to purchase your tickets.





Don’t Steal Our Fried Egg!!!

Imagine nasi lemak with no fried egg.. Imagine maggi goreng with no fried egg.. Imagine the American breakfast with no ‘sunny side up’ fried egg.. Imagine a world with no fried eggs……. [insert sound of volcano eruption]

It has been said that some crazy millionaire is trying to get the rights to the recipe of the world famous fried egg and is willing to pay a million bucks for it!!! If this goes through and the guy wins the rights, no person on earth but HIM is able to fry an egg ever again!!!!

Like I said earlier.. Imagine nasi lemak, maggi goreng, beans on toast, sambal telur, burger ramli… imagine them ALL with no telur goreng!!

This millionaire has made people; especially mothers across the country furious!


Recently in Kuala Lumpur, a group of unhappy mother and housewives gathered to protest against this lunatic of a man to claim their rights to be able to fry a simple little egg in the safety of their own homes. Trouble with this millionaire person is that if ever anyone gets caught frying an egg even behind the closed doors of your home, you will be fined a huge sum. How insane is that??


This Friday, the 15th of May at 1Utama Shopping Centre will be the day the decision will be announced whether or not this millionaire dude manages to win the rights of our yummy, juicy, crispy, delicious fried egg…. or not! Come with us in support to OUR RIGHT to fry an egg without having to buy permits to do so even if it’s just for breakfast!!

We as a community need to get together to put our feet down, hold our ground and make sure this guy never has a smile on his face, not even a grin, with the final decision!



KidZania Camp


Join the 3-day KidZania CAMP from 30th November until 23rd December 2014 (Sunday to Tuesday or Wednesday to Friday) at RM429 per child.


Choose from one of these programmes and learn more about:
– Television Programme Production
– Fashion Design
– Cooking
– Music

Terms and conditions apply.

Visit for more details.

Call 1 300 885 439 for enquiries.


Seussical The Broadway Musical


Enfiniti Vision Media presents
an Enfiniti Academy production for the whole family!
12th-21st December, 2014 Theatre @ PJ Live Arts. For venue map, click here.
SEUSSICAL is back, after a successful run last year. This time, with theatre stars Peter Ong, Safia Hanifah, Zalina Lee and Ruzana Ibrahim, in a cast of 30 young people and adults. SEUSSICAL is a Tony award winning show, based on the colourful characters from the books of Dr.Seuss like The Cat In The Hat, Horton The Elephant, Gertrude McFuzz, The Grinch, The Whos and many more. It’s highly entertaining, heartwarming and fun for anyone young or young at heart, the perfect way to end the year!
NOTE: Suitable for AGES 2+. BUY TIX