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Bugs R Us – skit for kids

Since I’m a drama teacher, I thought it would be fun to do a little skit with the kids for there “end of term” project..

The “production” process as lots of fun and the littles enjoyed it thoroughly..

Unfortunately, I have no documentation (or I can’t find any) of the whole rehearsal process but it was a great experience for the kids.. from choosing a story, to selecting their own bugs, memorising lines, daily practice, costume design, marketing (poster design) Continue reading


Water For Life

As you may have seen on my Instagram page, I’ve had the greatest opportunity to get involved in a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) programme called “Water For Life”. This programme was developed by PETRONAS Dagangan Berhad (PDB) to strengthen their position as a responsible corporate citizen amongst Malaysians.. “Water For Life” was initiated in 2013 in collaboration with the Malaysian Nature Society (MNS) and is targeted to provide villagers with access to uninterrupted clean water supply.

Being privileged and living in the city, we tend to take advantage of having clean water and when water is low or even cut for a few hours, we freak out.. Imagine living in a small village where water comes from the actual source and maintenance may be minimal but hard work and needed to be done by yourself.. We (city people) for instance have people doing it all for us and we done see how all of these things can affect our lives..

Now in their 4th year, PETRONAS, MNS and volunteers (including me) got together and set out to Dungun, Terengganu to help restore the water infrastructure to over 150 families in both Kampung Jongok Batu and Kampung Belimbing.


posing for the cameras

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TOMS: One for One

If you’re a shoe lover and a giver at the same time, there’s no way you haven’t heard of TOMS before.

With this amazing initiative to help those in need by using SHOPPING as a way of making that happen, TOMS hit that ball out of the park! Not only does buying a pair of shoes bring happiness to the consumers souls but it also brings happiness to a less fortunate on too.


TOMS has only recently arrived in Malaysia but has been around for nearly 10 years! To date, TOMS has given more than 45 MILLION pairs of shoes to children in need since 2006. TOMS Eyewear has restored sight to over 275,000 since 2011 and TOMS Roasting Company has helped provide over 67,000 weeks of safe water since launching in 2014. In 2015, TOMS Bag Collection was founded with the mission to help provide training for skilled birth attendants and distribute birth kits containing items that help a woman safely deliver her baby. One for One!



TOMS flagship launch was such a great event as it was their triple launch. 1 – Launching their new store on Level 3 next to GSC in MidValley Mega Mall (NOT Gardens, yeah!). 2 – The launch of the new bags that save lives. The purchase of one bag will help provide training for skilled birth attendants and distribute birth kits containing items that help a woman safely deliver her baby. Who would have thought of such a thing? 3 – Launching TOMS virtual giving trip. This, my friends, was an amazing experience. If you know me, I have a serious weak spot for children and happiness. The new virual giving trip will have you feeling all warm and fuzzy inside, you end with taking off the VR in tears!!


The guys who made TOMS possible here in Malaysia! Big love guys!!


Range of shoes at TOMS


by buying a pair of glasses at TOMS you will be restoring sight to a less fortunate person


little mini took her shoes right off when she walked into the store and tried every pair she could get her hands on


Enjoying a bit to many cupcakes which are laid right in front of them!!


we had a great time!

with Fahmi of TOMS, Sharifah Juliana of and Azrin of TOMS

with Fahmi of TOMS, Sharifah Juliana of (Who is also my sister) and Azrin of TOMS. oh!! and photobomber – Ameera


We are happy with our purchase…. 🙂




Eco-Friendly Cleaning – Garbage Enzymes

When it comes to cleaning a home with children, we always want the best yet safest products. When it comes to good, toxic free and eco-friendly products, it’s always the price which turns us off a bit. Saving the environment is just so expensive!

What if I told you that YOU could make YOUR OWN eco-friendly, toxic free cleaner? It’s honestly really simple. Not only is it good for cleaning, it can also be used for gardening AND it helps with reducing global warming!! How perfect it that? You get 100% toxic free cleaner which fertilizes your plants and helps save the world. Hero? For sure!

Here’s how you do it with just 4 things

An air tight container
one cup if sugar or molasses
one cup if sugar or molasses
3 cups of organic waste (no meat)
3 cups of organic waste (no meat)
10 cups of water
10 cups of water

mix all of these together and put into the container.

For instance, add 100gs of sugar with 300gs of fruit skins, pour in 1ltr of water and mix well in a plastic bottle and cap tightly. Keep in a cool dry place at room temperature. Release the gases formed once a day for the first month. Make sure it is re-capped tightly each time after the gas is released. For the 2nd and 3rd month, only release any gases if necessary. There may be times when there is a white layer on the surface of the enzyme solution during fermentation. Should worms/maggots appear in your enzyme solution, don’t freak out, this is normal. Just add a handful of sugar, mix well and cap tightly. The maggots will disappear overnight!

Fermentation process will take 3 months. after filtering and removing the residue, garbage enzyme is then obtained. The residue can the be use for either a new batch of production by adding fresh organic waste following the direction as above or you can dry the residue, blend it then bury it in the ground as fertilizer.

Garbage enzyme has many great uses for the environment, agriculturally and van even be used in homes!

For agriculture, garbage enzyme is used:

-to reduce the usage of chemial fertilizers
-to keep a farm free from insects and infections
-a soil fertilizer for growing vegetables
-a natural pesticide and herbicide
-to convert sandy land to fertile farm land
-to keep the air cool and clean in the farm atmosphere

In homes, garbage enzyme is used:

-as a household cleaning agent
-to remove foul odours, molds and grime in the kitchen and toilet
-as an anti-bacterial and anti-viral agent
-to drive away insects
-to clean carpets and remove ticks
-for laundry washing and ironing
-for mopping floors
-for cleaning cars

global warming can be reduced tremendously by using garbage enzymes if every household produces and uses enzymes. Together, we an make a difference!