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Getting the Best Housing Loan You Need

If you’re currently in the midst of shopping for a home loan to buy the house of your dream. Comparing your home loan to others in the market is free and could save you thousands of dollars. A home is usually the most expensive asset you’ll own and the average home loan is taken out over as long as 30 years. Combine that with interest calculations and ongoing fees and you’ll find that you pay a significant amount of interest over the whole loan. here are some things you should consider before making what could arguably be the biggest financial decision of your life.

1. Asses your personal and financial situation.

2. Type of home loan

First and foremost, consider what works best for you: a traditional term loan or a flexible home loan (“flexi-loan”). A traditional term loan requires you to pay a fixed amount each month for the entire tenure of your home loan (eg. 30 years), while a flexi-loan gives you the option of reducing your interest whenever you wish (i.e. by saving your extra money into a linked current account. The more you save, the less interest you pay).
If you have a strict and predictable cash-flow pattern, a traditional term loan may be best. If you prefer flexibility in paying off your loan, a flexi-loan is recommended.

3. Interest rate

As of all loans, your priority should probably go to the bank that offers you the lowest interest rate. Citing an example for a home loan of RM500,000 over a period of 30 years, the difference in interest between an interest rate of 4.2% and 4.15% (i.e. a mere 0.05%) could be well over RM5,000!

4. Loan Amount

Depending on many factors which include the value of the property as well as your standing with the bank, different banks may offer you different financial amounts you are able to borrow. As you’ll be required to pay any amount not covered by the home loan upfront, this becomes very important especially if you’re short on cash.
This also depends on the amount you pay up front (down payment). Currently, there is a “My Dream Home” campaign happening on PropertyGuru – a platform designed to assist property buyers in buying the home of their dreams. They are offering a cash prize of RM50,000 to be used on your home down payment. Why not try your luck and you might actually be able to save a nice amount of money to save on your new dream home!!

5. Fees & charges

A home loan application involves professional and government-regulated processes such as preparation and disbursement of loan agreement, payment of stamp duty and processing by the bank, just to name a few. All these processes usually come with fees and charges that will be borne by you, the buyer.
In certain cases, it may also be wholly or partly borne by the banks as part of your loan packages. Hence, is it best to sit down with the loan officers (for all the banks you are considering taking your home loan from) and have them run through the fees and charges with you. The task may be repetitive and time-consuming… but it’ll be time well spent.

6. The bank

Understand that you’ll be dealing with the bank on a very frequent basis for as long as your home loan is in effect (which may be 20 to 30 years). With that in mind, you should probably choose a bank you are very comfortable with. Some of the things you may wish to think about include:

· Do you have an existing savings or current account with the bank (for ease of inter-account transfer)?
· Are you satisfied with their standard of service?
· Do you consider the bank to be trustworthy and reliable?
· Does the bank offer value-added services that will make your life easier for the long haul?
· How is the bank’s reputation as a whole?
· Does the bank provide online banking facilities which allow you to pay your instalments easily?
· Is your loan officer approachable, so that you can phone him or her anytime you have a question?

7. Use comparison websites

It’s always confusing when there’s so many different loan packages. You can always find a vast selection of bank loan packages all on one site provides an easy to use calculator to make all the confusion go away in an instant. But if things get too tough to handle, you can always seek expert advice for tailored financial advice.

Bearing all these matters in mind, good luck in finding your next home loan.


What You Need and Dont Need After Having a Baby

I’ve been asked about what I would usually need and comparing them to “what to get” lists online and of course, like most new mothers, I got everything on those lists and even combining the lists making them one long a$$ list.. LOL.. After having children, I then reaslised that all that stuff I got was such a waste of money.. So here’s my 8 things i couldn’t live without and 4 things i did get but couldn’t be bothered using.. Hope this helps you!!

Couldn’t live without

1716_hoppop_jpg_322Baby bath tub – my 5 year still loves using the tub most of the time. Both my girls enjoy taking baths together. It’s a bit tight but hey, they enjoy it!

Grobag Sleep bag – I LIVE by this! I try to give a sleep bag to every mummy-to-be for her baby shower or when I go visiting. Once baby is no longer in a swaddle, sleeping bags are the way to go. Since babies always move about when they sleep, blankets do no justice to keeping them covered. Sleeping bags also prevent children from climbing out of the cot! Continue reading


CheckList: Packing Your Hospital Bag

Once you’re about 34-35 weeks far along your pregnancy, it’s about time you packed up for the hospital (unless you opt for a home birth of course. All you would need is your vajayjay! :D). It’s a pain to figure out what is really needed to pack for both mummy and baby (and maybe daddy, but he can do it himself :P)

Typically, most of us woman end up over packing and either have too much and don’t use what we have or have so much we can still manage to forget a thing or two.

I would usually (haha! as if i birth every so often!) pack 2 different bags. One for the birthing (labour) room and the other for the before/after birth.

hospital bag check list

Have no fear, your perfect Hospital Bag CheckList is here!! Continue reading


50 Fun School Holiday Activities

Sometimes we just have so much time and very few ideas about what to do with the children during their school holidays. Well, fret not, here’s a list of school holiday activities which you could do (for free and at cost) in case you can’t think of anything else. Lets see how many of these my littles and I will manage to do over the holidays.. will share pictures too, inshaAllah!!

1. Go to your neighbourhood park
2. Create a little treasure hunt in the garden/apartment (maybe draw a map too!)
3. Have a water fight in the garden (use sponges instead of balloons to avoid too much mess and choking hazards too)
4. Go to the KL Bird Park – $$
5. Make some fruit ice-lollies
6. Have a picnic
7. Stay up late and look at the stars
8. Go to the stadium and watch a local football game – $$
9. Have a dance party in your living room
10. Finger paint in the garden
11. Go to the science centre – $$
12. Make pasta necklaces
13. Visit an orphanage and bring some toys and cakes
14. Go horse riding in Taman Tasik Titiwangsa – $$
15. Play hopscotch
16. Have a sidewalk chalk art gallery at the driveway
17. Have a family game night
18. Go to the zoo – $$
19. Make a bird house
20. Put each others makeup on
21. Make homemade ice-cream
22. Go kite flying
23. Build a fort (in mummy’s room!)
24. Go to the movies
25. Go to your local library (or even the national library)
26. Let the kids decide what to have for dinner and let them help cook!
27. Play balloon tennis (balloons and spatulas)
28. Have a hulahoop competition
29. Write a letter to the people you love (and post them)
30. Have a paper cup phone conversation
31. Go to an old folks home or hospital and give them a little show (or simply make them some cards)
32. Go to a water park
33. Better yet, create a little water park in your garden
34. Blow bubbles
35. Go fishing (though we like to go “prawn fishing”)
36. Plant some seeds in the garden
37. Bake cupcakes
38. Have lunch in the garden
39. Make recycled paper
40. Make a leaf picture collage
41. Go to the beach – $$
42. Take a bus ride to anywhere
43. Go on a train ride to anywhere
44. Go on a night time nature walk down your street with a torch
45. Go to the planetarium – $$
46. Play a board game
47. Lie on the grass and watch the clouds
48. Camp out in the garden
49. Do a Geocaching scavenger hunt (so cool!)
50. Lie in bed and tell/create silly bedtime stories



Ariana threw in a few ideas too!

51. Build a house made of cardboard
52. Build a car with cardboard
53. Make face mask with paper mache


11 Things to Pack For The Beach

There’s nothing better than a day in the sun, sand, the best of company (family, of course) and the best packed child-friendly beach bag (and car).. Packing the essentials can be tricky but to help you out, here’s what every family needs to pack for the beach (and car trip) to make the day (or trip) perfect.


Bubbles Resort, Perhentian Island

1. Sunscreen

DUH! Even if it weren’t the beach, sunscreen is an essential product everyone needs to practice daily application. Be sure to apply a braod sprectrum of 15 SPF or higher. It would be best to apply your sunscreen at least 15-30 minutes before exposure to the sun and reapply every 2 hours and after getting out of the water.

2. Towels

OK.. Of course towels.. But… Unless you’re staying in a hotel and they are provided, towels are always needed for your day trips to the beach. For littles, in the market, there are plenty of cute wearable towels which can be slipped over their heads and will NEVER slip off. LOVE EM!!

3. Sand Toys

As typical as it can get but it’s what every child just loves to play with. buckets, spades and watering cans.. Why not add a few things like cake topper flags for the final product or even collect some seashells to decorate those cute little sand castles.

4. Snacks

you can be simple with the snack or you can go full on BBQ picnic style. But if it’s simple that you want, nothing beats the sandwiches, biscuits and chopped fruits. Easy fruits like grapes (seedless of course), apples and bananas are great but if you have planned this trip for a while, you could prep up some melon, papaya and maybe some mango just as an example of messy fruits which needs cutting up.

5. Beach Mat

having sand on your hands and feet is great but when it’s time for a snack, you don’t really wanna be eating it as well.. the crush is so unbearable, seriously!

6. Tent or Beach Umbrella

Umbrella’s seem to be too much baggage for me to carry with my girls so I opt on bringing a tent with us which is light enough for even the littles to help out.. Depending on how many of you there are, there is a wide range of tents out there for a party of 2 all the way up to a party of 8 (yes, they exist and are so cool!). If you bring a small tent, you’d probably not be in it much because your stuff would overtake the whole tent. But it’s a great space for your littles to take a nap if needed.

6. Fan

Be it a hand fan or a small electric fan, the beach can get HOT to a point of URGH! Having a fan is always good to cool down the littles in between making sand castles and splashing in the water.

7. Whistle (for each child)

For safety reasons of course! sometimes our littles like to wonder off. Explain to them, when you blow your whistle if you can’t find them, they need to blow their whistle when they hear yours. That way you know if they’re just near by or far away. Just make sure you give them the whistles AT the beach and not IN the car!!

8. Baby Powder

OK.. Initially, i didn’t really believe this but when we went to Perhentian recently, I figured I’d give it a try and OMG!! The best idea EVER!! I would have a small tube of powder ready at the porch before getting into our room and would slap some on the girls before entering and in seriously does work. Every bit of sand just falls off. I swear by the use of baby powder to avoid sand everywhere!!

9. First Aid Kit

We always need to be safe than sorry. Doesn’t have to be a full on kit either. Most times, I have a small ziploc filled with little things in my bag.. Plasters, tiger balm, pawpaw ointment, magic oil (a family product of generations) and hand sanitiser.. simple as that! 🙂

10. Sun Hats

Hats are always great to keep the sun out of your childrens faces and to avoid monster burning too after all the sun screen has been rinsed off after a swim. Also avoids pre-mature wrinkles too since your little won’t have to squint so much because of the sun! :p

11. Diving Slate

Children just love drawing and drawing on paper on the beach is pretty much impossible. Why not try using a diving slate. I suggest this as I’m a diver myself and I have one at hand and found very useful for the girls. They simply love it! You could also try making one yourself, just try googling it.