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Sponsored Post: My Sunsilk Story


Donning the hijab was a HUGE step in my life, a challenging one too. I refused to go out in public and my social life turned a whole 360degrees and I felt like I was rejected.  ‘Dugaan’, they call it. I faced many obstacles which in a way had affected my self esteem. All I see the tudung is as a piece of cloth on my head, I’m still the same person I always was, just a bit more timid.


The humidity & heat and the hijab don’t come hand in hand. We tend to complain about how hot it is and me having a heavy head of hair, being cover on a daily basis in the sun isn’t very comfortable either. My solution? Sunsilk Lively and Clean shampoo!sunsilk menemanimu After using Sunsilk, My hair feels much fresher, less itchy, I feel much more confident and my hair smells great too! Hubby loves how good my hair smells and that’s a plus point! Even my tudungs aren’t stinky from a long day out (with kids) – I LOVE it!


With the whole Raya buzz, it’s inevitable for me to be in the kitchen covered from head to toe as people come and go to visiting and eat, eat and eat. Being cooped in a kitchen cooking, fully clothed, hijab is a bag of sweat, discomfort and itchy head of hair waiting to happen. Using Sunsilk Lively and Clean helps me avoid the itchy scalp and allows me to cook with ease – minus the sweat.


Being confident with my new appearance, I am getting back out in the open and putting my life on full speed ahead. I have started a own hijab line under L’adorn, a new parenting/child enrichment website (, I currently teach drama for kids between the age 3-6  and I am now venturing off to making Homemade Baby Food for the mummies who have no time to do it themselves.

Confidence comes from the self, not from the people around you. Your life is your own journey and only you have that steering wheel to keep it moving. For most women, our hair is an important asset and keeping it clean and healthy is a must, tudung or not.

Sunsilk Menemanimu

I’ve shared my hijab story at and maybe you should too! With a grand prize of RM20,000cash prize for you to achieve your aspiration, there’s nothing more easier to do. Not only that, you will also get a T‐shirt with your tudung journey illustration and also Sunsilk Products!!