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Oh My Love!!!

Just a few days ago while dropping Ariana off to school, a mummy was dropping of her little one (probably about 2yrs old) and he was screaming and crying his head off. I suppose his mummy was late and just kissed him and had the caretaker hang on to him as she walked off. I always knew that it was tough for a parent to leave their children while they go to work, but seeing that just made me sad and put a whole new light and have more respect to full time working parents.


Last night, I had to get ready for rehearsals. I’m currently working on a play for Joanna Bessey. It’s been a while since I’ve actually done some work besides teaching, so I’m really excited. But last night was the most difficult time I have EVER had to face.

Just as I served the girls their dinner, I told Ariana that I had to go to work later on and that her Grandad was gonna lie down with her before she goes to sleep. I usually sleep with her because I’ve weaned Ameera off night time feeds so now it’s just become a habit to sleep with Ariana. Anyways, Ariana was cool me going to work. So as I finished off making some homemade coconut oil, I unstrapped Ameera from her chair and took her to bed. Breastfed her for a while then put her in the cot. I don’t usually wait for Ameera to fall asleep as she is pretty good at self soothing.

After putting Ameera to bed, I prepped my stuff to wear for later then suddenly Ariana came upstairs crying. “What’s wrong?”, i asked. “I don’t want you to go to work all the time”, she replied. I told her that I was only going to be a couple of hours and that, as usual, when she wakes up i’ll be lying down right next to her. She refused and kept on crying. I started to get annoyed coz if she woke Ameera up, then that’ll be twice the battle and I’d be late for my rehearsals.

Bare in mind, Ariana hasn’t acted like this for a20150508_212431 VERY long time. I think the last time she had acted this way about me going to work was when i first started teaching at the Enfiniti Academy back in July last year. She had just turned 3 at the time.

“I don’t want to you work. you will leave me all day and I will miss you all day.” I just get real sad when she starts talking like that and yes, Ariana can be a bit drama at times. So I explain to her that, “mummy needs to go to work so I can pay for your school, buy you ice-cream, take you and Ameera to the bird park… If mummy doesn’t work, we can’t do all these things.”.. She looked at me with tears streaming down her eyes and said, “OK.”

So… Ariana went down stairs and I hurried into the bathroom. As I’m having a shower, I hear a knock on the door. “Come in!”, I said but nothing came from the other side. Then there’s knocking again. I turn the shower off (maklumlah water pressure is crap.. have the bising shower pump la kan) and ask her to come in. Ariana suddenly says something. I couldn’t hear clearly because she had her mouth right at the edge off the door. Then suddenly, I see a RM1 note being slid through the side of the door. “Baby, come inside my love.. I can’t hear you.” She opens the door.

“Is that for me?”, I said referring to the RM1. “Yeah mummy. Here I give you some money so you can come sleep with me, you don’t have to go to work.” My heart melted!! I wanted to cry. “Awww.. Thank you my love.. I would take you if I could sweetheart but I can’t”, I said.

Daaaahhhh mula daahh…. “I wanna go with you, mummy!! I wanna go!!! Bring me please!! Take me to your work!!!”

I’m all dressed and ready to go. She gets her shoes on hoping that I will bring her. “Sayang, you can’t come. I’m sorry.” She screams and cries. I sit her down on my lap and remind her that I will be coming home. That there is no way in the world that I would ever leave her. I reminded her that every time I go to work or go out in general that I will always come home. That I’m always by her side when she wakes up in the morning. She continues crying but I had no more time to console her so I whipped my tudung on, grabbed my keys and went out.

Before you know it, Ariana runs right past me, opens the car door, jumps in and closes the door behind her. I say that I was gonna take Grandads car. She flips! Screaming, crying, reaching out for me from inside the car. I open her door and she jumps out. I then hurry into the drivers side, she chases me and as she tries to open my door, I lock it. I put the window down a little to remind Ariana once again that I wasn’t going to be long and that I loved her very much. She grabs onto the window. My dad then comes to intervene and holds on to Ariana, releasing her hands from the car. I drive out. I see her run to the front sliding door screaming for me and as I drive along the side, there she is hanging from the grills of the side sliding doors. All I can hear is, “MUMMMYYYYYY!!!!!”

As I drive on, that huge boulder of guilt slammed on me. I started to cry a bit. I hated the fact that I had to go through all that. I hated the fact that there were other mummies that have to go through far more worse than I had just gone through, even worse; on a daily basis. I hated it. But alas, this may not be the last time this happens as the play stages in July and there will be more bedtimes without mummy.


I don’t work a 9-5 job, I am a part-timer. Most times when I am working is when Ariana is in school. Ameera does cause a struggle at times but I’m usually gone only a couple hours a day. When I’m lucky, I usually bring the girls along when i have events and flexible jobs.. For that, I am truly blessed..

To all you full-time working mummies out there. I salute you! I admire your struggle. I admire your strength. Here’s to a better future for our children. He’s to a better future for all of us, inshaAllah.


❤ Sofia: Freaked out!

The past couple of days have been rough.. As Ariana would say, “my heart run away!” which basically means, “i was so scared”, or i’m freaked out. How could freaking out be rough over these 2 days you may ask? Well, here goes….

First….. We were out at the play place on wednesday so I could let the girls drain out their energy and sleep early as I had a class to attend at 8pm. Ameera is in bed by 630pm most of the time but Ariana usually needs me to lie down with her until she passed out. Anywaaayy… We got to the play place by about 330pm so we could be there for at least 3 hours since they love they place so much, have a bit to eat and be home by 6 so they can mandi and get ready for bed..

So happens, an old friend happen to be there whom I haven’t seen for about 2 years. We set the kids free to run, jump and climb everywhere while we caught up with each other. While talking, Ameera was up the slide (she can go up the stair and down the slide unassisted now but I always wait at the bottom just in case), I see her kindda leaning forward so I reacted to that in a way that she might fall face forward down the slide. As my reflexes went, some how i tripped and fell on my face instead while Ameera was still up the slide waiting to come down. Using my hands to break my fall, the impact was pretty rough but it didn’t affect me so much.. But the next day, I felt as if my muscle has just torn and my arm was about to fall off. I could still move my arm and whatever but the pain was so WOW!!

Today (the day after the play place), while preparing dinner, Ameera happened to have a plastic fork in her hand. I wanted to take it from her then she ran off like she always does when we wanna confiscate something she enjoys playing with AND/or is related to FOOD. Enjoying the fun run, she puts the fork in her mouth WHILE running the trips over the carpet and falls face first. MAN! seriously! What happened next is like…. seriously.. can’t even rethink it….


She gets up and the fork is stuck in the carpet but snapped in half, i check her mouth for any pieces and blood is pouring out of her mouth!!! I pick her up, rush straight into the kitchen to rinse her mouth but the blood just kept coming out.. Wearing nothing but her nappy, I grab a towel for her mouth, grab a tudung, grab Ariana, strapped them both in the car and drove straight to out neighbourhood doctor.. But as we got into the car, she had stopped crying. The blood had stopped oozing out. She starts asking for her shoes. I ask her, “Are you ok, baby?”, she says, “yeah!”. Just then, I fingured, ok, the wound might not be that bad but I should take her to get it checked anyway. Just in case.

I parked the car and Ameera shouts out, “YEY! wok! wok!” (Wok = walk). I say to her, “lets go see doctor first, then we can go walk, ok baby?”, “Yeh!”, she replies.

Ok… You may think I’m nuts to be having a conversation with a 17month old baby but you know what, these babies really do know what you’re saying to them if you speak to them properly since the day they were born, mashaAllah.

So I put her shoes on, Ariana jumps out of the car with us and we go see the doctor. Alhamdulillah, the there was noone waiting so we just walked straight into the doctors office. Doctor tries to have a look inside Ameeras mouth but of course, put anything in a babys (who enjoys eating) mouth and they would think you’re feeding them! LOL! So we pretended to brush her teeth because she likes brushing her teeth.. “AAAAAAHHHHHHHH….. chekeh chekeh chekeh….” she opens her mouth and doctors says that the wouldn’t isn’t bad and if it were, the bleeding wouldn’t have stopped. I kindda figured that out already when the bleeding did stop but nothing wrong with having someone confirm my thoughts.

I asked if she’d be able to eat and if she did, would it possibly sting. Doctor told me to give her 2 hours before I fed her. Problem was, she was to go to sleep within the hour, so he said to just give it a try. What happened you may ask? When we got home, I served the girls their dinner and Ameera just gobbled everthing up like she usually does. Alhamdulillah for no difficulty on that.

So that was my rough couple of days. My arm is still killing me though. But you know what, alhamdulillah Ameera is fine. Alhamdulillah it wasn’t a pencil in her mouth! Seriously, if it were one of Ariana’s colour pencils, I donno… I don’t even wanna imagine. Alhamdulillah it was a plastic fork. Alhamdulillah the fork broke upon impact. Alhamdulillah! Alhamdulillah! Alhamdulillah!!!

Has something like this ever happened to you? How did you react to it?



God is Great! Allahuakbar! May He protect my family from any harm, the seen and the unseen. May He protect all of us. May bless us all with much strength and patience in raising our children towards the deen. May we all be amongst the righteous. May we strive to meet him and our beloved Prophet  in the Hereafter. Aameen


A day as a pedestrian ..

One thing i really dislike are Malaysian drivers. Be it when I’m driving or when I’m walking.

I’m not much of a walker as most places I tend to go aren’t really walking distance and if they are, it’s way too hot to walk (excuse).

mom & stroller

It was a beautiful day. It had rained all morning so it wasn’t too hot in the afternoon. My car battery had died (dugaan betul) so I decided to walk to my sisters place, which according to waze (just checked) is 3.6km away from my house. I figured, since it was a nice day that I would go for a stroll. I got ready, got Ameera ready, got the pram ready, put Ameera in the pram and we headed out. Just as we strolled up the slope, I felt that the pram was feeling a bit wonky. Rupanya the tyres were low on air. Alhamdulillah there’s a petrol station just 2 minutes away (8 minutes on foot) so we went to go put some air in the tyres. As we got there, ramai orang la pulak pumping up their tyres so I went inside and gots me an energy drink and a yummy strawberry ribena.. yum! Didn’t get Ameera anything as she is strictly on a H2O diet. LOL!

As we got back to the tyre pumping place, one guy had left and another had already taken up one pump while the saaaammmeee guy at the other pump was still there. He kindda gave me that, “what does she want?” look. Slowly he pumps air into his tyres one by one, just when i thought he was done on the last tyre………. GLUMP… he pops up his boot and fills up his spare tyre pulak. Alhamdulillah for my patience i tell you. haha!! After the spare tyre, he had finally put the pump back, drove out and it was MY TURN! YEY!

The last time I filled air into the prams tyres, the petrol guy helped me out. That same day I was out in a mall when all of a sudden…. BANG! I swear people thought a gun had gone off. This was in a shoe store ya, the girl girl kinda of place with lots of girl girl kinda people on lunch break.. haha! don’t terasa ya :p….

Aaaaannnyyywhooooooo…. the big bang was actually the tyre of my pram blowing up. I saw it happen with my own two eyes!! the tyre all of a sudden started inflating by itself, it looked like some funky balloon sculpturing thing going on then BANG! it just blew up. crazy yo! Rupanya, this happened because the tyre had been over pumped causing some sort of a reaction to climate causing the air in the tyre to expand. Wallahi i have no idea how but it is now my mission to find out. 🙂

Long story short, I filled the tyres myself this time and made sure they weren’t over pumped.

We went on our little journey.

During the first 10 minutes of our walk, there were a couple of guys on motorbikes riding along the same road about 3 times until they came to a stop near where I was going to walk so i thought to myself that I should avoid these guys just in case. Never know what may happen these days kan, so to be sure, I waited at the lights for an opportunity to cross. In our neighbourhood, there are bicycle lanes everywhere painted in blue so if its bike friendly, its surely pram and wheelchair friendly too, which is awesome. As we crossed the road, there was a car which had stopped at the red lights but literally blocked the ramp to cross the road. Nice enough, since there were no cars behind, the driver reversed to give me way, followed by a wave saying sorry. I waved back with a smile and crossed bringing me to another junction where vehicles turn left. A cement lorry was coming in to turn left and to my surprise, he flashed me a highlight indicating for me to cross. MashaAllah, kind person indeed.

We carried on.

Throughout our stroll, there are trees everywhere so we were practically shaded most of the time but on the ground there was rubbish everywhere and bushes and construction leftovers. Made me feel like on our next walk (if it were to happen) I should bring a bin bag along and pick up some litter. Don’t even talk about mosquitoes! URGH! Thank God I always have inset repellent in my bag for the kids. whipped it out and sprayed both Ameera AND the pram. LOL. Don’t want them poopoos with wings hovering around my baby girl. bring it!! pssssss pssssss!

Speaking of rubbish and construction debris. On our walk I had noticed that many of the drainage holes where literally clogged to the brim with dirt and dust. I must say, I have never failed to see the sweepers cleaning up the roads and just throwing the contents of their shovels into the drains. I think something should be done about that.

Arriving at the next traffic light crossing to get back on my initial track, which by the way is brand new, has working buttons and actually works! I pressed the button to cross, the red man lit up and we waited for the green man to appear. And so he did. So we went to cross when suddenly we were set aback by a car (licensed ***6271, with a P sticker) which had no attempt to stop or even slow down to let us pass, he just sped through the red light WHILE I was crossing the road WITH A PRAM!! The nerve, seriously. So after that dumdum went by, other cars stopped and let us pass. On the other direction pulak, cars had also stopped but the motorbikes (the ones i mentioned earlier) were beeping their horn alerting me that they weren’t gonna stop and just raced through the red light as well. My green man was already blinking and I hate having people wait when they have a green light coz I myself would get annoyed if people crossed when cars are suppose to be driving on. This is what causes traffic sometimes.

And we walked on.

Most of the walk was pretty pleasant. Ameera enjoyed the view although the sounds of speeding cars and bikes passing by did scare her a little. She’d react to the sounds of the birds and the dogs. She was enjoying the sights of the trees around her and the clouds above.

We had walked out of our neighbourhood entering another neighbourhood. Kind of a posh area la jugak. Sini pulak another bike case. Here I am, walking on a pedestrian/bicycle walk then a motorbike was riding behind me. Terasa like he was cucuking me jugak. You know like how fast drivers go so close to your car from behind that you’re like URGH and you move to the middle lane to let him go? AH! Macam tu la I felt. So I moved aside to let him pass and he did. Walking on, he came back, ON the pedestrian walk but this time stopped on the side a bit to let me pass (this is a security guard ya btw). So I asked him, “you cannot use the road is it?”. He then replied, “I cucuk kunci security je”. OK la, but if there are people walking on a narrow walk with a big bulky pram, at least be a bit more considerate la kan? Go take the yellow line on the road la at least.

So he went on to his business and we walked on.

Ni dah probably about 3km dah jalan. The sun was beginning to blaze. And we were approaching yet another nieghbourhood then the pedestrian walk just…… stops… Its not like its a dodgy neighbourhood, it’s pretty prestige. But the walk just stops. There are crossing on the road but nothing safe enough for a person to walk on. Crossing at the lights we had to walk on carpet grass (golf club area kan) which was difficult coz prams aren’t made for that sort of stuff. After the grass, it was just road. The same road as the cars are driving on and this road is super busy. Dah la I’m walking the same direction as the cars, the road was narrow, anything could have happened. But alhamdulillah nothing did.

My sister stays in a high security condo and I have no idea where my key card is so I got my phone to call my dad who was there as he took Ariana over to play with her cousins. I told him I was 5 minutes away and that I needed him to come get me from the lobby. “macamana you datang?”, he asked. Then my phone died. IT DIED! Thank God i managed to ask him to get me in 5 minutes if not there, another mission ya’ni!

We finally made it to my sister place in one piece. Greeted by a loud scream, “MUMMY” from Ariana with a tight hug a big kiss. It’s as if she was gone all week! LOL. My niece came along and dad was there too. We went straight to the pool so the girls could have a quick dip while all I wanted to do was slap my bum onto a chair, or couch, and not got up for a while.. hahaha..

It was a pleasant walk, it really was. Just those inconsiderate drivers/riders gave the trip a little more oomph to it. LOL. A couple of friends called it an adventure and I didn’t even tell them this story. Can’t wait to hear about what they will say after they read this. HAHA! (I love you girls, wallahi. Next time I need a ride, I will call, inshaAllah.)


Ameera: Full Speed Ahead!!

A year has past… YES! I KNOW! SO FAAASSSTTTT!!! Ameera had actually turned 1 on September 21st.. I had recently went onto my old blog and read about Ariana’s progress at more or less the same age and mashaAllah how different their progress is!! Ariana at this age had such a huge vocabulary, she said words like bear, bebehbebbies (teletubbies), babe, daddy, ball and she was even making the sounds of animals like lion, sheep, cat, dog and a few more.. Ameera on the other hand hasn’t got there yet. No rush though, I’m actually ok with it as all children develop differently.


The things Ameera does do however are:

DANDAD – grandad
DIH – drink.. hehe
MAMMM –  mamam, eat
SUSSSS – when she wants milk from the breastaurant
FFFuh – fish

WEK WEK – quacking of a duck
UFF – woof
AWWWWWW – when she gives people (mainly toys, kitty and Ariana. oh! and pillows..) hugs
she smacks her lips together when she wants kisses (also mainly toys, kitty and Ariana…. LOL)
mmMMMmmm – when she sees food (pantang nampak makanan nih!!)
BBBRRRRRR – wants to go on a car ride

It’s such a pleasure to see her grow by the day. She started walking properly on her birthday, that was a gift within itself but maaaaannnnnnn the chasing!! hahahaha!!! But it’s all good and fun! She is alot more steadier now, not as wild as Ariana was at her age. Ariana, at the time, was already running about the play places without any assistance, climbing up the slides and wouldn’t even care whether or not you were there. Ameera however is cautious. She always makes sure you’re there to watch over her in case she slips. It nice really but I think she’s getting a bit too clingy that I need to do something about it. :p

ariana and ameera

The relationship between Ameera and Ariana is great, alhamdulillah. Ariana does get annoyed sometimes when Ameera comes and breaks over her lego towers and touches the ipad screen while she is watching peppa pig. But all in all, they have such loving characters. They always wanna hug and kiss each other, Ariana teaches Ameera how to colour, they hold each others hands when they walk… the loving list goes on and, by Allah, I hope that doesn’t change.

ariana and ameera love

Raising two children is tough especially when there isn’t much help but when there is, I am super thankful for it. Having the WHOLE DAY with the girls is a hard time when I need to cook 2 different consistencies, bathe two children, put two children to bed, feed one gotta feed the other,  clean up toys, clean dirty bums, change dirty clothes, laundry, dishes, folding, mopping, sweeping, eeeevvveeerrrything lah! I even bring them both to most of my meeting and events. LOL.I don’t know how people with more than two children, maidless, especially back in the day, do/did it! I really don’t!I am sooooo glad my girls sleep early and that I have some alone time at night. Then again, it’s night time and here I am.. typing.. not sleeping.. not watching tv.. playing a little bit of COC.. scratching horrible itchy  mosquito bites.. sooooooo wanting to go to sleep.. Funny thing is, I could actually sleep early if I wanted to because Ameera sleeps at 6om while Ariana sleeps at 730pm (sometimes 9pm [-_-] but she is in her room the whole time)..

Any tips on managing your time? That’s one thing I really suck at!

happy birthday maybank


You always cringe when you hear about banking. Having to pay bills, loans, credit cards and whatever.. But that cringe would simply go away after watching this video. mashaAllah.

Maybank had recently celebrated its 54th birthday on the 12th of September (didn’t even know banks had birthdays). Since Maybank’s birthday, Team Maybank travelled around the country bringing surprises to their loyal customers to show their appreciation for helping them grow and get as far as they are. THIS, my dear friends is part of Maybank’s ongoing efforts to #humanisingbanking.

Customers were surprised and some were even in tears of joy when Maybank delivered personalised tokens of appreciation such as sponsored hospital treatments, education funds and even all-expense paid trips to Legoland for families Team Maybank had personally visited in their very own homes. SubahanAllah! Long standing customers were given iPads while walk-in customers in Maybank’s branches received shopping vouchers! Wish I was one of those lucky customers….. Seriously!!



This idea of giving instead of receiving something on your birthday is awesome. Especially when it comes from someone you least expect….. A BANK! Maybe we could start doing that too!

Way To Go Maybank! Nice work and great idea!!!

The looks on the customer’s faces are priceless! Even made me cry! Seriously, another person’s happiness can bring soooo much joy to another; it could even be Maybank’s best birthday gift it could ever receive from its customers!



Sponsored Post: My Sunsilk Story


Donning the hijab was a HUGE step in my life, a challenging one too. I refused to go out in public and my social life turned a whole 360degrees and I felt like I was rejected.  ‘Dugaan’, they call it. I faced many obstacles which in a way had affected my self esteem. All I see the tudung is as a piece of cloth on my head, I’m still the same person I always was, just a bit more timid.


The humidity & heat and the hijab don’t come hand in hand. We tend to complain about how hot it is and me having a heavy head of hair, being cover on a daily basis in the sun isn’t very comfortable either. My solution? Sunsilk Lively and Clean shampoo!sunsilk menemanimu After using Sunsilk, My hair feels much fresher, less itchy, I feel much more confident and my hair smells great too! Hubby loves how good my hair smells and that’s a plus point! Even my tudungs aren’t stinky from a long day out (with kids) – I LOVE it!


With the whole Raya buzz, it’s inevitable for me to be in the kitchen covered from head to toe as people come and go to visiting and eat, eat and eat. Being cooped in a kitchen cooking, fully clothed, hijab is a bag of sweat, discomfort and itchy head of hair waiting to happen. Using Sunsilk Lively and Clean helps me avoid the itchy scalp and allows me to cook with ease – minus the sweat.


Being confident with my new appearance, I am getting back out in the open and putting my life on full speed ahead. I have started a own hijab line under L’adorn, a new parenting/child enrichment website (, I currently teach drama for kids between the age 3-6  and I am now venturing off to making Homemade Baby Food for the mummies who have no time to do it themselves.

Confidence comes from the self, not from the people around you. Your life is your own journey and only you have that steering wheel to keep it moving. For most women, our hair is an important asset and keeping it clean and healthy is a must, tudung or not.

Sunsilk Menemanimu

I’ve shared my hijab story at and maybe you should too! With a grand prize of RM20,000cash prize for you to achieve your aspiration, there’s nothing more easier to do. Not only that, you will also get a T‐shirt with your tudung journey illustration and also Sunsilk Products!!


breast shield nipple stuck

with love, Sofia: What The Nips!!

I remember when I was feeding Ariana I use to pump very often as well for the “just in case moments”, milk for her cereal, cocoa with warmed breast milk, etc…

I did go through some difficulties. Same thing happened when pumping for Ameera just a few days ago. I know for a fact that others go through the same thing as when I went for a consultation, I bumped into a male friend who went to find out about the same thing for his wife who was still in confinement.

I know, I know. What? What? Right?

Well, to my surprise, many of us breastfeeding, milk pumping mummies get their nips sucked too deep into their pump, well breast shield, that it doesn’t only cause pain to us mums but it also causes stress which causes milk production to slow down. This does not only happen to mums with big boobies, (YES! IT’S TRUE!) this can happen to practically anyone.


I had discovered that the brand of pump I use actually sells a range of different size breast shields and they aren’t cheap either. So I went ahead a bought one size up. It worked the first few times but then then same problem occurred. “Takkan I need to get a bigger one”, I thought. So I had hubs to to the shop to get a size bigger for me since it was all the way in Bangsar and I hate driving in traffic (which is literally inevitable in this country init?!).

Got the new size and still the same thing happened. It was really starting to annoy me so I decided to go back to the initial shield and it worked again, for a while then the problem came back. By this time I had already every size there was. some were just too humongous that I would never ever use it again so I had the choice between the small and the medium.

These problem kept reoccurring and I began to loose my cool with this pump, so I started doing some troubleshooting of my own.

First of all, I noticed that every time this complication happened, there is milk on the shield around the areola area. This so happens to cause the nipple to slide into the shield causing it to block the pump. So what I did was dry the area and just put some tissue to keep it dry and viola, mystery solved!

So if this happens to happen to you, just dry up the area. Also, avoid leaning back too much which is the main reason why this happens. If you lean back then comes the laws of gravity. Leaning back just makes the milk to fill up un the breast shield and not drip into the bottle until the bottle is full.

Hope this helps mummies who go through the same problem and save you some money too!


with love, Sofia: Potty training – From Nappies to Panties

I’ve always been asked about how I managed and how Ariana dealt with potty training so fast. To date, Ariana has been nappy-free since she was 2 years 7 months old, that’s about 6 months now, alhamdulillah. Although, I want to add that she does still wear a nappy at night. This is because i’m soooooo lazy to clean the sheets on nights she accidently pees the bed :p. Also, i allow her to bring her tumbler into bed with her hence she drinks lots of water throughout the night.

Not long after Ariana had turned 2, mum suggested that it was time that I started potty training Ariana. Thing is, I wasn’t ready to face the challenge. Flashbacks of a certain image came into my mind! When I got pregnant the first time, I remember my sister sending me a picture with a text saying, “are you ready for this??!” or something like that. I was grossed out. It was a picture of poop in the middle of her living room floor. LOL! Now you understand why I wasn’t ready? haha!

potty trainingBy the time I was ready to start Ariana with the potty, a good friend of mine who had recently moved home at the time had given me a big load of stuff for Ariana. Toys, animated wall tiles, dolls and even a potty (see above)! I had already got a potty (see below) from mum’s friend for Ariana’s 2nd birthday so I figured, to make things easier, I could have one potty upstairs in her room and the other downstairs in the living room. No hassle having to bring one all around the house.

potty training

To initiate the training, I started off with changing from baby nappy to the pull up nappies, telling her that she’s a big girl now and that she can take off her nappy like a big girl when she needs to go to the toilet. HAHA! She did that alright! I would, once in a while, step in a puddle of pee in the house and boy it sucked! Thank God she only pooped on the floor once, and she was super proud of it too!! Bless her, seriously!

After the many times telling her to let us know that she needs to either poopoo or peepee, she finally got it. she would scream out that she needed to go and run straight to the potty. All the happened within a week. After that achievement, Ariana decided she wanted to be a real big girl and use the adult toilet because she has one of those kiddy seats on the toilet in my bathroom.

potty training

Of course there were some funny slip ups here and there, enjoying the sight of her poop coming (now she calls the mummy poopoo, daddy poopoo and baby poopoo). BEWARE a child (girls) watching her pee (on a big toilet) only makes the pee spray out and get all over the seat and floor. But all in all, I am proud.

It did take a while before I was confident enough to take Ariana out without her having a nappy on but she gave me the green light and let me know that she was ready.

It all happened when we were stuck in a traffic jam and she needed to pee,it was the first day we tried taking her out nappy-less. We were 5 minutes from home without traffic, in traffic, give or take 15 minutes. The nearest bathroom was less than 1km away but in traffic it seemed like 10 miles away! I asked if she could hold it in without knowing if she knew what I meant and she said, yes. We finally made the turn into the nearby restaurant and i ran to the toilet with her in my arms. ppppsssshhhhhhhhhh WE MADE IT! SHE DID IT! BIG HIGH-FIVE!! That pride a mother feels at a moment like that is just like the happiness and pride you feel when you watch your little baby take her first step or say his first word. Super proud OK!!

I still consider her fully trained because she does wake up most nights to go toilet and wakes up in the morning with a dry nappy. OKAY OKAY! She’s not fully completely trained but I (the lazy mum) will not want to risk it as I would be risking waking up Ameera (baby number 2) in the process of cleaning up in the middle of the night. NOT FUN OKAY! Plus, if it were her own bed, I really wouldn’t care but it’s my bed sooooooo, yeah!! haha!


with love, Sofia: Lung Leavin’ Day


I am such a softie when it comes to life changing experiences and recently I had come across a story which had really touched me.

Not long ago, someone had approached me and asked if I could read her story and mashaAllah what strength she has.

Here’s just a short story this amazing woman had shared with me:

I am an 8-year survivor of mesothelioma – a rare cancer caused by asbestos exposure. When I was diagnosed, I had just given birth to my little girl and was told I had 15 months to live. After undergoing a risky surgery, which required

the removal of my left lung, I beat the odds and created LungLeavin’ Day as a way to commemorate this day that changed my life forever.

LungLeavin’ Day is held every year on February 2 and it is used to encourage others to face their fears! Each year, we gather around a fire in our backyard with our friends and family, write our biggest fears on a plate and smash them into the fire. We celebrate for those who are no longer with us, for those who continue to fight, for those who are currently going through a tough time in their life, and most importantly, we celebrate life!

Although LungLeavin’ Day has passed, it will you so much but only God is the one who decides ones fate. Each day is a blessing, a day to be celebrated. A day given by God for that chance to be thankful for all

that He has bestowed upon us. Life is taken far too lightly, until something bad happens and this is something I try to remind myself every day.

To know more about Heathers story, check out it is a very cute and simple page with such great impact!

Find out more on Mesothelioma and how it is caused head straight to


with love, Sofia: Early sleep, enough sleep = the best sleep

Before motherhood, my sleeping pattern was inconsistant and usually bonkers. I’d sleep at about 4am and be up at 2pm, on my off days. If I were filming, I’d be up at 6am and asleep at 3am, no, not much sleep at all.

Now that I’m a mother of 2 beautiful children (mashaAllah) and a stay at home mum aka SAHM, I have at least 14 hours sleep at night and about 4-6 hours during the day. While a 1 year old requires 12 hours at night with two 2 hour naps during the day.

When I say routine, I mean all round routine including nighttime feeding.

I have been blessed with good sleepers but this could also be because I put them to sleep when they let me know when they are sleepy.
“How does a baby tell you they are sleepy?”
Simple, they yawn. Us grown ups yawn when we’re tired right? But we of course fight this tiredness because we are either too busy during the day to take a 45 minute nap or dont want to sleep early at night (because it just isn’t cool to sleep early).
They also get grumpy (“I wanna go to sleep!”) and their eyes go red (“put me to sleep already”) or they as usual, cry (“what is wrong with you? I need to sleep!!!”)
When your baby is tired and you dont want any fuss, put them to sleep when they want to sleep.

My daily routine with my first born was pretty strict because from what I have read and now experienced, a happy child is one whom has had enough sleep. Even my in laws thought I was too strict, but I promise it was is well worth it!

Keeping a routine was pretty easy but this came with alot of sacrifices too. I would have to be home at 4pm everyday (if I were out) to get the baby bathed and ready for bed.
By 5pm, lights were out (I have a street light right outside my window so there is no need for a night light) and we were in bed for a little talk and then it was susu time. She was asleep by 530pm.

In the beggining, Ariana would be up 3-4 times at night but after changing her day time routine, she would only wake up twice at night. How? Here’s a basic sample of a daily schedule I had for Ariana:

3-6 months old
630am – wake up and susu
730am – bath time – susu
8am – nap
10am – play time/social time – susu.
11am – nap
1pm – play time/social time – susu
2pm – nap
4pm – play time -mandi time – susu
530pm – sleep
930pm – susu
1230am – susu
3am – susu
630am – wake up

To avoid too many feeds at night, make sure you feed baby long enough during the 9pm feed so that you could eventually push the midnight feed to a later time allowing you more sleep at night and baby full too. Once you’ve conquered that battle, routine can look something like this….

7am – wake up and susu
9am – bath time – susu
10am – nap
12pm – play time/social time – susu
2pm – nap
5pm – play time -mandi time – susu
530pm – sleep
930pm – susu
1am – susu
630am – wake up

To reduce the night feeding, you have to make sure you feed well during the day. If you feed so much at night, baby wont be wanting to eat during the day because he is already getting enough at night. So try switching the ‘feeding enough at night’ to being ‘feeding enough during the day’. So by the time your child is a year old, you can cut one night feed at a time starting with the 9pm feed then eventually eliminating the 1am feed. Once that is done, your childs routine will look something like this:

12 months – 2years
7am – wake up – susu – breakfast
9am – mandi – susu
10am – nap
12pm – lunch – play
2pm – nap
4pm – snack – play
530pm – dinner – mandi – susu
630pm – sleep
1am – susu
7am – wakeup

Ariana has now started play school which requires he to be in class by 930 am but I send her at 9am so that she can play with the children who arrive early (working parents) and also because the school setup a little obstacle course for them everyday. So her (She turns 3 in April) current schedule is:

7am – wake up
8am – breakfast – mandi
9am – school
1230pm – lunch
2pm – nap (sometimes)
4pm – play
6pm – dinner – mandi
7/730pm – sleep
7am – wake up

Of course it is sometimes a battle put your active toddler to bed at times, especially during nap times but they will give in soon enough because they know they are tired. Just take her to bed and layan that cute little imagination for 5 minutes and then tell her that its time to relax, close your eyes and go to sleep. It works so well, even mummy passes out by 830pm too!!

All the best and I hope this helps you.. please keep in mind that this is only from my own personal experience on putting my own children to sleep. If you have any inquiries at all, please dont hesitate to get in touch and I will help best way I can. Also, I am not a sleep therapist nor am I a doctor. I just think of ways I would try myself and if what I do or suggest doesnt work, the grab a couple of books (I would recommend Gina Ford books) and find out from an expert :p