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Little update on Life

It’s been so long since i last posted anything and i apologise as i’ve been busy with my new chapter in life.

As you know, last year was a blast. The girls and I were living on an amazing island where I homeschooled a couple of children as well as my own and I also ran the kids club at the particular resort.

But that’s all over now. Today, I am now a full-time working mum. I currently head the PR, Marketing and Events department for TOMS, the Giving Company. Never heard of TOMS? You will soon on my next update. 😉 (which will hopefully be soon!! LOL)

But I must say, as much as the girls and I miss the island terribly, I am enjoying my job very much. It took a while for me to get into a routine. Sitting at a desk and looking a my laptop all day but I now enjoy it more now than when I said that I enjoyed it 3 months ago. I mean, put me with sneakers, creative writing and charity and I’m all for it!!

The girls have been put in a school which I really hate them being in as it is too academic based and I really don’t like how things are run there but they’ve just been taken over and I’m giving them the benefit of a doubt to see if there would be any improvements. So far, not happy. But to be frank, it’s all i can currently afford and it’s extremely convenient for me at the moment as I try to get back on my feet.

It’s been tough, I must say. From being a stay at home mum to living on a remote island to taking up an office job.. But hey! Life goes on and you gotta just take everything with a pinch of salt.

I’ve decided that I’m gonna kindda change the way this blog goes too.. a little bit of a face lift here and there.. some new things are coming up which involve my girls and we’re super excited.

But it’s now 02:06 and I’m woring in the morning so I better head to bed…

Looking forward to more blog splurts and a better future.. but lets just look forward for tomorrow and think about how blessed out today is (was)..


good night!






Water For Life

As you may have seen on my Instagram page, I’ve had the greatest opportunity to get involved in a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) programme called “Water For Life”. This programme was developed by PETRONAS Dagangan Berhad (PDB) to strengthen their position as a responsible corporate citizen amongst Malaysians.. “Water For Life” was initiated in 2013 in collaboration with the Malaysian Nature Society (MNS) and is targeted to provide villagers with access to uninterrupted clean water supply.

Being privileged and living in the city, we tend to take advantage of having clean water and when water is low or even cut for a few hours, we freak out.. Imagine living in a small village where water comes from the actual source and maintenance may be minimal but hard work and needed to be done by yourself.. We (city people) for instance have people doing it all for us and we done see how all of these things can affect our lives..

Now in their 4th year, PETRONAS, MNS and volunteers (including me) got together and set out to Dungun, Terengganu to help restore the water infrastructure to over 150 families in both Kampung Jongok Batu and Kampung Belimbing.


posing for the cameras

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im losing it (previous title).. love them (new title)

Things have been very rocky in my life and I must admit, marriage hasn’t been great either. Pregnancy with Ariana was of course great. Everyone gets excited when it’s their first child and pregnancy was a breeze. I didn’t even feel like I was pregnant. During my pregnancy with Ameera, however, I wasnt a very happy person, but of course I have my crazy pregnancy hormones to blame for that. Iwas depressed and very lonely. At the same time, I didnt get very much support emotionally. My family is the kind that live and let live. We all have problems, we deal with them. My husband didnt really know how to handle the situation and he decided to either work overtime or spend his free time playing PES or FIFA with his friends. Understood but still, not a way to deal with things. I mean, we tried to do date nights and stuff but it seemed like the only place we’d go together was grocery shopping. Continue reading


Letter #2

Today was a not so busy day but for some reason I have been so tired.. But that doesn’t really matter..What matters is what you did..


Ariana… oh my Ariana.. My darling love whom lives on the fast  lane.. You don’t wanna stop growing up and you try so hard to speed the process.. LOL.. really you do!! Over the past week, Aunty Julies helper has been staying with us and she’s been such a blessing.. the place is been so tidy, it’s been good for bothe the eyes and the soul.. LOL.. (here’s hoping you guys just keep it up.. well, ME.. urgh!) Today Ririn took you and Ameera to the park then YOU my darling, decided to come home all by yourself.. The park may not be so far away but you need to cross a main road to get there and that was reallly dangerous of you.. There was no shouting at you but honey…… you needed to know that you we love you enough to not allow you to ross that road again.. but of course we don’t expect you to listen immedately because this is all a learning process.. your independant heart is so risky, I pray Allah blesses you with Angels to protect you my love..


Ameera… le trouble maker… You make such a big step today. today, you were a big girl and did a peepee in the potty!! Yeeeyyyy!! What was funny is that you did a good job at peeing but you forgot to take off your panties.. LOL.. but of course thats a learning process as well.. I’m glad you’ve started doing this now just before we move to perhentian coz it’ll be real funny walking down the beach seeing baby droppings on at walk along the beach.. hahaha!!

No matter what you guys do, I hope you know that I love you so much… I’m sorry if i’ve been pretty agro lately but I’ve had so much going on here and in my mind… You’ll find out what is it soon enough…


Love, Mummy


Letters to my daughters

I’ve been thinking lots lately and every day my girls just keep coming up with the funniest or strangest or smartest things ever.. I mean, so funny I wanna write it down as soon as they say/do it.. So I’ve decided to write some little letters to my girls (of which I will also email to them. yeah.. i’m psyco.. i’ve created email addresses for my girls already.. LOL) for them to read when they get older and they could laugh about the things they did when they were… well…. today.. haha..


so here goes with letter #1


the past few days have been wonderful.. We haven’t had a rant at each other for days and seriously, rant is more of an understatement.. Today we went to the bird park.. you and your little sister were amazing together and thats just how i picture the 2 of you will be till the day i die. You get so proud when you and Ameera share things with each other and I’m just as proud of you are, I will never stop telling you both how amazing you are. At the bird park, you volunteered to hold a hulahoop for the bird to fly through. you’ve ALWAYS wanted to do that and I’m so happy that you had your chance.


OH!! just so i don’t forget.. a couple of days ago, you asked for a little makeup palette for your birthday but since it as only RM10, i decided to get it for you on that day itself and you were over the moon. You planned to take it to school to show your friends the very next day… to your disappointment, you forgot your makeup and cried your eyes out but “womaned up” after i said you could take it to school after the weekend.

I’m so proud of how strong you are bubba! you da best!


Today you showed so much courage at the bird park. you actually kept the milk cup in your hands as the birds drank from it. Usually, I would be helping you out but today, you made me proud. You have yet to master the giving the bird a kuachi part though.. soon my love, soon.


You didn’t have your nap today because Ariana, as usual, wouldn’t stop talking and playing with you at the back of the car. It drove me mad. seriously, you girls can seriously drive this mummy up the wall!! Anyhow, we got to mummy’s meeting with Uncle Adam and you were a bit grouchy.. so grouchy that you sat on my lap and passed out.. LOL!! You have not done that in the longest time!!  it was actually so funny coz i did a little something naughty and uncle Adam recorded it.. (mummy is still contemplating whether or not I should post it up here.. hahahha!!)


other than that, you have been the bully to ariana as usual… I do pray this will change.. but it’s you and i love it.. haha! Love you so much my little monster!!


KL Bird Park

The KL Bird Park has just got to be one of our top5 most favourite places to go.. To be honest, I had never step foot in there until I had Ariana.. Ariana and I have been going to the KL Bird Park before Ariana was even walking!! She has always found the birds to be simply fascinating and I don’t blame her.

KL Bird Park is the WORLDS largest free-flight walk-in aviary and worth every cent you pay.. Ticket prices are different for locals (with a MyKad) and tourists. Why? I find it a great idea to do that because it attracts us locals to go to places like that. We too should be able to enjoy our local beauty without having to pay such high prices.. We can’t afford that anymore..


ANYWAY!!!! The best way I save money since we go so often is get a yearly membership. So happens, last year the KL Bird Park had some lucky draw thing and since we bought tickets, we could slip our name in the jar to be in the running to win a one year membership worth RM80. Alhamdulillah, I get an email telling me that we had won!! Ariana and I were so excited. It’s already awesome that children below the age of 3 can enter for free then having a membership which allow 1 adult and 1 child in, thats just perfect!! All we had to pay for was food and pitures (if we took them).. So we went to the bird park almost every month or at least every 2 months!! Our membership had expired the day before we went to the park last week but to renew it only cost RM40!! Yup! It’s awesome! Soooooo worth it even if you go only twice a year!


As you can see, there are peacocks flying about free practically everywhere. You eat ice-cream, they’d literally run to you begging for some!! Obviously I don’t allow the girls to see the bird ice-cream!! Although, i did let them feed some fish food since they were feeding the fish… (Am I bad bad person??? will the birds get a tummy ache?? get sick?? DIE??? astagfirullah!!)

There are fish pond in most places with dispensers where you can buy food for just RM1 but make sure you bring some old 50coins because sometimes the shops run out of change even in the mornings.. So I make sure I bring at least RM5 worth for the girls to enjoy themselves..


This time we went to the Bird Park, the bird show was called off due to rain. Yes! We were stuck in the park for about an hour before we could walk out only to get stuck again for another hour. Unfortunately, I didn’t take any photos of the education centre we were stuck in during the rain but it was a pretty cool place. It had information on the birth cycle of a chicken, ostrich eggs for you to step on just to prove how strong the eggs are and seriously, they are strong! I stood on them with Ameera in my arms once and not even a crack! subhanAllah! There is also a little hatchery for chickens and ducks in the next learning house but you can’t touch them, though sadly some people do (NOT US OKAY!!)..


What we did manage to do before the rain was Ariana’s favourite.. Feeding the birds.. All you have to do is donate a bare minimum of RM2 and you will get either a cup of milk or a cup of kuachi (pumpkin seeds) to feed the birds.. If the dude on duty is in a good mood, most times he’d fill you up again for free. But we usually put more than RM2 in the donation box because we want the birds to be well taken care of.


I must say though.. I food served in the Hornbill Restaurant is real good.. Once when we went to the planetarium, we decided to just eat here because it’s food was good and you also get a good view of the park.. Not just that, most times while you’re eating, the birds are usually up in the trees watching.. So if you have a child that doesn’t sit still to eat their food, just tell them that, “the birds are looking to see how much of a good girl you are eating your food”. Works like a charm! hehe

I have to say though, if you haven’t gone to the bird park, whether or not you have children, it’s a must go.. Who knows, if it rains, you might actually meet new people and make new friends like we did.. 🙂



this hornbill was seriously enjoying the rain

this hornbill was seriously enjoying the rain













Bloom & Grow 2015/2016 Catalogue Launch

It’s my 3rd year now attending Bloom & Grow’s catalogue launches and they never do disappoint. When you’re a mummy to little ones, baby and toddler products are quite the turn on if yanowa’ameen..

B&G 2015 Catalogue Launch

Held at the popular Talent Lounge in Damansara Perdana, B&G’s launch introduced us to a spread of items in their catalogue as well as their latest additions; CuddleCo and Make My Day. It was also so much fun wathcing the littles prancing about giving us a little show including my two little ones, Ariana and Ameera, and some delicious food right after.


Ameera doing her thang

Ariana strutting her stuff

Ariana strutting her stuff

Bloom & Grow has almost everything any parent could ever need from towels to feeding utensils, prams and even bags for both mummy and littles. When I have that catalogue in my hands, almost every page is folded and item circled.. HAHA! If it’s not for my girls, it’s for someone elses child.. hehe.

Here’s some of my favourites in this years catalogue! brace yourself, there may be LOTS!!

Ubbi Potty Trainer

Well, here we start with the potty since Ameera is now potty training, this is a must have for me. Not only is it UBToiletTrainerDetaila floor potty, but when trained, the seat can be put onto a proper toilet and child can then do their business there. As for the bucket, it can then be turned over and used as at step to get to both the toilet and to the sick to wash up afterwards. GENIUS!

3-in-1 potty – RM175.00Step Stool_Navy
Toilet trainer – RM79.90
Step stool – RM79.90

Available at: Babyland, Bumps & Bundles, Bunny & The Duchess, Happikiddo, Happy Mums, Kiddie Garden, Bebe Totz and Poppies



Pregnancy Belly Stickers_1During the first year of babys life, we just love announcing their monthly birthdays. We even take them to studios to get professionally photographed. What better way to announce that baby is now 3 months old if not using these cute stickers just slap on a start snapping! There are even stickers for pregnant mummys too! I wish I knew of these when I was pregnant…. naaakkk!!!

Pregnancy Belly Stickers_3

Price: RM39.90

Available at: ABOO FAMILY, Babymore, Kiddie Garden, MY MINI BOSS BABY SHOP, Bebe Totz, 9 Months Maternity, One BB World and Poppies


Bluebell_1Seriously, who doesn’t love the trunki? Apart that you little one goes wild on it everywhere they go. LOL! Riding it is one way but there is a belt that comes with the trunk so it can be tugged as well! My two girls love the Trunki even if we don’t travel, they’re using in the house like cars! Expanding on its existing range, Trunki recently created new addition to the Trunki family- the adorable Hello Kitty Lilac, Bronco, Bluebell, Frank, Pearl, Tony and Zimba.

Price: RM219.00 – RM295.00

Available at: Babymore, Bebehaus, Bumps & Bundles, Happikiddo, Shopping Emporium Klia And Klia2, Poppies, The Baby Shop Dot My And The BabyloftBoostApak Star_3

I LOVE the Trunki BoostApak. When going places with little ones and you still use a booster seat, the BoostApak is cool! Not only is it a booster seat, but it is also a backpack! The size is perfect as in-flight hand luggage and is great for traveling, car-pooling and even taxi-cabbing.

Price: RM299.00

Available at: TBA


Eye protection isn’t such a big deal to many parents but it’s actually something people should read up on more. My girls Minnie Gidget (Strawberry) & Minnie Gidget (Dinosaur)have had sunnies since they were babies. they were like goggles when they were newborn, strapped around the head and all! Eyetribe has a range of designs to cater boys and girls, from 0 – 18 months (babies), 1 – 3 years (toddlers) and 3 years above (kids). Who’s ready for a beach holiday?!?!?! :p

Price: RM99.00

Available at: Baby Dots Enterprise, Baby Tree House, Happy Mums, Kiddie Garden, Bebe Totz, Poppies, Smoochies, Sw Sia Pharmacy Sdn Bhd and The Babyloft


The only diaperbag brand i have ever used! I have used only ONE diaper bag and it’s still lasting me. These bags are super durable, fashionable and useful! So fashionable that even the celebs like Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Jessica Alba, Katie Holmes, Liv Tyler and Julia Roberts are using it! There is a choice between leather and non-leather bags, sling, messenger and even backpacks. Storksac is never a let down! LOVE that they have this new backpack, i have my EYES on this one!!

Price:     Noa        RM399.00
Brooke TBA

Available at: Baby Invasion, Toys World, Bumps & Bundles, Hamley’s, Jumping Baby Jacks, Kiddie Garden, Love Bambini Enterprise, MamaPandaEnterprise and Bebe Totz

more images of products and the event

Forget Me Not_Backpack & Lunch Bag Set_Lightning_Heart_Cloud_Specs


Layette Modern Basics_Boys Range

Little Aliens Grobag 3


zoojamas little kid pajamas

Tweat Snack Container_Orange

First Year Belly Stickers in Blue_2

Zoo Take Along Nightlight

First Year Felt Belly Stickers_3


B&G 2015 Catalogue Launch_3




Thank You Mummy and Daddy

It’s super easy to say thank you. When you’re given what you need. When you’re given what you want. When someone lends a hand. We can just simply say, thank you. Thank you is a very easy thing to say but what’s difficult is when things are done just so often that we tend to take advantage of the situation and we just say thank you out of habit and not because we really mean it. Or we do mean it, we just don’t express it well enough.

Our parents have done so much for us since before the day we were born. Mothers care for themselves in order to care for us in the womb. Fathers get hit with a parent truck the day we are born and their lives change forever. There are more responsibilities, extra effort put into everything to provide the best for their children. Us.


Have we said thank you enough? For many of us, expressing ones feelings can be difficult., especially when it comes to doing it face to face. We tend to get shy or even our ego’s take over and we don’t want to seem small or overpowered. Too much? Why not try thanking them in words. I know I’m much more expressive in writing than I am verbally. Birthday cards I give out usually have essays in them. LOL

Malaysia’s Resume is a platform where Malaysian’s can contribute by writing a story, create a video and/or even pictorials about the people they care for the most. If you’re lucky, you’d be able to see my story to my beloved parents in there too!

If you feel like you want to write a thank you story to your parents or any one for that matter, register at and submit your story.

Wanna see what i wrote?? Check it out here!!!

Have fun and don’t be shy!!