Bugs R Us – skit for kids

Since I’m a drama teacher, I thought it would be fun to do a little skit with the kids for there “end of term” project..

The “production” process as lots of fun and the littles enjoyed it thoroughly..

Unfortunately, I have no documentation (or I can’t find any) of the whole rehearsal process but it was a great experience for the kids.. from choosing a story, to selecting their own bugs, memorising lines, daily practice, costume design, marketing (poster design) to the performance day itself.. These littles did the best job ever I can’t believe it was only the 3 of them doing so much..

skit for kids

hand made posters

getting their costumes ready

the little cockroach

The cockroach and the mosquito

skit for kids

the hornet, the mosquito and the cockroach


The kids had a heap load of fun. I was so proud of them! They’re not so shy anymore. After the performance, they wanted to start on a new project.. This mama can only do so much so the next term project was a weather project, not drama.. 🙂

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