Life at Bubbles, Perhentian

It’s been a great season for me and the girls at Bubbles, Perhentian Island and I’m really sad to say that the season is officially over for me this year..

Its been a great 6 months on the island and it has been one heck of a trip alhamdulillah..

I’m not really gonna write much about it but i’ll share a whole load of pictures from the experience..


making costumes for their little play


green class…. planting green beans… 🙂


up on our jungle trail with KA


juvenile black tips are an everyday thing on our house reef


merdeka day crafts during out kids club activities…


The beautiful pink skies at sunset


Busy divers at work


The attack of the evil squirrels


The original dive & turtle team of ’16


The everyday view


On one of our many trips to/from KL


Costume making process for “Bugs ‘r’ Us”


Guests waiting about watching a very rare daytime turtle laying eggs


World challenge group from England practicing some first aid skills


Ameera having her sahur with mummy at 4 in the morning


Taking the kids on one of our many jungle hikes

We have a “dress up friday” night every Friday :mrgreen:

Hatchlings ready for release

A day at Bubbles Kids Club

Celebrating KJ’s Ninja birthday

One of the many buddies we have on the island

Crazy snorkel test for new Dive Masters

Being silly as usual

A bee, a mosquito and a cockroach make friends

Doing my rescue course scenario

Horrid itchy gorgeous caterpillars collected by the kids

Juvenile black tip sharks at the jetty

Beach walk after volleyball

United for the Olympics

Divers go diving

Painting the Malaysian flag for Independence Day

Celebrating merdeka with the Kids Club

Bubbles gangsters

Little one popping up to say hello to the world

Our final goodbye (for Ariana, Ameera and I)

Saying goodbye to the little ones

I must say…. I did have one amazing experience having the chance to work on an island for a good 7 months and it’s even better when I tell the peeps of the city what I had gone through and the envy they have.. hehe.. not that I enjoy the envy but I just enjoy the fact that I was blessed to be given the opportunity to be able to live a dream.. 🙂 I sure do and will miss it though..



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