Arts and Crafts: Bubble Painting

Kids absolutely love bubbles and painting. What if you put two and two together? Bubble Painting = EXTREME FUN! (and some mess).


This is an art activity most of us can remember doing when we were kids, be it in school or at home.

Supply requirements for bubble painting are super simple and you would usually already have these things at home without having to go to the shops.

bubble paint

What you will  need:-

  • bubble bath liquid soap
  • food colouring (few drops)
  • containers of any shape or size
  • water
  • straws
  • paper

Stir the bubble solution, food colouring and water together in a container. Remember, one colour for each mix.

Take your straw and blow into the solution. This will create bubbles which will erupt from the solution.

Take your paper and cover the bubble filled container. when removing the paper, try not to burst the bubbles which remain on the paper as it will make a cool effect on your childs creation.

bubble paint

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