Bloom & Grow 2015/2016 Catalogue Launch

It’s my 3rd year now attending Bloom & Grow’s catalogue launches and they never do disappoint. When you’re a mummy to little ones, baby and toddler products are quite the turn on if yanowa’ameen..

B&G 2015 Catalogue Launch

Held at the popular Talent Lounge in Damansara Perdana, B&G’s launch introduced us to a spread of items in their catalogue as well as their latest additions; CuddleCo and Make My Day. It was also so much fun wathcing the littles prancing about giving us a little show including my two little ones, Ariana and Ameera, and some delicious food right after.


Ameera doing her thang

Ariana strutting her stuff

Ariana strutting her stuff

Bloom & Grow has almost everything any parent could ever need from towels to feeding utensils, prams and even bags for both mummy and littles. When I have that catalogue in my hands, almost every page is folded and item circled.. HAHA! If it’s not for my girls, it’s for someone elses child.. hehe.

Here’s some of my favourites in this years catalogue! brace yourself, there may be LOTS!!

Ubbi Potty Trainer

Well, here we start with the potty since Ameera is now potty training, this is a must have for me. Not only is it UBToiletTrainerDetaila floor potty, but when trained, the seat can be put onto a proper toilet and child can then do their business there. As for the bucket, it can then be turned over and used as at step to get to both the toilet and to the sick to wash up afterwards. GENIUS!

3-in-1 potty – RM175.00Step Stool_Navy
Toilet trainer – RM79.90
Step stool – RM79.90

Available at: Babyland, Bumps & Bundles, Bunny & The Duchess, Happikiddo, Happy Mums, Kiddie Garden, Bebe Totz and Poppies



Pregnancy Belly Stickers_1During the first year of babys life, we just love announcing their monthly birthdays. We even take them to studios to get professionally photographed. What better way to announce that baby is now 3 months old if not using these cute stickers just slap on a start snapping! There are even stickers for pregnant mummys too! I wish I knew of these when I was pregnant…. naaakkk!!!

Pregnancy Belly Stickers_3

Price: RM39.90

Available at: ABOO FAMILY, Babymore, Kiddie Garden, MY MINI BOSS BABY SHOP, Bebe Totz, 9 Months Maternity, One BB World and Poppies


Bluebell_1Seriously, who doesn’t love the trunki? Apart that you little one goes wild on it everywhere they go. LOL! Riding it is one way but there is a belt that comes with the trunk so it can be tugged as well! My two girls love the Trunki even if we don’t travel, they’re using in the house like cars! Expanding on its existing range, Trunki recently created new addition to the Trunki family- the adorable Hello Kitty Lilac, Bronco, Bluebell, Frank, Pearl, Tony and Zimba.

Price: RM219.00 – RM295.00

Available at: Babymore, Bebehaus, Bumps & Bundles, Happikiddo, Shopping Emporium Klia And Klia2, Poppies, The Baby Shop Dot My And The BabyloftBoostApak Star_3

I LOVE the Trunki BoostApak. When going places with little ones and you still use a booster seat, the BoostApak is cool! Not only is it a booster seat, but it is also a backpack! The size is perfect as in-flight hand luggage and is great for traveling, car-pooling and even taxi-cabbing.

Price: RM299.00

Available at: TBA


Eye protection isn’t such a big deal to many parents but it’s actually something people should read up on more. My girls Minnie Gidget (Strawberry) & Minnie Gidget (Dinosaur)have had sunnies since they were babies. they were like goggles when they were newborn, strapped around the head and all! Eyetribe has a range of designs to cater boys and girls, from 0 – 18 months (babies), 1 – 3 years (toddlers) and 3 years above (kids). Who’s ready for a beach holiday?!?!?! :p

Price: RM99.00

Available at: Baby Dots Enterprise, Baby Tree House, Happy Mums, Kiddie Garden, Bebe Totz, Poppies, Smoochies, Sw Sia Pharmacy Sdn Bhd and The Babyloft


The only diaperbag brand i have ever used! I have used only ONE diaper bag and it’s still lasting me. These bags are super durable, fashionable and useful! So fashionable that even the celebs like Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Jessica Alba, Katie Holmes, Liv Tyler and Julia Roberts are using it! There is a choice between leather and non-leather bags, sling, messenger and even backpacks. Storksac is never a let down! LOVE that they have this new backpack, i have my EYES on this one!!

Price:     Noa        RM399.00
Brooke TBA

Available at: Baby Invasion, Toys World, Bumps & Bundles, Hamley’s, Jumping Baby Jacks, Kiddie Garden, Love Bambini Enterprise, MamaPandaEnterprise and Bebe Totz

more images of products and the event

Forget Me Not_Backpack & Lunch Bag Set_Lightning_Heart_Cloud_Specs


Layette Modern Basics_Boys Range

Little Aliens Grobag 3


zoojamas little kid pajamas

Tweat Snack Container_Orange

First Year Belly Stickers in Blue_2

Zoo Take Along Nightlight

First Year Felt Belly Stickers_3


B&G 2015 Catalogue Launch_3



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