BARBIE – Dreamtopia

Its the last leg of the tour and the girls and I managed to catch the all new Barbie Dreamtopia series..


The whole idea of Dreamtopia was set in a world created in the fearless imagination of Barbie’s youngest sister, Chelsea. There are 4 magical kingdoms of Dreamtopis which are: Wispy Forest, Rainbow Cove, Sweetville and Sparkle Mountain.

“It’s just a dream away..”
Sail to the world of magical lands at Dreamtopia.

With the launch of Barbie Dreamtopia collection in major toy and departmental stores, little girls and parents can discover and experience the four enchanted lands where dream comes true. Girls are invited to unleash their imaginations through magical makeovers, photo taking opportunities, playtime with Barbie products, and stand a chance to meet and greet with Barbie from Dreamtopia.

Your girls will have a ball!!! There is face painting sessions too but only on weekends so don’t miss out!! The last leg of the Dreamtopia tour is at AEON Cheras Selatan from NOW till the 2nd of October!!

Official Barbie Malaysia

Here’s what we did….



super Barbie Ariana



both of them SUPER excited to see all the new Dreamtopia Dolls



Honeys In Sweetville



just a handful of the new Dreamtopia collection



Ariana grooming the unicorn which is out on little tables for little children to play with



Ameera…. bring the princess i never knew she was… LOL!!



such wonderful friendly staff helping us untangle some barbie hair



colouring sheets out for everyone to colour…. even mummy!!



Ameera finally gets a turn with the unicorn 🙂



and loves it!

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