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Letter #2

Today was a not so busy day but for some reason I have been so tired.. But that doesn’t really matter..What matters is what you did..


Ariana… oh my Ariana.. My darling love whom lives on the fast  lane.. You don’t wanna stop growing up and you try so hard to speed the process.. LOL.. really you do!! Over the past week, Aunty Julies helper has been staying with us and she’s been such a blessing.. the place is been so tidy, it’s been good for bothe the eyes and the soul.. LOL.. (here’s hoping you guys just keep it up.. well, ME.. urgh!) Today Ririn took you and Ameera to the park then YOU my darling, decided to come home all by yourself.. The park may not be so far away but you need to cross a main road to get there and that was reallly dangerous of you.. There was no shouting at you but honey…… you needed to know that you we love you enough to not allow you to ross that road again.. but of course we don’t expect you to listen immedately because this is all a learning process.. your independant heart is so risky, I pray Allah blesses you with Angels to protect you my love..


Ameera… le trouble maker… You make such a big step today. today, you were a big girl and did a peepee in the potty!! Yeeeyyyy!! What was funny is that you did a good job at peeing but you forgot to take off your panties.. LOL.. but of course thats a learning process as well.. I’m glad you’ve started doing this now just before we move to perhentian coz it’ll be real funny walking down the beach seeing baby droppings on at walk along the beach.. hahaha!!

No matter what you guys do, I hope you know that I love you so much… I’m sorry if i’ve been pretty agro lately but I’ve had so much going on here and in my mind… You’ll find out what is it soon enough…


Love, Mummy


What You Need and Dont Need After Having a Baby

I’ve been asked about what I would usually need and comparing them to “what to get” lists online and of course, like most new mothers, I got everything on those lists and even combining the lists making them one long a$$ list.. LOL.. After having children, I then reaslised that all that stuff I got was such a waste of money.. So here’s my 8 things i couldn’t live without and 4 things i did get but couldn’t be bothered using.. Hope this helps you!!

Couldn’t live without

1716_hoppop_jpg_322Baby bath tub – my 5 year still loves using the tub most of the time. Both my girls enjoy taking baths together. It’s a bit tight but hey, they enjoy it!

Grobag Sleep bag – I LIVE by this! I try to give a sleep bag to every mummy-to-be for her baby shower or when I go visiting. Once baby is no longer in a swaddle, sleeping bags are the way to go. Since babies always move about when they sleep, blankets do no justice to keeping them covered. Sleeping bags also prevent children from climbing out of the cot! Continue reading


Geocaching – The New Age Treasure Hunting

What is Geocaching??

I was doing some research online and I happened to find a new treasure hunting app… Well, not so new, apparently it started back in year 2000 and has slowly spread world-wide.. I found out about this about 6 months ago and I’ve found quite a few of the “caches” already… it’s seriously lots of fun!

So far, in Malaysia, there are only caches located around both Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. Hopefully they’ll be available nationwide for both us “balik kampungers” and tourists who come visit Malaysia,

There are 2 different versions of the app: paid and unpaid.. First, download the app on your mobile device here: Continue reading


How old should a child start reading?

Are you wondering if your child is “on time” when it comes to reading? Here are the language milestones your child should reach at each age:

•Imitate some of the sounds and rhythms adults use when they speak
• Begin to associate frequent words with their meanings
• Recognize some books by their covers
• Pretend to read books and handle them correctly
• Produce some scribbles that resemble writing Continue reading


Letters to my daughters

I’ve been thinking lots lately and every day my girls just keep coming up with the funniest or strangest or smartest things ever.. I mean, so funny I wanna write it down as soon as they say/do it.. So I’ve decided to write some little letters to my girls (of which I will also email to them. yeah.. i’m psyco.. i’ve created email addresses for my girls already.. LOL) for them to read when they get older and they could laugh about the things they did when they were… well…. today.. haha..


so here goes with letter #1


the past few days have been wonderful.. We haven’t had a rant at each other for days and seriously, rant is more of an understatement.. Today we went to the bird park.. you and your little sister were amazing together and thats just how i picture the 2 of you will be till the day i die. You get so proud when you and Ameera share things with each other and I’m just as proud of you are, I will never stop telling you both how amazing you are. At the bird park, you volunteered to hold a hulahoop for the bird to fly through. you’ve ALWAYS wanted to do that and I’m so happy that you had your chance.


OH!! just so i don’t forget.. a couple of days ago, you asked for a little makeup palette for your birthday but since it as only RM10, i decided to get it for you on that day itself and you were over the moon. You planned to take it to school to show your friends the very next day… to your disappointment, you forgot your makeup and cried your eyes out but “womaned up” after i said you could take it to school after the weekend.

I’m so proud of how strong you are bubba! you da best!


Today you showed so much courage at the bird park. you actually kept the milk cup in your hands as the birds drank from it. Usually, I would be helping you out but today, you made me proud. You have yet to master the giving the bird a kuachi part though.. soon my love, soon.


You didn’t have your nap today because Ariana, as usual, wouldn’t stop talking and playing with you at the back of the car. It drove me mad. seriously, you girls can seriously drive this mummy up the wall!! Anyhow, we got to mummy’s meeting with Uncle Adam and you were a bit grouchy.. so grouchy that you sat on my lap and passed out.. LOL!! You have not done that in the longest time!!  it was actually so funny coz i did a little something naughty and uncle Adam recorded it.. (mummy is still contemplating whether or not I should post it up here.. hahahha!!)


other than that, you have been the bully to ariana as usual… I do pray this will change.. but it’s you and i love it.. haha! Love you so much my little monster!!


CheckList: Packing Your Hospital Bag

Once you’re about 34-35 weeks far along your pregnancy, it’s about time you packed up for the hospital (unless you opt for a home birth of course. All you would need is your vajayjay! :D). It’s a pain to figure out what is really needed to pack for both mummy and baby (and maybe daddy, but he can do it himself :P)

Typically, most of us woman end up over packing and either have too much and don’t use what we have or have so much we can still manage to forget a thing or two.

I would usually (haha! as if i birth every so often!) pack 2 different bags. One for the birthing (labour) room and the other for the before/after birth.

hospital bag check list

Have no fear, your perfect Hospital Bag CheckList is here!! Continue reading


20 Ways to Raise Your Childs Self-Esteem

In this day and age of survival (for the average human being), too much time has been spent on wor​​king in order to support the family and bring some financial stability. Unfortunately for many of us, this financial stability has become profoundly difficult to a point where we barely ever have much time to spend with our children.. We are either in the office, at a meeting, on the road (in the horrid traffic) or on our phone working unpaid overtime.

This comes to a point where many of us parents tend to work so much that we never really spend enough time with our children. We are not very capable to be there for our children through the good and the bad in their lives. The very sad thing, is that many of us rely on others to do that for us; maids, our parents, day care centres , etc.. but what our children really need is for us to be there for them even for a while.. To be their cheerleader, their teacher, their friend and their confidence. There is nothing a children would want more than to know that you would rather be with them (than your phone)..


Self-esteem isn’t really something you are born with, it is developed over time by learning how others perceive them. Children won’t really think much of themselves if negativity is always thrown at them. Praise and encouragement however enables your child to develop a sense of pride that will sustain them forever. Now, we’re not talking about ego here, we’re talking about self esteem.

Our job as a parent is to let our children know just how remarkable they are no matter what talent and ability they have.. this makes them different from others and they need to learn how to develop that..

A child who is brought up and grows up with self-esteem will have the ability to go out into the world with the confidence to try new things, accept the ‘different’ ideas of others and believe that they can do just about anything if they put their mind to it..
I mean, isn’t that what parenting is really about? Guidance.

Here’s just a few of infinite tips you could try with your children to raise their self-esteem…

1. Tell your child you love him/her at least once a day.
2. Take your child’s feelings seriously.
3. Let your child know that it’s ok to make mistakes. Then tell them about some mistakes of your own.
4. Always laugh at your child’s jokes (even when they don’t make sense)
5. Praise your child’s every little (and big) effort.
6. Encourage your child to ask questions. If you don’t know the answer, look it up together.
7. Always tell your child that can’t isn’t a real word, we always CAN if we put our mind to it.
8. Always, always talk out your disagreements. If you go mad or give her the silent treatment, you’d be sure to get the exact same when she grows up.
9. Never, ever let your child go to bed angry. Work things out, give hugs and kisses and let her know you love her.
10. Keep your child’s every secret. This develops trust between parent and child.
11. Make a feelings chart. Have your child put his picture next to his current feeling (of the day) and talk about that feeling, ask why he is feeling that way.
12. Spend a little time sitting down to draw and colour with her.
13. Teach your child to recycle. Caring for the earth is the way of the future.
14. Make blank cards for your child to decorate for birthdays, get well soon card or even a “just because” card..
15. Bake bread, or even a cake together.
16. Put together a cookbook of your childs favourite snacks and meals. Make sure you make them every once in a while too.
17. Instead of asking your child how school went, try asking her what her 3 best things she did today. You’d be surprised with the answers you get.
18. Share a banana split with each other.
19. Stay up late together, snuggle under some covers, have popcorn and watch a movie of your childs choice.
20. Splash in rain puddles together.


What other things would you do to help raise your childs self-esteem?

healthy snacks for kids

5 easy healthy snacks for kids

easy healthy snacks for kids

There’s always a case when someone is hungry while you’re in the middle of cooking or haven’t even started cooking. Here are 5 easy healthy snacks you can simply stick in an air-tight container in the fridge for times like these or to nibble on throughout the day.

1. Carrot and Celery Sticks
Most children like eating carrots and celery because of the crunch and also because they are sweet. Not only do they fill a little hole in the tummy, they are also super healthy! Make it interesting and pair them with some home-made hummus. 🙂

2. Fruits
Everyone loves fruits. Dice up some of your favourite fruits. Watermelon, melon, apples (drizzle with lemon so they don’t yellow), grapes, papaya, oranges. remember, if they are not still in it’s skin, they don’t last too long, so eat up! try making a fruit salad!

3. Raisins
Another healthy snack for the family. Not only for in the house, they can be kept everywhere for the “just in case I’m hungry” moments. Perfect for pack lunches too!

4. Yogurt
A must have for a healthy family especially if you have children. You could even get creative by buying plain yogurt and have your children help you create their own flavours too!

5. Cereal
Don’t give in to the chocolate, sugar coated cereals to make things easy. When you start your children young, they would be happy with practically any cereal you give them. Serve with milk and add some honey for sweetness or simply serve as it is so they can much on them. Adults like cereal just as much a children do too!