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Spaghetti Bolognese

Spaghetti Bolognese can be one of the easiest meals to make for the family (especially when you’re having a lazy day).. I try to cook food which is both nutritious and tasty for me and the girls and this is one of those senang nak mamsss kinda meals…

Not much is needed and not much energy is put into cooking a good spagbol even when you’re cooking from scratch.. I use to be the type whom thought that food out of a can tasted better but I was wrong when I was shown just how easy it was to make a real good pasta sauce with using tomatoes from a can and not ready made pasta sauce.. Continue reading


5 Ways to Avoid Sugars at Home


yes, yes, mummy gave in… but they earned it for being such good little girls.. 🙂

I was at an interview recently and a few of the questions had something to do with how I would try to avoid serving sugars to the family especially the girls.. The answer to that is a no brainer and for the people who know me know how nutty of a mummy I was when the girls were still babies..

Anywhooooo…. Here are a few things I practiced to avoid the use of too much (or no) sugar in the house..

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Bugs R Us – skit for kids

Since I’m a drama teacher, I thought it would be fun to do a little skit with the kids for there “end of term” project..

The “production” process as lots of fun and the littles enjoyed it thoroughly..

Unfortunately, I have no documentation (or I can’t find any) of the whole rehearsal process but it was a great experience for the kids.. from choosing a story, to selecting their own bugs, memorising lines, daily practice, costume design, marketing (poster design) Continue reading


Blokke Cafe – a Mummy Escape

Kids don’t know how to keep still and us mummies just wanna sit down and relax..

Every parent in Malaysia knows how tough it is to have a social life especially when our little ones are little little..

Well mummies, look no further! There is a place where your kids can run wild, older ones can sit and play Lego and us grown ups; well, there’s a café with great coffee and real good food.. Continue reading


BARBIE – Dreamtopia

Its the last leg of the tour and the girls and I managed to catch the all new Barbie Dreamtopia series..


The whole idea of Dreamtopia was set in a world created in the fearless imagination of Barbie’s youngest sister, Chelsea. There are 4 magical kingdoms of Dreamtopis which are: Wispy Forest, Rainbow Cove, Sweetville and Sparkle Mountain. Continue reading


Water For Life

As you may have seen on my Instagram page, I’ve had the greatest opportunity to get involved in a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) programme called “Water For Life”. This programme was developed by PETRONAS Dagangan Berhad (PDB) to strengthen their position as a responsible corporate citizen amongst Malaysians.. “Water For Life” was initiated in 2013 in collaboration with the Malaysian Nature Society (MNS) and is targeted to provide villagers with access to uninterrupted clean water supply.

Being privileged and living in the city, we tend to take advantage of having clean water and when water is low or even cut for a few hours, we freak out.. Imagine living in a small village where water comes from the actual source and maintenance may be minimal but hard work and needed to be done by yourself.. We (city people) for instance have people doing it all for us and we done see how all of these things can affect our lives..

Now in their 4th year, PETRONAS, MNS and volunteers (including me) got together and set out to Dungun, Terengganu to help restore the water infrastructure to over 150 families in both Kampung Jongok Batu and Kampung Belimbing.


posing for the cameras

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Such a blessing, SubhanAllah… its true when it is said that God is the best of planners..

It was always a good thing to be staying at my parents house especially when I have been bringing up the girls on my own.. my parents have been a huge blessing with helping me look after my girls while I’m at work be it for a few hours a days or for those one week jobs out station.. I cannot thank them enough for what they have done for me!!

Recently, we made a huge family decision.. to sell the house and move in with my sister.. to be honest, when it was talked about I was somehow ok about it but I didn’t really think it would happen.. suddenly people were coming to view the house and in less than a month, it was sold.. I was devastated! The house we had lived in for almost 15 years will no longer be ours.. We are now to pack our things and move into a.. into a.. into an…. apartment… 😭😭😭

We’ve never lived in a condo.. The last we did was when we had to renovate the house which took about a month and it was ok but not convenient if you have small children.. If you’ve lived on a landed property for so long, you’d understand what I mean.. If the girls were asleep after a drive, I could leave the engine running, leave one child in the car while I take the other upstairs into bed then onto the next one.. or leave them both in there sleeping while I unload and unpack the groceries.. I could park the car on the side of the road and the kids could play on the driveway and I wouldn’t have to get dressed to keep an eye on them.. urgh… just typing it makes me sad..

Don’t get me wrong! I see the goodness of staying in an apartment.. We have the pool, the gym.. good security.. no garden.. fear with the kids playing on the balcony… haish…

Aaaannnyyywaaaaayyyyy….. what God had planned for me was awesome!  Alhamdulillah shukr shukr! A couple weeks after the house sale, I was offered a job on the island of Perhentian in Terengganu where I will open and run a kids club at Bubbles Resort and I’M EXCITED!!! I mean, I love my family to bits but staying in a condo with 6 other people would just drive me nuts.. ive been staying with my parents long enough and I think it’s time I spread my wings and live life my own way..

Of course my parents and siblings are very sad that they won’t be seeing ariana and ameera as much anymore but we need this change especially after what happened between their daddy and I..

All that being said, like I always talk off track, we’re moving from a 4 bedroom house into a 4 bedroom apartment (plus 4 other people) so we won’t have space for all our stuff.. so here I am letting go of alot of things.. Small things like books and baby chairs to big things like cupboards and beds..

Please be aware that buyers for smaller things, they can be posted to you.. as for the bigger things, pick ups would be appreciated.. if you’re interested in any of the things below, please email me at

Here goes!

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im losing it (previous title).. love them (new title)

Things have been very rocky in my life and I must admit, marriage hasn’t been great either. Pregnancy with Ariana was of course great. Everyone gets excited when it’s their first child and pregnancy was a breeze. I didn’t even feel like I was pregnant. During my pregnancy with Ameera, however, I wasnt a very happy person, but of course I have my crazy pregnancy hormones to blame for that. Iwas depressed and very lonely. At the same time, I didnt get very much support emotionally. My family is the kind that live and let live. We all have problems, we deal with them. My husband didnt really know how to handle the situation and he decided to either work overtime or spend his free time playing PES or FIFA with his friends. Understood but still, not a way to deal with things. I mean, we tried to do date nights and stuff but it seemed like the only place we’d go together was grocery shopping. Continue reading