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Get The Party Planned


Something we all dread in terms of preparation yet we just an wait for the celebration. There is always magic when you need it and those magical people are the team of keikomayesa . Planning, deco, candy buffets, you name it, they can do it!



We had the honour to have the team do Ariana’s 3rd Birthday Party and we were more than please with what we were provided with. The theme was “Mini Carnival” and we were given a mini carnival. From backdrops, to the deco, keiko mayesa did the job to make it look amazing!

Thank you team Keiko Mayesa!! You helped make Ariana’s party one to remember!!


With Keiko Mayesa


Live Green Go Organic Save the Earth with BUDS

With all the toxins and chemicals in both our environment and skin care products, most mummies are very cautious with what products they use for their children. Buds is one option to take to go the right way.

Buds Organics have a comprehensive range of baby care products. Buds Organics produce Everyday Care with products for infants, babies and even kitchen. Outdoor Organics feature the likes of sun care, winter care and insect repellents.

Buds Organics uses the finest organic plant ingredients so that your baby is not exposed to pesticides, herbicides and other potentially harmful chemicals unnecessarily. Also, Buds Organics are made with hope to minimize the damage being done to the environment making it perfect for earth conscious families.


A Place to Stuff Your Face

When it comes to good hearty food, we always want what’s best for our littles. Homemade like, natural ingredients, healthy, basically, yummy food. BSCs Stuff Your Face is no failure to deliver. Yummy food, good portions and all at an affordable price. Located on the top floor of Bangsar Shopping Centre, just behind the skating rink, it’s the perfect place for parents to sit down for coffee while the kiddos are running wild at the nearby play place. It is also a good place to throw your littles birthday party too!

With love, mummy was fortunate enough to get some goodies from this great place to celebrate Sharifah Sofia’s daughter, Ariana’s, 3rd birthday, their specialty, strawberry shortbread. Sooooooooo goooooood! No joke! It melts in your mouth, not so sweet and it made to perfection. Not only did we have some to serve the party, we also threw some into goodie bags for our honoured guests.



Big Bubbles Small Bubbles GIANT bubbles

Entertainment is always a must have for your littles birthday party. There is always your usual magician and clown but if you have space and lots of wind, there is KAPTEN BUEH BOSSA!! (captain big bubbles) A new up and coming fad going on is giant bubbles and they are so much fun for both littles and adults.

Even if there were no other games or entertainers around, Kapten Bueh Bossa never fails to liven up a party. Not only does he perform, he also allows guests to try making giants bubbles for themselves. Well worth the money, so much fun!

For bookings, Kapten Bueh Bossa can be contacted


A Whole New Biskuat

Biscuits are the easy to get, the just hit the spot, super easy snacks especially when it comes to kids. Even better when mummy and daddy love them too. Biskuat biscuits are the childhood biscuits for most of us I’m sure! who doesn’t remember those sweet, milky, melt in your mouth bickies?
Biskuat now have an all new range out! That classic milk biskuat with a chocolaty fruity twist. With a range of both strawberry & chocolate and banana & chocolate, perfectly packaged for your littles pack lunch for school, nothing can go wrong! The all new fruity biskuat recipe will have your little asking for more, which is no harm because at least they’re eating their fruits! 🙂


with love, Sofia: Lung Leavin’ Day


I am such a softie when it comes to life changing experiences and recently I had come across a story which had really touched me.

Not long ago, someone had approached me and asked if I could read her story and mashaAllah what strength she has.

Here’s just a short story this amazing woman had shared with me:

I am an 8-year survivor of mesothelioma – a rare cancer caused by asbestos exposure. When I was diagnosed, I had just given birth to my little girl and was told I had 15 months to live. After undergoing a risky surgery, which required

the removal of my left lung, I beat the odds and created LungLeavin’ Day as a way to commemorate this day that changed my life forever.

LungLeavin’ Day is held every year on February 2 and it is used to encourage others to face their fears! Each year, we gather around a fire in our backyard with our friends and family, write our biggest fears on a plate and smash them into the fire. We celebrate for those who are no longer with us, for those who continue to fight, for those who are currently going through a tough time in their life, and most importantly, we celebrate life!

Although LungLeavin’ Day has passed, it will you so much but only God is the one who decides ones fate. Each day is a blessing, a day to be celebrated. A day given by God for that chance to be thankful for all

that He has bestowed upon us. Life is taken far too lightly, until something bad happens and this is something I try to remind myself every day.

To know more about Heathers story, check out it is a very cute and simple page with such great impact!

Find out more on Mesothelioma and how it is caused head straight to


with love, Sofia: Early sleep, enough sleep = the best sleep

Before motherhood, my sleeping pattern was inconsistant and usually bonkers. I’d sleep at about 4am and be up at 2pm, on my off days. If I were filming, I’d be up at 6am and asleep at 3am, no, not much sleep at all.

Now that I’m a mother of 2 beautiful children (mashaAllah) and a stay at home mum aka SAHM, I have at least 14 hours sleep at night and about 4-6 hours during the day. While a 1 year old requires 12 hours at night with two 2 hour naps during the day.

When I say routine, I mean all round routine including nighttime feeding.

I have been blessed with good sleepers but this could also be because I put them to sleep when they let me know when they are sleepy.
“How does a baby tell you they are sleepy?”
Simple, they yawn. Us grown ups yawn when we’re tired right? But we of course fight this tiredness because we are either too busy during the day to take a 45 minute nap or dont want to sleep early at night (because it just isn’t cool to sleep early).
They also get grumpy (“I wanna go to sleep!”) and their eyes go red (“put me to sleep already”) or they as usual, cry (“what is wrong with you? I need to sleep!!!”)
When your baby is tired and you dont want any fuss, put them to sleep when they want to sleep.

My daily routine with my first born was pretty strict because from what I have read and now experienced, a happy child is one whom has had enough sleep. Even my in laws thought I was too strict, but I promise it was is well worth it!

Keeping a routine was pretty easy but this came with alot of sacrifices too. I would have to be home at 4pm everyday (if I were out) to get the baby bathed and ready for bed.
By 5pm, lights were out (I have a street light right outside my window so there is no need for a night light) and we were in bed for a little talk and then it was susu time. She was asleep by 530pm.

In the beggining, Ariana would be up 3-4 times at night but after changing her day time routine, she would only wake up twice at night. How? Here’s a basic sample of a daily schedule I had for Ariana:

3-6 months old
630am – wake up and susu
730am – bath time – susu
8am – nap
10am – play time/social time – susu.
11am – nap
1pm – play time/social time – susu
2pm – nap
4pm – play time -mandi time – susu
530pm – sleep
930pm – susu
1230am – susu
3am – susu
630am – wake up

To avoid too many feeds at night, make sure you feed baby long enough during the 9pm feed so that you could eventually push the midnight feed to a later time allowing you more sleep at night and baby full too. Once you’ve conquered that battle, routine can look something like this….

7am – wake up and susu
9am – bath time – susu
10am – nap
12pm – play time/social time – susu
2pm – nap
5pm – play time -mandi time – susu
530pm – sleep
930pm – susu
1am – susu
630am – wake up

To reduce the night feeding, you have to make sure you feed well during the day. If you feed so much at night, baby wont be wanting to eat during the day because he is already getting enough at night. So try switching the ‘feeding enough at night’ to being ‘feeding enough during the day’. So by the time your child is a year old, you can cut one night feed at a time starting with the 9pm feed then eventually eliminating the 1am feed. Once that is done, your childs routine will look something like this:

12 months – 2years
7am – wake up – susu – breakfast
9am – mandi – susu
10am – nap
12pm – lunch – play
2pm – nap
4pm – snack – play
530pm – dinner – mandi – susu
630pm – sleep
1am – susu
7am – wakeup

Ariana has now started play school which requires he to be in class by 930 am but I send her at 9am so that she can play with the children who arrive early (working parents) and also because the school setup a little obstacle course for them everyday. So her (She turns 3 in April) current schedule is:

7am – wake up
8am – breakfast – mandi
9am – school
1230pm – lunch
2pm – nap (sometimes)
4pm – play
6pm – dinner – mandi
7/730pm – sleep
7am – wake up

Of course it is sometimes a battle put your active toddler to bed at times, especially during nap times but they will give in soon enough because they know they are tired. Just take her to bed and layan that cute little imagination for 5 minutes and then tell her that its time to relax, close your eyes and go to sleep. It works so well, even mummy passes out by 830pm too!!

All the best and I hope this helps you.. please keep in mind that this is only from my own personal experience on putting my own children to sleep. If you have any inquiries at all, please dont hesitate to get in touch and I will help best way I can. Also, I am not a sleep therapist nor am I a doctor. I just think of ways I would try myself and if what I do or suggest doesnt work, the grab a couple of books (I would recommend Gina Ford books) and find out from an expert :p


A simple baby food recipe – pasta salad

Baby food recipes are something we spend a lot of time on researching these days. From books, the internet and even childhood memories. But there is always something up when you prepare the food to take with you when you’re out or even if it’s to pack for your little one to take to school.

Ive been cracking my head on what to pre-cook for Ariana to take to school for her lunch.. They don’t have microwaves and stuff and I don’t have a thermal thing to keep her food warm so one of the dishes I decided

to make was a pasta salad which can be made the day before and you can just stick it in your child’s lunch bag right out of the fridge the next day.. 🙂

Cooked pasta (cooled)
Frozen mixed veg (thawed) [I usually put mine in hot water to let it cook a bit first] 1/2 can of tuna flakes
– mix well so the tuna is evenly mixed
1tbsp mayo
2tbsp fresh yogurt
Salt and pepper to taste [I’d only add salt if my child were over 2. Hehe] -mix into tuna and pasta combo and mix evenly. [I usually stick all this in a plastic container with the lid on and shake it nice. Makes things easier, even your child could help out doing that part 🙂 ]

Ariana loves her pasta and it was fun serving her this one as the pasta is shaped as animals so you’d get remarks like, “look mummy, I found a rhino!” Or “I’m gonna eat the lion! Ngap!” Its great when your child enjoys her food its even better when they sit down and have fun eating it without any hassle too! 🙂



My Birthing Story

I am 10 days late and scheduled for an induction at midnight. My mum and I head to the grocers to get some munchy food for when Hubs and I are in the hospital. While we were there, hubs would call me every 5 minutes asking where we were, “are you coming home yet? Let me know when you’re on the way back”. He was more excited than I was. For me, it was more nerves than anything, not knowing what to expect, I didn’t want an induction in the first place.

Upon admission, I was examined to find that my cervix was still high up and 1cm dilated. Dilation was good news to us because our doctor had told us that I would need a c-section if my cervix wouldn’t respond to labour. I was depressed and emotionally disturbed with that news. I cried for days and apologized to Hubs and to my baby for not being able to birth the way I had always imagined. So when I heard the nurse say I was dilated, my face lit up and I knew there was hope.

The nurse then inserted the tablet into my cervix and induction had begun. I was told to rest for I would need all my energy for birth in the morning. How in God’s name was I going to be able to sleep knowing that my baby was going to be in my arms in less than 24 hours! So Hubs and I starting playing cards, went online, then I gave up and went to bed when suddenly, “knock knock knock”, the nurse came in to examine me. Looking at the clock, it was 6am. The nurse told me that there were no changes and that I had to wait for my doctor to see me at 7am. I asked if I was able to have a second tablet inserted, the nurse said that the doctor would rather talk to us. My high hopes slammed onto the ground, I then knew I wasn’t going to have a vaginal birth.

With no sleep and an unsteady mind, Hubs and I were sent into the labour room. I was asked to change into a hospital robe, although stated in my birth plan that I’d rather be in my own clothes, I changed anyway. Saddened about not having a vaginal birth and afraid of going under the knife, I tried to stay as strong as I possibly could. Hubs tried to calm me down but his patience isn’t the greatest. He then began to get agitated and upset with me for being upset.

After nervously waiting 45 minutes in the labour room, our doctor had finally come in. He had decided to put me on pitocin since the tablet didn’t do any justice. No matter how natural I wanted my birth to be, I went ahead with the drip. (better than c-sect any day)

It was 10am when my parents had arrived and they were allowed into the labour room to visit. By 11am, surges were 7 minutes apart. I didn’t feel much (at the time), I could still move around but being hooked onto the IV and bound to the bed, I wasn’t allowed to walk about the hall way or anything because they were afraid I might pass out, so the only place I could walk to was the toilet. Sigh.

At least I had twitter! 🙂 In between surges, I’d update followers on what’s going on.

By 12pm surges were 4 minutes apart. The nurse examined me and Doctor then came in to let us know of the progress was happy to inform us that I was 3cm dilated. I knew I was going to have my vaginal birth for sure, Alhamdulillah.

After a while, I could really feel the sensations right down my spine, around my pelvis and my tummy. Nurse said that the pain would only get worse. I didn’t like that fact that she said “pain” when in our birth plan we specifically requested to stay away from negative adjectives eg. Pain-sensation, contraction-surge. But knowing that the surges were going to get stronger made me nervous but i said “Bring it on!”

The surges really did grow stronger. I wanted to take a shower but they didn’t let me because they were afraid I might pass out. Everyone was in and out of my room. My mother in-law couldn’t handle seeing me in pain therefore she went upstairs to pray. I don’t know what had happened to my dad, honestly, I don’t remember. My mum was toweling me down (which was AWESOME) and hubs was by my side “trying” to video tape everything. As an excuse, the nurse offered to move me into a bigger room so I could roll around on my gym ball. (I brought my gym ball hoping I could use it for birth but it didn’t seem right when I used it) But really they offered the room because there were just too many people in the labour room; hubs, my mum, his mum, my dad, nurses and my Doctor. How did we manage to have everyone there?? I have no bleeding idea but it was awesome!  🙂

At 3pm I started to really feel the sensations… Oh bugger it, the pain! Each surge just came in stronger and stronger. In between surges, I told the nurse that I feel the urge to push, not like a major push, just a “kentut” kind of push. She came in and examined me even when I said it wasn’t necessary. Anyway, she checked and said that I hadn’t dilated wide enough but she could feel it coming, “just a while more” she said. 15 minutes had gone by after the feeling to “kentut” and I really did try to kentut, NOTHING! The feeling stayed but no wind let off. When suddenly, I felt the urge to push and I mean PUSH. I tell hubs that baby is coming, nurse rushes in, she tells me to wait because doctor is busy. WAIT!???! I NEED TO PUSH LAA!! Ehemm excuse me, hypnobirthing language, I need to breathe down!!! *exhale*

The sensations were excruciating. As the nurse was prepping the sterile equipment, she also helped me time my breathing. Breathe iinnnnnnn aaaaaannndddd ooooouuuutttttt… Takde maknanya heee heee huuu huuu heee hee huuu huuuu like on TV. I told the nurse that I really felt like pushing. Hubs held my hand and said “don’t push yet sayang, the nurse said to wait for the doctor to come”. (Now, in class we learned that if we don’t welcome baby when baby what’s to come out on its own, we may face problems) I wish I could’ve slapped him behind his head but instead I said, “Shut up! I need to push!” Takde maknanya “this is your fault” and whatever. Haha!

Anyway, I didn’t wait. The surges were becoming unbearable. My mum was still toweling me with a cold towel. I told her that I was contemplating on having the epidural. She looked at me saying that it was too late. Suddenly, everything was a commotion. Our doctor had arrived, they modified the bed bringing it into the birthing position. I could feel my daughter coming through my birth path each time I felt a surge. NOW I felt the “berak” urge! I tried as hard as I could to BREATHE the baby down. It’s not easy you know when you have a whole room cheering you to PUSH like bloody cheerleaders. “1.. 2.. Push…” I breathed through my surges. It was a big one, doctor told me that her head was coming out; hubs could see her hair, push.. push.. push.. I could see a reflection! I stopped pushing. I asked the nurse to adjust the TV for I could see the reflection of everything going on. Right a bit… Left a bit… Yeah! I could see my baby’s hair! It was so exciting! I was told to start pushing again. Problem was, I didn’t feel like pushing. After that distraction, I thought I had lost the surges. I actually got kind of nervous. Until….. Oooowwwwweeeeeee….. Brrreeeeaaaattttthhhhhhhhhhhhheeee… Puussshhhh.. Plop. There was her head, propped out up to her shoulders while the rest of her body was still embedded inside me. It was an amazing sight. By then, the pain is meaningless, you just don’t feel it. To be honest, the surges are more painful than the baby’s head actually passing through the vaginal walls. “Last push”, doctor said. This time, with all my might, heeeeaaavvveeeeee!! The rest of my darling angel’s body came out.

With no rubbing off the vernix, no pumping out the goo from her mouth and nose, she was handed to me immediately and she was perfect. I couldn’t believe it. I had given birth; a little baby had actually come out from inside of me.

In my birth plan, I had requested that my cord stop pulsating before it gets cut but because we were keeping the baby’s cord blood (with Cryocord), it was recommended the cord still pulsate. Doctor had given me the cord to feel so I can give them the green light but with my baby girl in my arms, all that just wasn’t in consideration anymore. So I said, “Just do it” and snip, my hubs cut the cord. With my little angle in my arms, sneezing out all the goo stuffed in her nose, I couldn’t be happier. Alhamdulillah.

While I was trying to get my baby to latch on and feed, the doctor was receiving stitching me up after the delivery of my placenta. I didn’t have an episiotomy for I didn’t want one, if anything was going to happen, I’d rather tear naturally and that is what happened. He informed me that he was going to inject me with some numbing stuff, I was more nervous about the pain from the needle than I was with the birth of my child.

As soon as my daughter had arrived, so did my brother. He came in the labour room to see the baby just before he head to the airport and catch his flight back to Sabah. It was great to have my family around during one of the most important times of my life. Having so much love around was the best!

After cleaning up and an hour of skin to skin contact, my mother in-law, hubs and baby head out to give the baby her first bath. Hubs had just come back from Mecca so he had a tub of air zam zam to use and bathe her with. I on the other hand was taken up to my room to rest. After all that had happened, I was exhausted! But I couldn’t sleep.

Hubs came up into the room WITHOUT the baby. I wanted to know where she was, why she wasn’t with him. “Relax, she’s on her way” he said. And there she was, all wrapped up sleeping in her little plastic cot. I couldn’t ask for anything more. SubahanAllah. Alhamdulillah.

Once I saw my little angels face, I fell into a much needed sleep, which ended up being only a couple of hours. I woke up hearing voices coming from the room next door (the room we had had a family/waiting/makan area so tak kacau the patient laaa). So I got up to see who was there. Friends of mine and hubs had arrived with their kids.. Followed by a few more friends crashing in..
Was nice to have friends over but I was just so tired but you gotta host innit! 🙂 I didn’t mind at all…

After all that stories and laughter, everyone had left. I got back into be ready to pass out when “knock knock knock”, my looney gang had arrived.. “Aiiiiiyyoooooooo…..”,
“I’m never gonna get any shut eye!”
Talk talk, laugh laugh, ooouuuccchhhh, they could not believe I was actually a mother. I can’t believe I’m a mother!!!!

It’s just so unreal! We were just getting the hang of being married and now we’re parents, PARENTS!! Btw, between my close buds, I was the first to get married now the first to have a baby… C’mon you guys!!!!! (some are still single btw) ehehehe…

Well, I have all that I could ever want, an amazing husband, a healthy beautiful baby, and a blessed family.. What more can I ask for when I already have everything?? I thank Allah for all he has bestowed upon me.. Amiin..

Sharifah Ariana was born on the 4/4/11 at 4pm weighing 3.38kg

just an hour old

Now, she is 3 months old.