7 steps to finding your perfect home

Buying a home is one of the biggest decisions you could ever make in your life. One of the biggest investments you’ll ever make too.

When buying a house, there’s a few things you need to keep in mind before deciding on anything at all.

Here’s a few tips I have to make your house hunting just a little bit easier.

7 steps to finding your perfect home

Know what kind of house you’re looking for

You need to know what you want. Is it for investment? Are you buying it for yourself? Do you wanna live in the city? The suburbs? All these questions are what you need to ask yourself (and your life partner) when you plan on buying a place. Same with renting too!

Research the areas you want to live in; location is important – schools, highways, public transport, grocers, amenities

Getting a new home is exciting but you also need to think about convenience. It would really suck if you had this amazing home but had to drive 10 minutes to get to a shop when you actually want a place you could walk 5 minutes instead.

Being near highways are good too especially when getting around here in Malaysia requires the use of highways constantly.

Link: http://www.propertyguru.com.my/new-property-launch/reviews?utm_source=influencer&utm_medium=partner3&utm_campaign=PGMY-MYDREAMHOME

Think of the future; for singles? Just married? Are you planning to have kids?

If you’re getting a place for yourself, do you really need that much space? Or are you planning to get married and have kids? Of course having a huge nice house would be like a dream but we have to be reasonable in a sense that too much space is too much space.

I have my girls and I’m happy in a small house because 1. They are so messy. 2. I don’t have a maid. 3. I don’t have that much to clean (sweep and mop) haha!!

So getting a place you feel would be best cleaning wise is a good thing to think about too! :p

Consider both old and new; new homes are nice but they aren’t always better

Yes.. A new home sound oh so good. Fresh painted walls, all new fixtures and fittings, and you’re the first person to ever live there.

But what if I told you that new isn’t always the best choice.

Some old properties don’t have what new properties do. Like a nice big garden for the kids to run around in. Traditional features and architecture. Being in an established housing area.

New homes however have modern features. You spend less time and money on maintenance and repairs (most of the time). Look so nice and fresh. And of coure it’s always nice to buy something brand new.

There are so many search engines out there but I’ve found PropertyGuru to be one of my favourites. Its straight to the point and has lists going on far and wide and up to date!

Go look at the place; inspection, not all homes look like it is in pictures

It’s best to go and see the houses you are interested in first hand. Yes, the place looks gorgeous on the pictures but hey, look what day and age we’re in. They could have made it on The Sims and posted the picture but would look like a whole different house when you go.

Keep within budget; be realistic

I know quite a few people who want to live in luxury but can’t afford it and that’s really not a way to live. Why go through so much stress when you don’t have too? Try keeping within your means. Get what you can afford then build the place from the inside out. A home is a place you can be yourself and be comfortable, not a place for you to show off what you can’t even afford.

But hey! I just saw on PropertyGuru that there’s this campaign happening. The “My Dream Home” campaign. It’s a platform designed to assist property buyers in buying the home of their dreams. They’re taking things to the next level by offering a cash prize of RM50,000 to be used on your home down payment. That’s quite a burden off the shoulder right there huh?!

Picture yourself in the home and the neighbourhood; if the shoe fits, get it!

Now comes the best part.

When you’ve visited all those houses and you had a look around the neighbourhood, it’s time to finally picture yourself living there.

Just close your eyes and imagine standing at the gate/garden. Looking at the light blue skies. There isn’t much traffic (or maybe there is, and you like it).. You can imagine your kids playing around safely, there’s a park just nearby. You can walk to the shops together without dragging your feet or even having to take the car. You have great neighbours.

If you think it’s the best choice in all aspects (financially, safety, rationally, realistically), then go for it!


I wish you all the best and I hope you manage to find your dream home just as I have. 😊

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