5 Ways to Avoid Sugars at Home


yes, yes, mummy gave in… but they earned it for being such good little girls.. 🙂

I was at an interview recently and a few of the questions had something to do with how I would try to avoid serving sugars to the family especially the girls.. The answer to that is a no brainer and for the people who know me know how nutty of a mummy I was when the girls were still babies..

Anywhooooo…. Here are a few things I practiced to avoid the use of too much (or no) sugar in the house..

Start Them Young
Seriously… it kinda is the way to shape or develop your littles lifestyle.. I avoided any use of sugar whatsoever in both Ariana and Ameeras diet until they turned 2. That meant no juices (unless fresh), no sweets (unless given behind my back), no canned drinks, no ice-cream, nothing.. for drinks it was either milk or water and that was it. Once they turned 2, then we started with the occasional ice-cream here and there and sometimes even make our own!

Don’t Buy Junk
Its one of the best ways to restrict the families sugar intake in your home. If you don’t buy it, you don’t eat it. Simple as that. 🙂

Hide The Sweets HIGH
If you do so happen to buy sweets anyway (which I normally do.. LOL), put them somewhere they can either not see or not at all reach.. Try and not tempt your little by stashing them high up and still within your littles eyes reach because that’s just not fair and of course they’ll always ask for it and constantly getting a NO from Mummy (or Daddy) and then you’re not fair nor are you cool.. LOL..

But putting them sweets/snacks high up in a cupboard is always best.. Littles don’t know they are there and they will never ask for something they can’t see.. 😀

Read The Labels
Its important to always check the labels.. Not only for foods but for drinks too.. How much sugar is in the product? Be it cereal, tinned products, and even milks, we should always be aware of and know what we consume. There are plenty of other names for sugar and you can find a list of them here so you know what to look for and avoid..

Learn to Say NO!
When your out shopping and you’re already lining up to pay for the groceries and right at that aisle there are tonnes of sweet on each and every rack and your little grabs one of his favourite sweets and ask for it and you say no, then he grabs another and asks for that one instead and you say no, then he he starts whinging and asking again and again and again and you give in, grab the candy and hand it to the cashier, little gets his way, mummy loses.

Giving in to our littles is the easy way out but it also enables your child to be in charge.. Learning to say NO teaches your little to be patient and also trains them to stop asking. Maybe try telling your little that he could get it over the weekend or for a special occasion.. but make sure you keep your promise..

So that’s basically what I practice at home with my girls..

How do you mummies avoid your sugar intake at home???

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