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Sharifah Aleya

This month on "The Mummy", With Love, Mummy brings you a Mummy who is no stranger to the entertainment industry. From film to TV to theatre, even radio and emceeing, this Mummy is the definition of "a … [Read More...]

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15 minute reading activities

15 minute reading activities

Sometimes it's tough to get your children to read, so why not take it slow. 15 minutes may be nothing to us grown ups but it's alot to the little ones. Try some of these 15 minute reading … [Read More...]

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making new friends was a bonus

Water For Life

As you may have seen on my Instagram page, I've had the greatest opportunity to get involved in a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) programme called "Water For Life". This programme was developed … [Read More...]

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Such a blessing, SubhanAllah... its true when it is said that God is the best of planners.. It was always a good thing to be staying at my parents house especially when I have been bringing up the … [Read More...]


Letter #2

Today was a not so busy day but for some reason I have been so tired.. But that doesn't really matter..What matters is what you did.. Ariana... oh my Ariana.. My darling love whom lives on the … [Read More...]


Pulau Perhentian

It's been a while since my last dive trip and back then it use to be just me.. Couple months ago, I had a sudden urge to go diving. Maybe it's the crazy haze that has been polluting our airs or maybe … [Read More...]


Letters to my daughters

I've been thinking lots lately and every day my girls just keep coming up with the funniest or strangest or smartest things ever.. I mean, so funny I wanna write it down as soon as they say/do it.. So … [Read More...]


CheckList: Packing Your Hospital Bag

Once you're about 34-35 weeks far along your pregnancy, it's about time you packed up for the hospital (unless you opt for a home birth of course. All you would need is your vajayjay! :D). It's a pain … [Read More...]